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Behringer ADA8200 Microphone Preamp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer ADA8200 Microphone Preamp?

Questions about the Behringer ADA8200 Microphone Preamp?

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  • from Gailforce Studios March 27, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Bassist, musician and fledgling pro studio owner :)


    BEST VALUE IN AN 8-UNIT MIC PRE + INTERFACE FOR THE $ ON THE MARKET! Clean, transparent Midas mic pres in a useful, clean package. I needed 8 inexpensive mic pres for an Avid 192 with an extra 8 digital inputs that I needed to use where I'm running Protools 10HD. This ADA8200 does the job nicely. Probably the best $ I've spent since I started building my studio. Sweetwater YOU ROCK!!!

  • from Louisiana March 24, 2017Music Background:
    Musician/song writer/ audio engineer

    Just what I needed

    I easily connected it to my Apollo dual twin interface. It works great with no complaints.

  • from Columbus, OH December 24, 2016

    Can I give more than 5 stars!?!

    Use this baby every time we fire up the studio. Midas pres on this are crisp and clean with plenty of headroom. Used in tandem via optical light pipe and give my FCA1616 addition of 8 more channels - especially nice for tracking drums and larger bands. Great Behringer quality yet again!

  • from October 1, 2016


    You couldn't ask for a better way to expand your interface.

  • from Chicago, IL April 2, 2016Music Background:

    Fantastic preamps boost any home studio

    My band self-records. This handled our eight mic drum recording setup like a champ, with great tone coming from the Midas preamps. $200 is a steal.

  • from March 12, 2016

    Works perfect with to give me 32 channels.

    I bought the Behringer ADA 8200 because my Motu 24Ao has no analog inputs. This with two optical ADAT connectors, now gives me 32 channels of analog outputs for my new Presonus 32 channel digital mixer, and 8 analog inputs, microphone or line. 32 channels is more than enough.

  • from January 19, 2016

    Fantastic value; super easy to set up and use

    I've owned a fair amount of Behringer gear and I've actually never had any issues with any of it. Granted, it's "bargain" equipment, with some gear noisier than others, but still a really good value for the price. The ADA8200 is perhaps one of the best pieces of Behringer gear I've ever purchased.

    The set up is so simple, it's almost hard to mess up! In my setup, I'm using an M-Audio 1814 FireWire interface. I set the Sync switch on the back of the ADA8200 to Master 48.0 Khz, plugged the optical cable into the Out of the ADA8200 and into the In on the M-Audio 1814 and that was it. Of course, I had to check the settings in the audio control panel for the M-Audio to ensure that it was set up to sync to external clock.

    I've only been using the unit for a couple weeks, but it's been flawless so far. The preamps don't seem to offer quite as much gain as the built-in preamps on the M-Audio, but they still offer plenty; more than enough for my needs. I haven't needed to use the outputs yet, so I have no comment on those.

    The red finish on this unit is really nice to look at. It's a well put together piece, but is standard fare for Behringer, meaning it's not the most rugged unit with the highest quality parts. The knobs are sturdy enough, but not as "solid" as on something like the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. As with the rest of the Behringer gear I've owned, however, with proper care, I expect it to last for years. I still have a rack mount mixer and a headphone preamp that are both over 12 years old and still work fine.

    Overall, I don't think you can beat this unit for the price and features and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add 8 channels of ADAT to their setup.

  • from November 16, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Professional, Gigging Musician

    Great unit

    There is a reason why this product and its predecessor are the most popular products by Behringer ever to be sold. It's a great unit for expansion for any USB audio interface that has ADAT in and out functionality. I pair it with a Focusrite 18i20 for a total of 16 inputs at 44.1 kHz. Most 8 mic pre ADAT preamps like this cost higher than the original price of the interface, so if you are looking for a budget solution that will get the job done, buy this. Thank you Behringer for a great product, and thank you Sweetwater!

  • from Burbank CA USA February 9, 2015Music Background:

    Bang for the buck

    A great inexpensive way to turn a Digi003 (or comparable device) into a 16 analog input recording setup. Once you connect a Digi003 to your Protools rig it does not allow any other devices to be accessed simultaneously. But it will recognize the ADAT light pipe connection which is where this unit comes in. I use this in my portable rig for recording live musicians and for that the converters are fine. I have not done an A/B comparison with other devices. But I bet you'd be hard pressed to find anything better in this price range.

