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Vox AC4C1-PL 1x10" 4-Watt Limited Edition Purple Tygon Tube Combo Reviews

4.0 stars based on 1 customer review
  • Wayne Olsen
    from Bremerton Wa. USA September 14, 2013Music Background:
    35 years guitar playing, Recording Engineer before that even, Bass guitar, Tuba, Kazoo.

    Purple Tygon Vox!

    Ordered one of these when I first saw them on Sweetwater, was told I'd get one about mid October. Well, it arrived today, September 14th! Sweetwater hits another home run. Pretty little amp, the construction is perfect, the purple covering is far out!

    It's the lightest amp I own (20Lbs), yet seems very solid. This little monster blasts too, way too loud for my condo. After a while testing with the internal speaker, I took it's extension jack and hooked it into my MASS-Lite attenuator, and into a 10" cabinet. Fiddled a little at half volume before cranking the master to 10. Nice. Then I eased the gain to 10-no smoke! Nice. Then I attached some pedals, MXR Badass Dist, Boss CE-3 Chorus and an DOD delay 585. Nice x 10! The chorus and delay opened the amp up, sounds bigger and warmer the distortion didn't have any 'fizzy' flavor I read these amp could have with OD/dist pedals. Turning off the distortion and rolling the gtr volume down cleaned it up, even cranked and attenuated. I was playing my '90s ESP with two active EMG's, so none of that horrible treble roll-off many guitars have (my stock RIC 620, as usual, sounded dull and dead with volume roll off) but how hard you play effect the amp a lot too, so......

    This is my first EL-84 amp, so far I'm impressed.

    Back to playing now!

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