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On-Stage Stands KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand Reviews

4.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the On-Stage Stands KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand?

Questions about the On-Stage Stands KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Brendan Murphy

    It looks a bit "old school" but the On-Stage Stands 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand KS7903 holds a lot of gear and is adjustable to fit most situations. I highly recommend it.

  • Gary T.
    from Dayton OH April 19, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, engineer, composer, sound designer

    Sturdy, good value

    What's to say? It's a great stand if you don't need to transport it outside your studio or rehearsal space. Very solid once set up. Tip: don't tighten the screws until you get it level, and don't forget to add the locking rings to stop your keyboard from tipping downwards when you play a little too hard!

  • H. King
    from Chicago, IL July 16, 2016

    Great Stand

    This stand is GREAT!! It holds 3 workstations without a problem.

  • Customer
    from Richmond IN May 31, 2016

    Keyboard Stand

    Great buy?

  • Atanas Stoilov
    from Bulgaria February 26, 2016


    I'm happy! Perfect in all dimensions! I found fresh water!

  • Spike
    from November 6, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro keyboard player and composer

    Great Value

    Easily assembled and adjusted for my 3 synthesisers in my home studio. Light enough to carry around for gigging if I was doing that. One knob got damaged in transit but is being replaced. I would certainly recommend both the keyboard stand and Sweetwater for serious keyboard players who want a strong lightweight stand at a decent price

  • Michael Dutch Waterman
    from Kent Washington September 24, 2015Music Background:
    Home Enthusiast and Lyricist

    Sturdy multi-keyboard stand, but not portable!

    This is an excellent multi-keyboard stand for a home or studio environment where it will be a permanent fixture. Some reviewers have rightly noted that this stand is not a good choice for performers who need a portable keyboard stand for gigs. This stand is HUGE! I had to rearrange furniture to make room for it!

    Some reviewers have complained that the stand is not sturdy and has dumped their expensive keyboards causing them to break. This is because their stands were not properly assembled. I can sympathize. Properly assembling this stand requires some information not included with the stand.

    It is said that 1 picture is worth 1000 words. That may be so, but my stand came with 1 picture for assembly instructions and 0 words! This was insufficient. I found the information I needed on the On-Stage Stands website. The biggest problem is with the locking sleeves that came flush with the support arms on my stand as delivered, but which need to be moved against the T-Brackets on the frame where the tabs on the locking sleeves mesh with notches in the T-brackets.

    There are three important documents to download from this page!

    Two single-page PDF documents are available on this page: The Specsheet and the Assembly Guide. Download these documents before you try to assemble the stand!

    The 3rd and most important document is found when you click on the "Parts" tab on the page. This brings up a parts call-out image that identifies all parts of the stand. This is the ESSENTIAL piece of the stand's assembly puzzle! (This image is provided in .png format.)

    With these 3 documents in hand you will be in good shape to assemble the stand!

    One further issue: 2 of the 3 tiers on the stand are located above the Front and Rear sleeves that join the front and rear support legs. This results in the three tiers being too high for my comfort level! Here is how I solved this problem:

    I disassembled the stand, removing the 2 top T-brackets from each side, then removing the Front Sleeve from each side, and reassembling the stand moving 1 T-bracket from each side below the front sleeve. This resulted in 2 tiers below the sleeves that join the front and back legs and only one tier above this joint! Perfect!

    I strongly advise using a soft tape measure to match the height of the right and left sleeves. Measuring from the top of the front legs my sleeves/brackets are positioned as follows:

    Highest T-Bracket: 7"
    Front Join-Sleeve: 11"
    Middle T-Bracket: 17"
    Lower T-Bracket: 30"

    These measurements are from the tops of the front legs to the tops of the sleeves/brackets. The measurements must be the same on both the right and left sides (DUH)!


  • Armand Lotman
    from HEMET, CA June 13, 2014

    Great stand for the money

    I noticed a lot of complaints about the knobs breaking, well I found it fine because they don't need tightening at all, I think that was the problem. It only took me 10 minutes to put together and had no problems at all. I love it very sturdy and holds my Roland Juno GI, Ultra Novation,Yamaha mixer and Korg Volca Beats fine. Word of advice, be caring and don't treat it like your Mother in Law and all will be fine. Not an Ultimate Support stand but still great for the money. Highly recommend for home use.

