ATV AD5 Drum Module

Drum Module with 5 Drum Kits, USB Connection, SD Card Reader, Multi-trigger Input, Dual 1/4" Trigger Inputs, Dual 1/4" Outputs, Aux Input, and Headphone Output
ATV AD5 Drum Module image 1
ATV AD5 Drum Module image 1
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ATV AD5 Drum Module
In Stock!

Compact E-drum Module w/Expressive Drums and Cymbals

The aD5's five full drum kits (expandable) are sampled from real drums and cymbals in a real acoustic space for a playing experience that feels close to the real thing. Expressive, dynamic, and realistic, the ATV aD5 drum module stands at only 8" x 6" x 3" and is easy to throw in a gig bag or backpack for touring and travel convenience. A multi-trigger input with dual 1/4" aux inputs makes for easy connectivity of all your multi-zone pads, and dual 1/4" outputs give you a natural pre-mixed stereo drum sound you can feed directly into a soundboard or recording interface.

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module at a Glance:
  • Intuitive layout gets you set up and customized in no time
  • Convincing cymbal response for an authentic playing experience
Intuitive layout gets you set up and customized in no time

A graphics-driven interface and minimal button layout give the aD5 the simplest layout possible for the powerful features it has under its hood. A rotary knob lets you breeze through setup options, while a dedicated Home button and Cancel/Back buttons will make it so you never get lost within nested menus.

Convincing cymbal response for an authentic playing experience

The bottleneck in most electronic drum setups today is the cymbals. It's just hard to re-create the delicate response and harmonic interaction that comes from hitting real wood on bronze. But Sweetwater drummers are pleased to report that the ATV aD5's cymbals are some of the most convincing we've played: pumped hi-hats, choked crashes, and ping-y rides all have the characteristics of real cymbals in a real room for an authentic performance that won't wear on you or your audience's ears.

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module Features:
  • Includes 5 full drum kits with cymbals
  • SD card reader lets you add drum sounds
  • Accepts 2- and 3-zone pads for authentic response
  • Expressive dynamics - responds to ghost notes and rim shots with full bandwidth and coloration
  • Sampled from real acoustic kits in a real room for a convincing sound
  • Some of the most convincing cymbal sounds on the market
  • Studio-quality stereo outputs
  • Headphone output for silent practice
  • Mini aux-in lets you play along to your phone or MP3 player
  • MIDI via USB port for fast computer (DAW) connectivity
  • Includes multi-trigger breakout cable and stand adapter
  • Triggers not included
Experience real drum and cymbal response from the ATV aD5 electronic drum module!

Tech Specs

Kits 5 (expandable)
Inputs 11 x TRS pad inputs (DB-25 multi-connector cable), 1 x 1/8" (audio in), 2 x 1/4" (aux trigger in)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
USB 1 x Type B
Other I/O RJ45 ATV Link
Storage SD/SDHC card slot
Power 12V DC power supply (included)
Height 2.8"
Depth 5.6"
Width 7.7"
Weight 2.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number AD5

Customer Reviews

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Updated review a year later

So I have owned the atv ad5 for more than a year and have seen multiple firmware updates, additional trigger compatabilities and the launch of the sound store and I wanted to weigh in on the product given these developments. The sound store and additional sounds are outstanding and demonstrate the company's long range view of the product and the commitment to their customers. I've had the opportunity to speak to a few representatives from the company and they have been consistently helpful and interested in user feedback. I think they are very keen on changing the approach that drummers bring to ekits and transform them into a true musical instrument. So I would encourage others to take the plunge and try the ad5 out. Also looking to the near future the Adrum will bring even playability and functionality to this ecosystem.
Music background: Musician, multiinstrumentalist, songwriter,

AD5 by ATV Corp.

This is not an "electronic drum module". It is, truly, real drums drums in a box. I have heard and played all of them and there is NOTHING that comes even close to the realism of the AD5. The lack of any observable latency and the accurate reproduction of "real" drum sounds is amazing! I searched for 6 months looking for something that would give me real drum sounds in a box and this unit stands alone. Try it before buying ANYTHING else! You'll be glad you did! Much thanks to Mike, Scott and the gang at ATV for enlightening me to the world of the aD5! My Kit: aD5, Yamaha 700/900 trigger pad set.