  • from Jacksonville, FL May 5, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist, songwriter, 35+ years

    Worth every penny

    there is no better or more cost effective way to add 8 pristine mic pre's to your system - period. Hook up a couple fiber-optic cables and your ready to rock... it's a no-brainer... why are you still reading this... hit the add to cart button and get back to making music.

  • from Grand Blanc, MI April 4, 2017Music Background:
    Recording engineer, working musician

    Awesome ADAT

    It's a great/affordable way to add 8 analog ins and outs to my MOTU 896 via lightpipe.

  • from April 1, 2017

    ADA8200 Mic Pre

    I think this Mic Pre is great. Not expensive and it's exactly what I was looking for to record drums at home. The service I received from Sweetwater was very good also. Fast and Friendly. I'll definitely be shopping with them a lot!!!!

  • from Utah January 20, 2016Music Background:
    Keyboards, guitar, bass, run a small studio

    Good value, clean sound

    Bought a pair of the ADA8200 to add to a rig with a Samson PL1602 line mixer. After I got everything hooked up, no worky. I was attempting to use the Analog input / preamps and sending the Analog outputs from each channel to the line mixer. What is not clear in the documentation is that the ADA8200 is technically two separate components, an A->D piece which takes your analog XLR/TRS inputs and converts/sends them to the digital optical output, and a D->A piece which takes an 8-channel digital optical input and converts/sends those to the 8 Analog XLR outputs. In order to use these as A->preamp->A components, all I needed to do was to bridge the digital optical out to the digital optical in, and it worked perfectly as an A->A preamp.

    TL/DR; it's an A->D, and a D->A, and it can also be an A->A if you bridge the optical out->in. The sound quality is excellent and I'm a happy camper.

  • from January 24, 2017

    small home studio

    I connect the adat to a Focusrite Liquid 56 for home use and this item is quite and a good line in with above average headroom for the money this thing cost.

  • from Austin,Texas January 19, 2017

    Get's the Job Done

    We rated it on Sweetwater scale as GREAT. Had a problem with our high $, 8 mic ADAT I/O preamp-converter, so in a pinch we ran this in tandem with an Audient iD14. Pro gear,got the job done,huge WOW factor. We were glad to get the high $ back in-line, but the ADA8200 impressed us enough to warrant a shout out. Highly recommended.

  • from Westlake Village, CA March 10, 2015

    Easily worth the money

    Because of the price I could have just as easily have given this 5 stars, but that would leave no room for the next version. I compared the inputs to Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 just for kicks. I used a Cascade C77 Ribbon Mic Plugged in directly and just talked into it to see what the signal to noise ratio was like. It had more noise than the Focusrite in this setup. However, when using a FedHead filter with Phantom Power, I couldn't tell the difference. What this tells me is that this device is most appropriate for things like Live Drums, Miked amplifiers, and anything with a preamp on it like a keyboard, guitar processor, vocal preamp, etc. Phantom power is on all 8 channels at once when activated. However, if you have XLR to TRS cables, you could work your way around this limitation. Just be sure they're TRS not TS. I was surprised at how well this was able to sync and expand the Focusrite. I'll do more testing once I get it connected to an old MOTU 828 Mk II.

  • from April 22, 2015

    Pretty Good

    I purchased the ADA8200 to add more inputs to my Presonus 2626/Studio One rig. The newest driver for the 2626 will not work with the ADA8200. You will need the original driver that was shipped with the 2626. I have the ADA8200 linked via TOS slave and CLOCK. I am tracking live band rehearsal 15-16 tracks at a time without issue. I placed the instruments on the ADA8200 and left the vocals and keys on the 2626. The sound off the ADA8200 if pretty darn good with detail, perhaps a little better than the 2626. Since I can't A/B higher end interfaces $200 was a safe investment. I am using MXL for drum overhead and room, Behringer XM8500 for bass, vocals, e109 guitars, Audix D6 kick, SM57 snare....the regular Joe basement equipment. This setup will do well for basic demos and recording ideas.

  • from Midlothian, TX November 19, 2014

    So Far So Good

    We've been using 4 of these for about 4 weeks in conjuction with the RME HDSPe RayDAT to multitrack our church services into Sonar and have had zero issues. These are cheap units so the preamps aren't amazing, but perfectly fine for our purposes.

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