  • Jon Remy
    from Dallas, TX USA May 4, 2014Music Background:
    Composer/Certified Audio Engineer @ The Song Vault/TrueTunes

    An excellent storage stand!

    An EXCELLENT stand for storing 63-key and 73-key keyboards. I bought 2 because I have many synthesizers that I use in my studio. Whenever I need one for a particular project, I just pull it off the rack and place it on my smaller 2-tier On-Stage stand in the control room. It saves space by stacking 3 synths, and I have mine side by side against the wall and out of the way. Of course, don't be backing up into in your rolling chair where you can knock the whole thing down (like one reviewer here said he did). These suit me fine and they're great for STORING your keyboards. I suppose you could use this on stage if you were a Rick Wakeman type of keyboard fanatic.

  • Evan Davies
    from California May 20, 2017Music Background:
    live performer, studio musician, songwriter, synth nerd

    Does the Job!

    I had two requirements:

    1) Save space by getting on my keys on one wall
    2) The stand had to be wide enough to fit over a Fender Rhodes Mark 1 73 Stage

    OUTCOME -- Mission accomplished. I essentially removed the 3rd tier horizontal bar and used the brackets that slid against that bar on the first tier.

    PROS -- A the base, I have a Rhodes (standing on its own), with a 61 key midi keyboards / drum machine on the second and 3 synths of the top. Exactly what I needed to do and less expensive than me building it on my own. Although some of the parts are heavy duty plastic, so far really sturdy.

    CONS -- I would love to see a height extension for one more since my first row is a Rhodes. If I had some older heavier synths, I don't know that I would trust this stand -- mine are relatively light weight. I can see that if this piece were constantly assembled and broken down over and over, it would likely ware out. I'm surprised this is the only real A-Frame stand I can find in the US market.

  • Eric William Markley
    from Shelby Township, MI April 12, 2017Music Background:
    Played music since early childhood.

    High Quality Keyboard Stand

    Since the length of the stand is not 64 inches, it does not allow for me to be able to choose to put my main keyboard on any tier other than the top tier. My main keyboard is an original Yamaha MOTIF 8, 88 key music workstation. The original length of the stand is 52 inches. Perhaps if OnStage Stands offered an option to purchase longer crossbars (at 64 inches long instead of 52 inches long), I would have rated this stand at 5 stars instead of 4.5 stars.

  • Troy Tempest
    from Toronto February 18, 2017Music Background:
    electronic music

    A very good stand

    For the price, this is an excellent stand. It does its job well.
    My problems with this:
    I live in Canada and had to order this delivered to my rented mailbox in Buffalo because this is not delivered to Canada. This is not Sweetwater's fault - it is the fault of the Canadian govt and its chronic case of cranio-rectal inversion. I ordered this because because basically, it's nearly impossible to buy an A-Frame 3 tier stand in Canada, because, I don't know why. My guess is that it has something to do with Yorkville and their need to sell crappy 3 tier extensions on their mediocre X frame keyboard stands, and a solid A frame is seen as competition, and we don't want that, nosireee. Me, bitter? Naaaah.
    Anyway some quick tips, using the image as reference:
    1. the middle strut: you might want to assemble it BELOW the apex of the frame. As it is in the photo, it is just above the apex. This means you can move it higher, but it's already pretty high. Putting it below the apex when you assemble this thing is plenty high and if, like me, you need it a few inches lower, you have that option with it below the apex. This needs to be done when you start assembling it - otherwise it's a right pain in the glutes (speaking from experience).
    2. The cross strut in the back is too high in the photo. I found lowering it to about 30cm off the floor gave the stand greater stability, especially if you load the sucker up with heavy keyboards (like my XS6 - 18kg of useless wonder - but that's a different review....)
    4. The rubber caps for the Keyboard "holders" or whatever they're called come off easily - so just be aware.
    Otherwise, I think this is a great stand. It is holding up well to my abuses.

  • John Andrew
    from TX - Texas November 12, 2016Music Background:

    Great stand! (But not for 88 keys!)

    88 Key synths will NOT fit so this did not work for my intended needs. I tried both the Fantom G8 and Yamaha Motif ES8 -- neither would fit. Regardless, it's an awesome stand! I love it so much that I'm keeping it for smaller synths. I'm guessing up to a 76 key synth would fit fine.