ATV AD5 towers over the competition

Totally blown away. We got the Roland TD 11 KV set. Used the drum module for a day and got disgusted. The drum set was pretty good but the module sounded fake, delayed and generally like crap. We decided to keep the drums and upgrade the module. We talked to our sales rep about the TD 30 module which was around $2200 and he said you still may not get the sound you want. He recommended the AD5 at $1100 so we did the research and figured we'd take a shot. The sound seemed better in the videos and the demonstrators were grinning like they actually liked it. When it arrived, it was a simple plugin and set up. I run the studio am a guitarist and not a drummer. That said I found connecting and setting levels, expressiveness, panning etc. totally straight forward and easily done. The sound really was hit the rubber cymbols and you hear metal. You hit the drums they totally sound can hear the wood. We had a grammy award winning drummer come in and try them out to get his take and he was like "I want this". We jammed all afternoon. The system is incredibly expressive from very light touch to solid rock performance. I recommend them with a bullet. Go for it!! You will not be disappointed.
Music background: Recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer

Awesome drum module!

I have experience with several other drum modules. I owned a td-20. I have a td-30. I tried the Nfuzd kit out and I've briefly played a Yamaha dtxreme 3 a few years ago for about a month. I give this background so my review has some perspective. In short the Atv ad5 is fantastic. It plays extremely well. The advertised low latency is there. It does appear to be very flexible with pads. So I'm using some supported (vh-13, cy-14, cy-12, and cy-13r) pads. But I also found that it worked fine with my rt-30hr and kick triggers. I use the drum-Tec setting with the appropriate size of drum and had zero issue and again -- no latency. The sounds are very inspiring and realistic. Think studio sound for the most part. With the exception of the metal kit these are not reverb drenched samples and they blend well with other music as a result. The toms are very punchy and have nice tone. They have none of the plastic sound associated with the td-30 toms. There is zero editing other than volume for the kit pieces but that is only in the current iteration. But amazingly it does not matter. When I'm on the td-30 I often spend lots of time dialing in a sound. Here it is just play. I do look forward to more kits etc that will be released with future firmware but even as is it is great. Another very cool feature is the range of dynamic levels. It saves a few extra heavy and hard samples for when you really dig in to the drums. In contrast other edrums feel like there is a limiter for those extra loud hits.
Music background: Serious hobbyist, musician and home recording engineer

Amazing sounds, great feel, but seems rushed to market

First off, the sounds are amazing! The quality of the sounds, obviously 48 kHz uncompressed, are truly inspiring sounds and legit Zildjian and Ludwig type tones. You get 5 kits, which is perfect for the 'I want the same feel and sound of my real drum kit with headphones' kind of experience, but for folks like me that were looking to replace a Roland TD module with something that builds with me into the future, this unit was incredibly disappointing. My guess is that a portion of the price tag must be to use these manufacturer names. According to Digital Drummer magazine and the FAQ on the ATV website, the SD card reader may have functionality at some point to load samples, but it doesn't now. They may sell samples, but you have to buy them from their website in the future, and its based off whatever vintage or trendy sounds they feel like selling. If you wanted to add a tambourine to your kit, your screwed. No MIDI. No built in FX. No editing/pitch shifting/adjusting sustain of the samples. Also, it really is designed to by default work with only newer Yamaha, Roland, and Drum-tec pads . I have older Roland PD100 pads and killer piezo pads made by Dauz Drums in California and they were incredibly difficult to set up with the limited threshold, sensitivity, and curve controls. A great idea, a great middle point product, but only serves an incredibly limited amount of uses in an modern industry that is easily combining quality, options, and modular gear. This is for upscale enthusiasts, hobbyists that are into 'audiophile' quality, but not someone on the road or someone needing to cover a lot of ground with their drum brain.
Music background: Touring drummer, audio engineer
See also: drum modules, ATV, ATV Electronic Drum Modules