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Orange AD30H 30-watt 2-channel Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Orange AD30H 30-watt 2-channel Head?

Questions about the Orange AD30H 30-watt 2-channel Head?

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  • from Houston September 1, 2016

    Great sounding amp

    I researched this amp and bought it. Outstanding tone. I am well pleased and always look forward to playing through it. Pricey but gives you tones that pedals wont give you. this amp has a very unique dynamic that can only be appreciated by playing through it. I am using this amp for blues and it is killer!

  • from Sharptown, MD January 30, 2015Music Background:
    Classic Rock & Blues, 40 years of gigging.

    I've been playing bars and clubs since 1975. I've had about a dozen amps over the years. The AD30HTC is first time I've ever had a "THAT'S IT !" moment. It has the tone I've been searching for all these years. Great drive, great cleans and dirty cleans. Built like a tank. I play Southern Blues Rock, and plug this head into an Avatar 2x12 Contemporary cab. it's a match made in heaven. Tone and sound is a subjective thing, and you can't describe it. You just know it when you hear it. I've sold my Marshall, and keeping the Orange & Traynor combo.

  • from downeast Maine May 11, 2012Music Background:

    Orange rhymes with Orange!

    The sound of the AD30 is deep, smooth, unique and tough. It produces consistently strong and inspiring tones. It is superbly built. Simply put, a "sensible investment" I can always depend on. I love this amp. Really, I never tire of the sound. If I needed (!) another amplifier I would most certainly go for an even larger Orange.

  • from Chicago, IL August 4, 2014

    Not What I Expected

    I play pop punk music and was looking for a high gain amp. I initially was set on the EVH 50 watt head and was happy with the pounds and pounds of gain that amp had on tap. Then I found this amp. It has a shockingly low amount of gain, the second channel holds JUST enough to play my style of music, but the tone is incredible. In fact I bought two OD pedals just to compliment this amp's natural tone because it is an INSANE amp. Not at all what I expected, not even the typical Orange tone, but SO good I can't get over it.

  • from Charlotte, North Carolina November 30, 2011Music Background:
    7.5 years of guitar playing.


    This thing is LOUD! I was shocked by the various tones you can get here. so much control. There are only a few things I will say about this amp that I wasn't pleased with. 1, no effects loop. But, if you buy an ISP technologies noise reduction pedal (only like 200) it has a built in effects loop! 2, no headphone out, but really the tone here is so good I don't think it would be worth recording without a cab. 3. The major setback here. The second channel has a LOT more gain, and maybe this was because my cabinet is a 212 and I'm running at 16 ohms but, with the gain turned all the way up on the second channel, once you get past half of full volume, you really don't hear a big increase in volume. I mean, this thing feels like it's maybe 45, maybe even 50 watts, but I wasn't impressed by the fact that it couldn't push that gain at the volume I wanted. Needless to say, this is an inexpensive orange compared to other models. The tone is so unique I'd actually consider getting an ABY switch and running through 2 of these. One of the guitar players for "The Mars Volta" uses 4 of them when he plays live! All that set aside, this is a great amp. Unique Orange sounds, great range of tones. It truly feels like there is two amps in one here. The first channel is VERY clean and the second channel has about 65% more gain, but is still VERY clear. I personally wish it had more gain, but run an OD pedal in your signal chain and you're set.

Questions about the Orange AD30H 30-watt 2-channel Head?

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