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Audio-Technica AE6100 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Audio-Technica AE6100?

Questions about the Audio-Technica AE6100?

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  • from Elliot Lake, Ontario May 1, 2017Music Background:
    Sound mixer, musician,vocalist


    I ended up buying 7 of these mics to replace the SM58s, Betas,and others... I still have my 8 ATM27HEs of which I still love. However, being honest - I found the AE6100s are fantastic for use in high end PA and my ATM27HEs are still my preference in small gigs and smaller PAs. All my Shures are gathering dust or being used for instruments... The proximity effects on the ATM27HEs are better in my experience, but the AE6100s are superior in their clarity. As the song says..."Torn Between Two Lovers"!!!

  • from Southern Indiana April 6, 2017Music Background:
    Sound guy out of necessity

    6100 Review

    Am impressed enough with this microphone, had to write a review. Now first off let me explain my microphone judging background. I run sound for my son's band, about 2yrs now. I'm not a sound engineer, have very basic experience, not a studio technician just grass roots live sound limited hands on experience. So all of the things this mic doesn't do with a laboratory full of sound testing equipment I'm sure is true BUT, I can tell you this, we have two singers in the band and bought them both an AE6100 and last night everybody at practice could not believe how much better they sounded than what we had been using. Which was odd because before buying the old mics, everybody we talked to suggested them. I guess they had all never used one of these. They FOR SURE sound better than 58's and I mean WAYYY better. I've noticed in the last two years sometimes you get equipment that is suppose to be & sound better than what you already have but when you get it, you tell yourself its better but in all honesty sometimes hard to tell... NOT THE CASE with this mic, chevette vs corvette....

  • from June 27, 2015Music Background:
    Recording guitarist/vocalist & sound engineer

    My Favorite Mic

    This mic has it all! Frequency response holds up very well at the low end with a nice 2 dB rise around 200 Hz. There is the 6 dB rise around 5 kHz typical of many dynamic mics which is usually a good thing because it adds some crispness to vocals. Its off-axis rejection is excellent - when I have feedback issues, they go away when I take out this mic. You need to instruct your performers to address the mic on-axis, their voice will fade if they hold it like an ice cream cone. (This goes for any hyper-cardioid). This mic is distinguished by its relative insensitivity to plosives ("P" consonants). Some other mics have problems in this area. Its the next best mic to a condenser for outdoor gigs (my condensers never go outside of the studio).

  • from San Francisco, CA June 13, 2012Music Background:

    Studio quality live

    When our fans hear Kat singing with this Mic, they don't believe it is live (nope, not a back track).
    We switched from a CAD mic to the AE6100 and all our monitor feedback problems went away, plus the quality is amazing. It sounds great even through an on stage vocal effects processor (not even a high end pre-amp). The balance feels great, and the build quality feels solid.
    We won't use any other vocal mic when touring.

  • from Kulpmont, PA December 19, 2009Music Background:
    Singer, Live Sound Artist

    Best I ever had:

    I have used different mikes (almost all) in the hope of finding one that stands out and works well with the TC-Helicon correct. Someone mentioned to me that the 6100 was a good choice. I gave it a try from Sweetwater and when I plugged it in I was blown away by the difference this mike made using the TC-Helicon Correct. I am a singer so I use different microphones to achieve the sound I want. You can not go wrong with this mike. I have used it exclusively since getting it. (3-4wks ago). I would be very unhappy if I had to do without it and would instantly replace it.

  • from Humphrey, NE January 30, 2008Music Background:

    A Piece of Magic

    I would have to say that this is one of the top dynamic mics on the market. It increases the quality of your voice unbelievably. It blows the shure58beta out of the water. That's right. The 58BETA. The engineering put into this mic is amazing. This mic is as close as ur gonna get to a condenser for the price. Awsome quality, feedback rejection. Its even a hypercardioid, which is great for performance. It's smaller than the picture shows, but performs 10 times what you would expect. I had a Samson Q7, and that thing sounded like a toy compared to this. True professional grade equipment right here.

  • from Huntington Beach, CA January 7, 2014Music Background:

    Nice Mic

    I have a collection of live performance mics so I feel I can give some accurate feedback on this mic. Running straight into the boar, it has great mid-range with excellent clarity. Virtually zero feedback at high PA output levels. Compared to my Shure Beta 58 it's much clearer with less bottom end frequency, that being said it's not a crystal clear as the Shure Beta 87a but seems to have a larger range and higher output. However, compared to my beefier mics, TC Helicon MP-75 and Shure Super 55 the Audio-Technica AE6100 has less output, and no where near the bottom end sweep. For a powerful, mid-range performance (hyper-cardioid) you really can't go wrong here. It's well built, and consistently performs nicely to cut through any mix. I play in an extremely loud hard rock band and it slices through the low end without a problem. If you want to move past the tried and tested Shure Beta 58 this is your next mic.

  • from Detroit February 26, 2006


    Just bought one of these and used it for the first time yesterday on my friend Markita Moore, r&B/folk, into Garageband through an onyx 1640. Listening to the vocal track, through some hd280's. Good goodness the vocals sound killer. Before you by the e835 or sm58 or beta, go out and have yourself a shoot out between th6100 and a beta 58 or a 58 and E835. I love this mic and I think it totally waxes anything with the name shure. I dare say I like it almost as much as my Neumann KMS105 Condenser. I own the AT AE5400, the AE 4100 and now the 6100. The 6100 is a damn fine mic at any price!

  • January 1, 2004

    Cuts through the mix!

    I know, they all claim to cut through the mix, but this one really does! It blows the Beta 58 away, & they're about the same price. Besides the Shure I've used an Audix OM5, Electro-Voice ND767, & a Beta 87A. I keep coming back to this one. Sparkling highs with no harshness, nice chesty lows with no mud. Unless you've got $500 to shell out for the Neumann KMS 105, for male rock live lead vocals, this is the one!

Questions about the Audio-Technica AE6100?

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