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Traveler Guitar AG-105 - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Traveler Guitar AG-105 - Natural?

Questions about the Traveler Guitar AG-105 - Natural?

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  • from Ventura May 14, 2017Music Background:
    Performer, singer, song writer, apprentice sound engineer

    The best of the best!

    I am in love with the traveler ag105eq!
    The rich, warm tones brighten up any scene and venue. Wonderful construction with minimal bracing on the spruce top to allow sound to resonate and radiate to perfection.. I played a ton of Taylor's and martins that were about he same size, trying to find the perfect partner for my new guitar.. once I got my hands on this baby I realized how much it blew the others away, with a full sized fret board, both length and with and a perfectly balanced weight distribution, and only weighing 3 pounds come on this is a travelers dream! I live in a small class c 24 foot motor home with my family of 5 and this is comfortably fits where it needs to be.. the gig bag is a wonderful companion for this guitar, sturdy protective and full of useful pockets and loops for all your gigging and song writing needs..
    the plugged in traveler is vibrant and bright! Both through the genius addition of the shadow preamp 1/8th inch headphone output and through the standard 1/4 inch output at the but of the guitar which doubles as a strap placement. It can be a little wide so stretch your strap hole and be careful until there's a proper grip! Mine fell out once or twice so keep an eye on your baby and you'll be great.. also in the shadow preamp there's a built in electric tuner, bass, treble and volume knobs to adjust and perfect your sound, and a phase button to give yourself if you need a slightly different sound on your amp or in your headphones. Also there's an 1/8th inch aux in which allows you to play a backing track through your headphones or amp to play like a full band with only one piece.. Built with beautiful mahogany ebonized rose wood on the fret board and a spruce top.. the finest quality instrument for a bargain!! It's the best price point on a top notch acoustic electric you'll find and it's unique headless horseman design and rolling tuners keenly placed at the bottom of the guitar's face is genius. It adds strength to the guitar, and has the easiest string change I've ever experienced. simple and effective string locks take all the hassle of wrapping stings and having to reach into the sound hole out of the equation. Just loosen the tuning roller and a little tray reveles itself to drop the looped end of any traditional string and loosen the string locker above the nut with the provided Allen wrenches and slide your new strings right on in.... and the d'addarío exp16 strings coated in phosphor bronze that come with this beauty are superb.. the strings are sold between 13 and 18 dollars At music shops.. all together this is the perfect travel Guitar and even one of the best flat out guitars on the market.. acoustic and electric the traveler ag105eq speaks for its self! Treat yourself!! You deserve it!

  • from California December 16, 2016

    Surprisingly good sound

    Guitar is my pacifier. Have a million mile card with American Airlines. Have a day job and enjoy picking my guitar at night in a hotel room. This preference has cost me several guitars, which have been sacrificed to the god of checked luggage on the airlines. Imagine taking your favorite guitar, then dumping a truckload of luggage bags on top of it. This travler guitar fulfills its title. It travels. It is a guitar. Field tested this "shorty" on a recent 10 day trip to Costa Rica and Nashville. 5 flights, 12K miles, many driving miles. Not boasting. Just sharing with my fellow guitarists that you can bring this guitar on the airplane and it does sound like a guitar in your hotel room. You will not play your Grammy award performance on this guitar, unless you get to plug in, in which case this guitar "rocks" with excellent sounds on the built in pick up system. Legally, you can bring a guitar on board the aircraft, given that there is room on the plane. This gets tricky:

    Tried to enter the Department of Transportion link showing the legal status of carrying a guitar on board an airplane. This computer system denied my inclusion of a website. Whatever.

    Pay extra to board early. This guitar is built well and a lot of fun to play. Best of all the travel guitars. Good vibrations to all of you.

  • from August 19, 2015


    Absolutely wonderful! Light, easy to pack and travel with. Nice case. But most of all great tone and surprising bass response for its size. Nice neck, great action. If you need something for on the go this is a great choice.

    As always the guys at Sweetwater have the best service and super fast delivery. Thanks!

  • from The Inner Banks of North Carolina September 5, 2014Music Background:
    Lifetime Musician at Large

    Size doesn't matter

    This guitar arrived to me, courtesy of tech supreme Mike Godlove, who takes great care of me and my horribly demanding needs.
    Out of the box, you won't believe the dynamics capable of this little body producing a great organic sound and feel.
    Plug it in or use monitor headphones and your investment just paid for itself!
    Use the phase switch or not to reduce feedback, you can shape your tone and tune on the fly and this is one serious sounding acoustic guitar amplified.
    I would call it a "go-to" because of the great sonic capabilities and the fact that you can take it literally anywhere.
    Great for first time guitarists and seasoned pros, comfortable to hold sitting, must use strap for standing.
    This is a very difficult guitar to put down and you will find reasons to drop that book you're reading in bed and get inspired for a change.
    Don't consider it.........just buy it and be happy!

  • from Merritt Island, Fl USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    House Of Worship: Music Pastor

    The guitar heard round the world!!!

    I am a worship director at a church and am constantly traveling. At any given time there are over 10 trips all over the world my band and I take. This is the ultimate travel guitar for any trip. Light weight, easy to take onto the plan and stow in the over head compartment. Finally, a full size neck travel guitar that doesn't sound dinky!!! This guitar has an impressively big sound and is surprising for its size. I love it, I plan on buying a couple more ! I love my full size guitar, but it is a hassle to lug around when traveling. It was almost comical how care free it was so carry around in the airport, around town, etc. I would highly recommend this product. However, you should go for the 105-eq. The built in tuner and headphone jack are incredibly helpful, I can't imagine having one of these and not having those features...spend the extra money and buy the 105-eq!!!!!! wow thank you traveler guitar, I've been wanting an acoustic traveler like this for a long time, I am thrilled you all finally designed one!!!

  • from Lake Tahoe November 5, 2016

    This Is The Best "Real Deal" Travel Guitar!

    My 105EQ just arrived and I have to say that this is a high quaility and wonderful travel guitar. One- it actually has the full length neck which was huge for me, action was high, but I fixed it, the battery pouch was loose in the body, but I reglued it back, oh well nothing is perfect. Two- it will fit in a overhead when flying and the gig bag is excellently made and protective. Do not expect a rich deep full body acoustic guitar sound but it sounds good enough to me to be inspired to play and enjoy it, a good musical idea getter when traveling, beach, camping, Rv'ing, etc. Three- Nice pick-up design, I plugged it in and sounded quite good that you really could sit in/gig with this guitar with no problem. The tuning hardware is good quality and very smartly designed, stays in tune, intonation is good, but be prepared most llikely to lower saddle bone, very easy, I lowered it about a 16th", very nice now. I looked at SO many travel guitars, and this model by far has it going on! Yes its pricey, but if you love playing the guitar as I and don't what to travel around with your expensive regular sized guitar without it getting damaged like on aircrafts, it's well worth the money. I highly recommend this model for many reasons, but the main reason, it's high quality with a solid top and ProLevel Pick Up. I love it and it's only been 2 hours, PERFECT!

Questions about the Traveler Guitar AG-105 - Natural?

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