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Vox AC4TVH 4-Watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Rhode Island September 30, 2013Music Background:
    playing for over 35 years/ hobbyist with some public performances


    This litllle Vox head reallly delivers nice tube sounds without excessive volume. It really seems to take to pedals well, but I've found myself just plugging straight in and using that tube sound alone. With my ES-335 the tubes breakup nicely at 1/4 Watt. I can play it clean at 1 or 4 Watts ( breaking it up at 4 watts is fairly loud ). With my Telecaster I prefer to breakup the tubes at 1 Watt and play clean at 4 watts. It really seems to be well made and it's a keeper.

  • from Beatrice NE March 30, 2013Music Background:
    bass player for life, 3 years on guitar

    I am amazed follow up

    Follow up to the I am amazed review. Last night took my AC4TVH with 112 Cab to party/show in a large basement. I LOVE the tone of this amp, so I left my 100 watt fender at home. This amp after 8 hours of jamming on 65 - 75 % volume is the best sound I've ever heard!! This amp is loud enough to hear with a young but loud drummer (not much control yet) and man, when it gets real hot, its beautiful! I was concerned I would only be recording with this amp. Not any more!! I cannot recommend this amp enough! and 350$ is a steal!! I never had to approach my amp whole night, it controls the sound so well from your guitar. Play some roadhouse with gain and volume down on guitar, then play some am i evil with that natural crunch, stomp on my cheap metal dist and do some am I evil!!

  • from Beatrice NE March 23, 2013Music Background:
    bass player for life, 3 years on guitar

    I am amazed!!

    I am blown away by this amp! This is the tone every guitar player seeks. I bought head and cab, i feel like i stole something for 350!! I have a cheap metal dist in front and i just doze off playing guitar for hours! If anyone is wondering, this is the second best musical thing ive bought. The first was a brand new Parker p36 for cheap, and that guitar is the best purchase Ive ever made!! Buy me

  • from michigan October 1, 2012Music Background:
    BA - Music, Musical Theater, Rock/Blues Band

    i like it.

    i'd call this an overall good value for the money. i play an SG and use this head to push a 12" Jensen MOD driver in a seismic cab. i think it has a really versatile tone. however, if you 1) only set volume & tone to 10 or 2) if you like ear-splitting volume, this amp is not for you. (but don't be fooled - it has b****). 3) if you like to be able to lean back on your sound, this amp is not for you. if you're a sucker for a warm tube sound, but you're sick of your ears ringing for days after a gig, this is worth the time to a look. don't bother if you're going to use a 10" driver, i'm pretty sure that you'll be disappointed. Added bonus: it's super light!

  • from SD June 4, 2011Music Background:
    Singer/ Song Writer/ Musician

    GREAT little amp!!!

    This is one GREAT little amp! I am absolutely blown away at how great it sounds straight out of the box. I'm using it with an American Deluxe Telecaster, and an open back cab with a single 12 in it. 4 watts is much louder then I thought it would be. Love the OP Level switch. Turn it down to 1 or 1/4 watt and you can get some great tone at home with out freaking out the neighbors. I plan to upgrade the tubes at some point, but all in all this a must buy for home studio owners or someone that wants great tone at a reasonable volume. Thanks again to Nick Schenkel at Sweetwater for setting me up with some great gear.

  • from Brooklyn, New York January 8, 2011Music Background:
    Student, Active Player, Music Promotion Assistant

    For the money, this is a great amp!

    I purchase this amp at my local store, I am happy to see that it works well with my pedals and my Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus. Don't let the wattage fool you. It can get loud in my apartment. I don't hear the pick making any sound through my amp as I would hear from my Fender Super Champ XD. My old amp is still worth keeping. The controls are simple. The only modification that I made was purchasing a Monster Studio Pro 1000 speaker cable for both the amp and the cab. I just wanted the best sound I get through this with this cable brand. I could practice late nights without waking up my neighbors. The only thing that I want to get for this amp is a reverb pedal.

  • from Nelson, New Zealand June 13, 2010Music Background:
    As above

    Modern Classic Vox AC4TVH

    Firstly, let me explain my setup. I have a 1997 (Korean) Epiphone Dot with Pete Biltoft (Vintagevibe Guitars) custom,hand wound P90's and upgraded wiring. Beautiful guitar. Line 6 Pod Xt Pro, and now, my new Vox AC4TVH with matching V112TV cabinet with 1 X 12" Celestion. I have been playing on and off for over 30 years and have been a professional sound engineer in the distant past. I am totally stunned with the results I can get out of my little rig. I only play for my own enjoyment now and this suits me perfectly although I can certainly see how this could be used in a stage or recording situation. On it's own it sounds great. Add some effects (this little Vox loves pedals) and boutique sound is only a tweak away. Grab one and see for yourself.

  • from baltimore January 1, 2010Music Background:
    music teacher, guitar builder

    Unbelievable:follow up

    Ive had my AC4 for several weeks and I am completely blown away. It sounded good out of the box. It was loud enough for basement jamming with a drummer (who has a little control), cranked all the way up it had the VOX british invasion kind of grind that was neat. Since then I have changed the Tubes from stock sovtek to an NOS Valvo EL84 and a 1962 Raytheon - Long black plate 12AX7. Im using a Danelectro "Cool Cat" OTC-1 oveverdrive, A danelctro Vibe and an Electro Harmonix Holy grail reverb and the result can only be described as mind blowing. Ive been recording at home on the 1 watt and 1/4 power levels and the sound im getting is something like a 5000 dollar stage rig. After warming it up for about 5 minutes, Im getting tone from this little AC4 and a squire "60's vibe" stratocaster, (at low conversation volume) that is about equivalent to a 40 watt blackface fender after running hot half the night. unbeliveable.

  • from maryland November 7, 2009Music Background:
    music teacher, guitar builder

    Authentic VOX AC amp sound

    This is a fantastic sounding little guitar amp and im very pleased that some of the "legacy" Amp makers, like VOX, are responding to the demand for high quality, low priced amps based on the classic models. This amp is every inch a part of the AC line of VOX amps. In fact, it has all the tone of the AC 15, but without the tone cut and top boost, or extra gain stages. When I play I like to start with a good sounding/playing instrument and a good, basic tube amp model. With playing music, Tone is like the artist's pigments or the sculptors clay..its dosent need to be complicated it just needs to be good. A good tube amp produces a few basic, dynamic, usable electric guitar sounds. It responds dynamicly to the kind and quality of guitar, and the ability of the player. This amp meets that definaition 100%.

  • from Huntsville, Alabama August 4, 2009Music Background:


    I wanted to be able to get some decent tone and sustain at lower volume levels, so I thought I would try this little VOX tube amp out. One thing that suprised me is the amount of volume that this little tube amp is capable producing. When you crank this amp up on 4 watts it can still easily aggravate your neighbors. I was even suprised at how loud it can get on just 1 watt of power (Man these little tube amps can kick some butt!). I attenuated it down to the 1/4 watt setting and I felt I could run it there without irratating anyone. I noticed if I cranked it about three quarters of the way it started to distort fairly well and when you put it at lower settings it cleans up pretty nice. When I put my Digitech distorion pedal on this thing that is when I really noticed how great this little amp can sound. This little amps seems to go well with my pedal because I am getting huge amounts of sustain and tone at the lower volume levels that I need to play at. I'm currently running it through a Black Heart speaker cabinet with a 12 inch British voiced Eminance speaker and it seems to sound alot like some of the older VOX's. I think this amp is definetly worth the money you pay for it because you can get some great sounds out of it with out blowing your ear drums out or having the neighbors calling the police on you.

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