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Roland AC-60 - 60-watt 2x6.5" Stereo Acoustic Amp - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland AC-60 - 60-watt 2x6.5" Stereo Acoustic Amp - Black?

Questions about the Roland AC-60 - 60-watt 2x6.5" Stereo Acoustic Amp - Black?

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  • from Buena Vista, CO December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-Pro and Pro Enthusiast!

    PA Speakers

    I have three AC-60's. Two for Stereo Left and Right Main Speakers, and one for a Stereo Monitor. This system is the best I have come up with for my singles act using a Kemper Profiling Amp direct to the PA. I hear what is going out the mains. The mains are connected via the XLR Mic inputs (set to Line) and the monitor is connected via the Left and Right Aux Inputs on the rear of an AC-60. (BTW the Mixer is a QSC TouchMix 16)

    Great for the Kemper, since these acoustic amps provide the least "color". They can get amazingly loud, and quite adequate for small rooms and gigs. Great little amps, each with its own case...

  • from Carey, OH USA July 31, 2014Music Background:
    advanced Hobbyist

    It simply goes way beyond what I had expected!

    Dylan was very helpful and the amp arrived faster than I thought possible. And it has proven to be more than I could have expected in
    such a small amp. Perfect for what I wanted. Could not be more pleased with the service and/or the product

  • from Colville, WA USA July 17, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Easy to use and sounds great

    The most amazing amp I've ever used. The anti-feedback works flawlessly. That is one of the biggest worries when on stage. The sound is excellent and easy to regulate each channel. Absolutely the best of the best.

  • from Boscobel, Wi April 23, 2014Music Background:
    enthusiast and worship band guitarist

    power in a small package

    I looked at the AC33 and thought it might be nice to have a little reserve power and went with the AC60. WOW!!! more than I needed for my little room sized venues. Have to tune it down some. But if I get into bigger places, I AM NOT WORRIED, about being heard.

  • from Rock Hill, SC USA October 24, 2011Music Background:

    The Perfect Acoustic Amp Solution

    I purchased the AC-60 to amplify my Taylor acoustic guitar while playing for my church's contemporary service. This acoustic combo was the perfect solution for me. The small size and should tote bag make it easy to transport. It has just the right amount of power to serve as a stage monitor while the direct out options provide an easy feed to the front-of-house PA. I have thoroughly enjoyed this product.

  • from New Orleans, LA February 8, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Private Teacher, Recording Engineer

    The BEST violin amp available.

    EVERY working jazz violinist in New Orleans uses this amp. Seriously! And, most of the acoustic jazz guitar (traditional, hot club) players too.

    The tone is warm and complimentary to both my Yamaha electric violin and my acoustic violin outfitted with an L. R. Baggs pickup. Sometimes I use my Baggs Para D I to the mic input with the acoustic. Phantom power runs the D I box, so I don't eat through 9 volts! I know guitarists who use it with a Django "Maccaferi" style guitar, others with vintage archtops, and flat top acoustics. Some use magnetic pickups, some piezo, some mic their guitar, some dial in a mix of mic and pickup with the 2 channels. I've seen guys use an SM57, others with condensers - phantom power makes it no problem.

    The biggest selling point to this class of musician is the sweet gig bag. When you're carting gear around the French quarter, or onto Riverboats, many times parking several blocks away, it's nice to have something you! Can easily sling over your shoulder that is protected from the elements. I'm considering getting the whole line - an AC-33 for those outdoor party gigs where electrical outlets are hard to come by, and an AC-90 for rockin' the bigger clubs without depending on monitors.

  • from C-wood October 18, 2008Music Background:


    This thing, man, its awesome. I bought it for my violin and then also use it for my electric guitar with an effects pedal. The distortion sounds awesome and its been well worth the price. Ive used a crate and theres not even a slight comparison.

  • from Kalamazoo Michigan USA May 2, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist .. And, Student

    Roland AC 60

    This is One Great Acoustic Amp, I kid you Not. It is well worth the price because the Value is uncomparable.
    I would Buy it again and it would be from Sweetwater

  • from Evans City, PA October 18, 2007Music Background:
    35 years vocal and guitar (still trying to get it right!)

    Natural Amplification!

    I bought my AC/60 about 2 years ago, and I'm amazed at the natural sound it produces. I own a Taylor with the Expression System and a Breedlove 12 with an LR Baggs Dual Element system, and both sound equally refreshing through the AC/60; it's like a natural extension of the guitar's true sound only amplified! By itself it won't fill up a concert hall or auditorium, but don't let its size fool you. It's adaptable and can handle any medium to small venue that you might throw at it. Before you spend more or less of your hard earned cash, take a good long hard look at this little gem.