    Also, it's a bit tricky to put together. There are no step-by-step instructions. Just an image of the finished product to go by. Pretty self-explanatory though but I still needed to redo parts several times before getting it right.

  • john
    from February 1, 2016


    Is cool...!

  • Anton Jones
    from Wales UK June 13, 2015Music Background:

    3 tier stand

    Takes a little time to set up and find correct angles,holds keyboards in a real good playing position.Good tubular light aluminium construction.

  • Scott
    from Vero May 17, 2015Music Background:

    It's a good, solid, light weight stand

    When I picked up the box I was shocked (and scared) by how light it was.
    I'd read reviews before buying and was a little nervous.
    First off, it is EASY to put together.
    You DO NOT need a level.
    All you need is an Allen wrench, which comes with the stand.
    The only things I don't like (and the reason it doesn't get 5 stars) are the knobs for tightening the keyboard supports. They should be made from a stronger material.
    I initially set them pretty loose because I was worried they may crack if I tightened them too much; I had a shelf slip, so I went ahead and cranked them down and have had no problem since...and I do bang on my keys/synths/recording gear.
    I will probably try to find metal knobs to replace the plastic ones.

  • Justin Bailey
    from New York April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Industrial Musician

    Great stand.

    This is a pretty lightweight and sturdy stand. As other reviewers have stated, definitely for studio. It doesn't break down below 5' in height, and would require total disassembly if you don't hang it from a truck wall and I'd recommend a roadie or two. It is VERY light, but holds 5 pieces of gear of mine that weigh quite a bit (Ensoniq DS-1, M-Audio Venom + Roland System-1, Alesis Ion + MS-2000BR) and doesn't rock or wobble.

    Like other reviews, the instructions are laughable. Think mid-90's Ikea. It's literally just a picture of the stand with screws + arrows. Even then the picture on this Sweetwater page shows you a better appearance of how the stand goes.

    The only flaw I can really speak of is...Well, I don't care what difficulties you've gone through as a musician, when you accidentally back out a knuckle on this thing, it will be THE MOST DIFFICULT thing you will have to do in your career to get it back in. Forget contracts, film scores, whatever, getting that knuckle to bite back into that nut will drain all happiness from your life. (I'm at 2 hours of trying to get it back in after a 5 minute total setup).

    Holds a good amount of gear (could fit a 61 key and a small half-rack on a tier or a 49key + 25key, or a 76 key, definitely no 88key boards though)
    Great for the studio and giving you room with height.
    Lightweight so easy to move when you decide to shuffle the studio or have a big touring trailer

    A little too big for a small band to tour with (big rigs will have no issues, but why?)
    The bottom tier almost demands a seated playing position, which personally I'm a standing players always (again on-stage...making a non-stage stand?)

    Overall, good stand and decent for the money.

  • Eric
    from Cincinnati December 26, 2016

    It's not Ultimate Support - but is still good enough

    If Ultimate Support still made the A-Frame stand, I would have definitely gone with that. However, this stand is solid enough for me to trust it with my OB-6 and P-6 on the top two tiers. Attention to details on assembly is critical. Read other reviews for these details.

  • Gil Burns
    from Chicago, IL October 21, 2016

    Once I did custom modifications, this stand was great

    To start, this stand is huge. The assembled size is 54" wide. It is well constructed, but wasn't quite what I wanted. I have some smaller 25 key and keyboard-less modules that I wanted to use with this, so upon receipt, I did the following:

    I cut all 4 aluminum horizontal cross bars to 33 inches with an electric hacksaw. Then I filed down the slightly rough ends to remove all the sharp spots and aluminum burrs. This will make the assembled size approximately 36 inches wide.

    I ordered 6 additional support arms, making each level able to support 2 items (4 support arms per level instead of 2 each.) Then I completed the easy assembly. I'm now able to fit it into my office, and have plenty of flexibility for holding my modules and keyboards. I'm sure that I voided any warranty that this has, but now it works like I want it to. I'm really happy with how it turned out. :-)

    (Hint for On-Stage: Maybe you should produce something similar out of the box? I would think a lot of folks would like something like I did, to store smaller items instead of 3 large keyboards?)

  • peterkeys88
    from Encino, CA March 6, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, programmer, and aspiring producer

    Good cheap 3-tier stand.

