Ahead Signature Series Drumsticks - Lars Ulrich

Aluminum-core Drumstick Pair with Vibration Reduction System and Replaceable Shaft Cover/Tips - Length: 16.25," Diameter: 0.595", Weight: 65g
Ahead Signature Series Drumsticks - Lars Ulrich image 1
Ahead Signature Series Drumsticks - Lars Ulrich image 1
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Ahead Signature Series Drumsticks - Lars Ulrich
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The Power Behind Metallica's Beats

Broken sticks are a bummer - especially in the middle of a recorded take or live set. And Sweetwater knows replacing those wood drumsticks gets expensive. That's why we're pleased to carry Ahead drumsticks. These aluminum-core sticks are the perfect option for many drummers out there. They last 6-10 times longer than wood and are claimed to be safer on the wrists, safer on cymbals, and harder hitting with less effort. Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Series Drumsticks are built to match the ferocity of Lars' iconic playing style. They're longer and heavier than Ahead's 2Bs, delivering fat rimshots and juicy tom fills to power Metallica's music.

Ahead drumsticks: ahead of their time

Drummer and engineer Rick Grossman recognized a trend in sporting goods in the early 1990s. Traditional wood baseball bats and hockey sticks were being replaced with light and durable aluminum ones. Grossman wondered if the same technology could be applied to drumsticks. Grossman developed a prototype that his company eventually sold to Bob Kasha, and thus, the Ahead company was born. Ahead drumsticks have found favor among metal artists and heavy hitters across the globe, and today they can be seen in the hands of Lars Ulrich, Mick Fleetwood, and Tommy Lee, just to name a few.

Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Series Drumsticks Features:
  • The only drumstick brand with a 60-day warranty!
  • Designed for Lars Ulrich of Metallica
  • Lasts 6-10 times longer than traditional wood sticks
  • Lightweight, durable aerospace 7075 aluminum tube core
  • Vibration Reduction System (VRS) provides 50% less shock and 5% more rebound than wood
  • Safer on the wrists - great for carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers
  • Provides harder strokes with less effort
  • Powder coated finish feels nice in the hands
  • Polyurethane shaft covers are easy to replace and recycle
  • Replaceable tips vary cymbal response instantly
  • Won't damage your equipment or void cymbal warranty
  • Manufactured to exact tolerances (+/- 1g) for the perfect pair every time
Extend the life of your sticks and joints with Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Series Drumsticks!

Tech Specs

Type Sticks
Material Aluminum core with polyurethane shaft
Model Lars Ulrich
Tip Material Nylon
Length 16.25"
Diameter .595"
Manufacturer Part Number LU

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Lars sig sticks

I bought these as a gift for my drummer. He absolutely loves them. He said he notices way less fatigue and soreness after extended sessions. He also said they feel lightning fast, and that there was actually a bit of adjustment as they made him want to play even faster. We all noticed at the first practice using them that things were a bit up tempo that day lol. All in all we would recommend them.
Music background: guitarist in local metal band
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