  • from San Francisco, CA November 6, 2006Music Background:

    Try it with an archtop

    I bought this amp because I was getting tired hauling larger units to small gigs. Its portability is everything I'd hoped for, and the case is quite good. What really surprised me, though, is that my archtop sounds much better with this amp than with any other I've tried (acoustic or otherwise). I've had lots of compliments on the sound from guitarists and non-guitarists alike. It has ample power for (amplified) jazz jam sessions and small venues. A truly excellent product!

  • from Connecticut October 3, 2006Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Roland AC60

    Our band has used this amp as a PA in small venues for 2 years. Rarely does one of us just plug directly into it. When we do, we keep the settings flat and use the onboard preamps on our acoustic-electrics to adjust levels. Rarely do we use the (great sounding) chorus feature or the reverb settings. Most of the time, via an 8 channel submixer, we have 2 guitars, a miked violin, a miked mandolin and up to 3 vocals coming through this amp. The vocals are clean and all the instruments are discretly recognizable. This was not the intended purpose of this amp - but it shows that it's not limited to the role of a coffee house amp for a single guitar and vocal. We've used a Fender Rumble 60 as a subwoofer which takes it to another level. Its acoustic sound equals or betters any other acoustic amp I've heard or used. The bonus is the way it doubles as a PA, and audience members and sitting-in musicians have commented on how well it fills that role. One hint - elevating it off the stage is critical for the PA role, so the built in pole mount is a big plus - and the small size is a big convenience. If we had two of these, our regular PA might not see much work!

  • from Deep South November 19, 2016Music Background:

    The best amp for both acoustic guitars and synthesizers

    I used this amp for years for both acoustic playing and running my romplers through it. It sounds much better than Roland's KC series amps for keyboards. The only short-coming is other acoustic amps offer more power at a lower price. But if you're running synths as well as acoustic guitars through an amp -- in my experience -- this is the only one I've found that excels at both.

  • from Daytona Beach, FL May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar, recording and live performer

    Impressive Amplifier

    Purchased this little amp to use out in small to medium venues. Hooked it up in my studio to get aquainted with it first and found it to be a great piece of gear in terms of sound quality and ease of operation. Also, this amp has some of the best chorus and reverb programs I have ever heard, and the anti-feedback system is spot on. As I expected, the bass frequencies are a bit thin because of the speaker size, but when I routed it into my main PA system this small amp made a huge impact on my sound quality and control. In short, a very worthwhile investment for my professional needs.

  • from New Hampshire August 25, 2006Music Background:
    40 years of playing professionally

    Light on the Wallet, Sweet on the Ears...

    For years, I plugged electrified acoustics into my Roland Jazz 77 with mixed results. Finally, with the deluge of new acoustic guitar-specific amps hitting the area retailers, I decided seek out a worthy replacement. After comparing several amps, I selected the AC-60, and it was an easy choice. The amp and drivers are very well matched for the application. And for small, intimate venues you can probably get away with this amp alone, and a mic.
    I even had a chance to compare the AC-60 with the AER Compact 60, and while I'd give a slight edge to the AER in sound quality, at twice the price of the AC-60, I'd be hard-put to justify the additional expense. Numerically, It'd be like comparing a "95" out of 100, to a "98" out of 100 -- almost too little to quibble about. The Roland is a bargain -- one of the few out there.

  • from Martinez, CA July 31, 2006Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician (guitar, mandolin, bass, oud, percussion)

    Full, Rich Sound

    I bought this amp to use at a restaurant gig, where I was playing a variety of acoustic instruments. Although the sound was good, I did have some problems getting enough power to reach across the room on very noisy nights. Otherwise, though, as a rehearsal amp or a stage amp with a direct out to a PA system, this amp is dynamite! I'm currently using it to play electric oud with a Middle-Eastern band. The high end tends to be a bit crunchy, but it does cut through. The bass sounds really smooth and deep for such little speakers. The reverb and chorus are nice, but I'd like a bit more control in the settings; I'd especially like a longer delay. I like having all of the input and output options. The carrying case is nice but it needs a handle in addition to the shoulder strap - the amp is just a bit too heavy for my shoulders to take for long. Compared to its competition, this is a great little amp, with a small footprint, lots of nice features, and great sound.

  • from November 21, 2011

    Mostly Great

    I've used this for about 100 gigs with zero problems -- solo or duo, nylon electric & vocals. I'm now seeking something else, mostly for reasons of comparison curiosity, and the ongoing quest for ultimate tone. Perhaps I'll try Ultrasound, Loudbox 100 or the GenzBenz Compak 300 (overpriced, but nice!). Maybe a 10" + adjustable tweeter will be a desirable alternative. I may end up learning this AC60 is the one to keep using! We'll see.

