Raxxess AR-5

Accessory Riser for Amplifier Handles
Raxxess AR-5 image 1
Raxxess AR-5 image 1
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Raxxess AR-5
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MSA AcoustiQ Mic Stand Adapter

The AR-5 is a handy little device that mounts under an amplifier handle or on a mic stand. It can act as a third hand or save valuable rack space. Perfect for tuners or other small devices. Height 3", Depth 5", Width 5" .

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Manufacturer Part Number AR-5

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Worth its weight in gold... well, just about

Congratulations on finding this page! For some reason this item is always really hard to find in online catalogs. The difficulty seems to be what category to put it under. I find it to be INCREDIBLY USEFUL for several things. First, small mixing boards or drum machines or other items on your desk that you have to lean over to see or pick up to get a closer look at can be velcro'd to this stand (in the reverse angle direction from what you see in the picture with the Alesis unit and the guitar amp). Giving a small mixer a tilt like this is really convenient. Then of course you can use it like shown in the photo with small 1/2 or 1/3 rack units, especially mic pre's or headphone stations. For guitar F/X, slid under the amp handle... Mounted on a mic stand... etc. The list goes on. It's solid as a rock. A hunk of metal. But just perfect at what it does...and it can do so much. I know, I know... alot of flowery praise for an item with no knobs or dials, but I just love these! My only two criticisms would be: 1) I wish it was even less expensive by $5 or so and 2) More significantly, it seems like I remember it used to come with a larger amount of sticky-back velcro than the newer one I just purchased. I don't know if I'm remembering right or if there has been a change in how much they give you with it, but for a heavier item like a small mixer or a 1/2 space rack-mount unit, you want a pretty good amount of surface area to have the velcro and I don't think they give you quite enough out of the box, and buying extra velcro (at least the name brand that I get) is pretty expensive. But both criticisms amount to at most $5. Anyway, if you are lucky enough to have even found out about this obscure, anonymous little item, and you obviously have some curiosity about it, BUY ONE!!!! You absolutely will find some thing genius to use it for that will make you want another one. And another one. PS. If a product rep or exec is reading this and I've earned any Brownie points (lol), I do have one suggestion: A couple different sizes! One slightly smaller and one about twice the size +/-. And maybe a couple different angle options to choose from? These really are so ridiculously useful that a couple more options would only increase their usefulness. ;)
Music background: Home Recording Artist... still stuck in the 90's... I MISS YOU, DAVE KENDALL!!
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