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Apple AppleCare+ for iPad image 1
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Apple AppleCare+ for iPad
In Stock!

AppleCare+ For Your iPad!

AppleCare+ Protection Plan for iPad extends your service and support coverage for your iPad and its included accessories and software. Get up to two years of world-class support via phone, email or web - plus long-term peace of mind for your portable digital media experience.

The iPad and iTunes redefine what digital media should be: great audio on a superlight device with stunning design, fast download speeds, and ample storage for your media collection. Now, with the AppleCare+ Protection Plan for iPad, you can be sure that all your music, books, movies, and more will be ready for you.

One number to call for world-class support
Because Apple creates both the iPad and iTunes, they form a truly integrated digital media solution. If you ever have a question about their use, you'll have direct telephone access to Apple's own technical support group-the people who know iPad and Apple software best. AppleCare+ representatives can help troubleshoot your iPad and Apple software including iOS, iCloud, iTunes, and any Apple-branded apps. Apple offers the same complete service for both Mac and Windows users.

Investment protection
Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of technical support. AppleCare+ for iPad extends repair coverage and technical support to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage due to handling, each subject to a $49 service fee plus applicable tax.

The AppleCare+ Protection Plan must be purchased at the same time as your new iPad to take maximum advantage of the coverage the plan provides.

Peace of mind at home or on the road
With the iPad, you can take your entire media collection and much more with you everywhere you go. But should your iPad need service, the AppleCare+ Protection Plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that Apple provides global repair or replacement coverage.

Tech Specs

Device iPad warranty coverage two years from original purchase date
Manufacturer Part Number S4738LL/A

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piece of mind

Well worth protecting your investment.
Music background: Live sound engineer


I don't always believe in extended warranties, but if you own an Apple product, you need this. I purchased this plan mainly on the strength of the iPad repair policy, although there are other benefits as well. You are allowed to break your glass twice during the 2 year replacement policy, and it will only cost $50 per incident, no questions asked. I purchased this for a new iPad Air. My previous experience with my old iPad 2 demonstrated the value of this plan. In the 2 years I have owned it, the glass broke twice (and it was in a good case the second time). The 3rd party price of repairing it the first time was about $150 with shipping. I have not repaired it again and don't plan to. I also had Apple Care on my old 2008 iMac 24" desktop. About 3 weeks before the 3 year drop dead date of the plan, my hard drive dropped dead. It was replaced with a better larger drive at no cost. Highly recommended
Music background: Pro musician, music teacher


Hoping to never have to use it - but glad to have it in case I do....
Music background: Musician, Live and Recording Engineer

AppleCare worth it every time

If you take your Apple device anywhere outside of your house or you carry it around a lot, AppleCare is recommended. I've owned several Apple devices, and the piece of mind if they are dropped is worth the money. On some devices, I've never used the AppleCare, but there are the times where I have needed to use it, and it has always paid for itself in the cost of replacement or repairs. My last phone and 2 iPads owned I have been careful enough to not need it as yet [knocks on wood], but given the last 2 iPads I've purchased cost over $1K each when all was said and done, the AppleCare on them would pay for itself immediately. Don't chance it if you spend over $500 on an Apple device... get the AppleCare.
Music background: Semi-pro
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