    This stand get's a bad rap, but I bought it knowing it wouldn't be able to support my heaviest boards. I've had 3 boards on it for 2 years straight now (Nord Stage 73, Juno-60, and DSI PolyEvolver), and it's still standing firm, (i tighten the clamps every blue moon just in case). I would never take this to a gig (it's quite a process to assemble) but as a home studio stand it does the job fine and for a bargain price. Much preferred over the 3-tier x-stands, as it leaves ample space under the feet for storage/pedals, and the ability to angle your boards and adjust the height of the tiers is a plus. It will not support the weight or width of a heavy 88-key board.

  • Paul Hurst
    from UK July 19, 2016

    On-Stage KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand

    I bought one of these back in the mid 90s and used it every week for live gigs without ever having a problem. Very adaptable, good construction, and solid under the weight of three 5octave synths.
    I wanted another one to add more tiers/brackets to this original stand and happily found the spec and construction to be of the same standard. The only exception is the metal braces at the base of the 'A' legs. This now has a much thinner metal into the connections which makes the stand slightly more prone to movement/wobble and may prove not to be as robust.
    Versatility and stability is its selling point. Though it can take some time to plan out and build your desired setup. I have now built two stands of different height and width pooling the components from both.

  • Matt Nelson
    from Grayslake, IL March 8, 2013

    Does What It's Supposed To

    I purchased this stand for use in my home studio. What it IS: It's a solid stand, it holds my JX-10, Fantom X6 and DW-8000 without issue. What it is NOT: This is not a stand for gigging. The setup is cumbersome, and the profile is too low if you are a tall person. That said, if you take the time to carefully set this up, making sure tiers are level, this is a good solution for permanent setup in a studio. I have owned these types of stands before and knew what to expect, so for the reasonable price and the # of tiers, I am satisfied with this purchase.

  • Ed
    from NH January 4, 2016

    Could use improvement

    Really wanted to like this stand. A big fan of the ultimate support stands from the 80's that are a similar style. Not as easy to put together and definitely not something to take apart to bring to a gig. Struggled to get things adjusted so the middle tier was in a useable position. They have a bracket attached to the stand for the back leg support that makes it difficult to position the middle tier. Poor design.

    First time put stand together was very unstable and would topple easily. Had to adjust the back leg support so that the stand angles backwards like the picture. Front legs were more upright the first time which made the stand very easy to tip over. Would not put any keyboards on it after realizing it. After adjusting, was more sturdy. Thing was frustrating to put together.

    Do like the style, and seems only game in town right now if you need room under the keyboards for bass pedals. Can also fit foot switches, CV, and expression pedals. If it was not for the room under the stand would have returned.

  • DPB
    from Saginaw, MI USA December 17, 2013Music Background:
    Educator, performer, studio artist, full-timer

    Light duty only

    Reviews here are accurate. WHY DID ULTIMATE SUPPORT STOP MAKING THEIR A-FRAMES?? Those were the benchmark boss. On- Stage is for light boards only. Problem is not the tubing, but the soft plastic (low grade neoprene?) knobs/fittings that won't tighten beyond a firm twist without stripping. Plus, this takes a long time to assemble or re-assemble. OK for light studio, not heavy boards or nightly gigs.

  • Rob.Bartolotta
    from Pinellas Park, FL. January 22, 2011Music Background:
    Synthesist,Musician, recording artist,

    Don't bump it!!

    Here I thought was the perfect stand for my yamaha synths and my new Yamaha Motif Es 6. Putting the thing together was another story. I confered with other friends as to how this system was going to be safe for my keys. They all shook their heads and just tried the best they could to put it together for me. Once assembled, it was quite shakey. Then one dreadful day, I backed my computer chair up and accidently bumped the stand. My Motif came crashing down and after 500.00 worth of repairs was back. On the road, it takes up too much stage space. This is for a studio but not for the working musician. I bought another keyboard stand with just two tiers but, I have ordered the standtastic for the road. Buy at your own risk.

  • Dale Henson
    from Myrtle Beach SC February 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Dont buy it

    The ad said it would hold any full size keyboard up to 80 pounds.When I tried to put this stand together, that was the first problem.I was lucky not to break the plastic hardware.Then my full size 88 keyboard would not fit.The stand was not wide enough.This stand would not fit most 76 keyboards.As for holding weight, I would not put three feather pillows on this stand, and leave the room.This is the worst stand ever..I have a standtastic 3 tier now and it's great. If your thinking of the KS7903 stand BEWARE

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