    Actually I'm consistently happier with this AC60 as a vocal amp (PA substitute)! -- myself or female singer sitting in (w/ Senn or AKG condenser stage mic, touch of the AC60 reverb.. sweet and lush) . For nylon string gtr -- primarily my Multiac -- I swear there's some kind of processing or coloring happening with the Roland electronics, which I cannot quite put my finger on. Guitarists have told me that nylons ARE more difficult to amplify faithfully, and of course new strings give a big tone improvement.

    I saw a quintet with an archtop guy using this amp, and he wasn't so clear, though loud enough... lots of variables could be the cause.
    However, I heard a solo acoustic steel str guy using this AC60 and I thought he sounded absolutely fantastic, close up and 30 feet back.
    Definitely elevate it, and don't just set it on the floor.

    Pros: compact size; tons of input/output/routing options; pole mount option, otherwise nice tilt bracket; phantom power; lots of gain before feedback; mute button; Roland and Boss products have always been very durable and reliable for me.

    Cons: legendary Roland hiss; reverb on vocals only is not possible (gtr ch. gets it too); stitching inside the carry bag is falling apart.

    The far inferior (my opinion) AC33 I would avoid, unless you need a battery amp. Some like the AC90. I have all the low end I need with the AC60, and I don't need the power boost or increased size/weight.

  • from Sacramento, CA February 17, 2015Music Background:

    FYI Stereo

    The amp sounds very good but here is what Roland support told me: The XLR outputs are summed together when using the channel inputs. It's not possible to separate each channel to each output. The speakers represent a summing of both channels into the left and right speakers simultaneously. The MONO output is unbalanced (T/S) and also sums channels together. Kind regards, Roland Product Support ..The manual says the AUX inputs will not come out the rear XLR outputs only the the 2 input channels will.
    Roland Product Support

  • from New Hampshire, USA January 1, 2005

    Huge Sound, Tiny Package

    I just purchased the AC-60 two days ago, after a long bit of reflection regarding my Jazz Chorus 77 -- a workhorse I've used since '87. While I play both acoustic and electric, I felt I needed a cleaner, more natural amp when playing my Taylor and Guild acoustics. The JC77 has been a great little amp, both for small club gigs and recording, but it wasn't designed for acoustic guitar. And because I already own a Fender Blues Junior, and a Vox AC-30 for electric guitar work, I went to my local music gear dealer, looking for a dedicated acoustic guitar am and ended up comparing two amps. My criteria was: a) It had to be small and reasonably light, and b) It had to be a dedicated acoustic guitar amp, that sounded great in as many applications as possible (i.e., studio, practice, live venue). So, I A/B'd it against the Behringer ACX-1000, for purposes of comparison.

    The behringer was a little cheaper, a good piece larger, and a little heftier in amp specs, but the disparity in sound quality was immediately apparent and striking. Where the Behringer sounded flat, and lacking across the entire dynamic range, the Roland sounded rich and authentically 'acoustic'. I tend to use chorus quite a bit, and Roland produces one of the best you're likely to hear, and has for many years.

    What I didn't expect was to hear so broad and rich a sound coming from two 6.5" drivers. Totally amazing. The feature set includes a second mic channel, complete with phantom power, so that you actually use the unit as a small solo sound system in smaller venues that might fit, say 50-75 people.

    There are several patch jacks as well, so you can patch to a sub-woofer, or line out to a larger PA board.

    Shortcomings: The onboard reverb is sub-standard, in my opinion, and is adjustable for depth (amount) only. To my ear, it's a 'room' sized reverb, where I tend to prefer large hall reverbs, mixed wayyyyyy back against the direct signal. Also, given the cheesy, ill-defined reverb, they should've provided an effects loop so that you could add your own effects -- but didn't. After a few minutes fruitlessly trying to dial in a decent reverb sound, I chose, instead, to go from guitar to a Microverb, and from Microverb out, to the input on the AC-60 guitar channel.

    Bottom Line: Roland has many times over proven their ability to innovate and subsequently create quality products for bedroom players and world-wide tour-de-forces, alike. The AC-60, while targeted at the coffee house performer, is a true sleeper. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Jimmy Page in front of 20,000 fans using an AC-60 for the 12-string prologue to 'Stairway'. It sounds that good.

Questions about the Roland AC-60 - 60-watt 2x6.5" Stereo Acoustic Amp - Black?

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