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Vox AC4C1-BL - 4W 1x10" Guitar Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 36 customer reviews
  • from The Great Plains September 15, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging since 1969

    This little beastie packs a load of punch !! ...but color me "tone happy" too !! What a phatt, smokey, sparkly, gnarly little tazmanian devil !! Try as I might....I can't get a bad tone out of it! And...it's oh so cute !! What more do you want ? Stevie k

  • from Illinois June 4, 2016

    Great Amp to have by the couch.

    Great amp for practicing at low volumes to get tube tone. Although I usually plug straight into the amp, it interacts well with pedals. Also, it looks cool!

  • from OG NJ January 23, 2016

    Oh So Sweet It Sings

    I just found myself living in a 125 year old house with wooden floors 10 ' ceilings on the main floor & 2 Apts with a vert annoying neighbor above me. No more blasting away to my hearts content. Ive owned every Fender Deville made and some incredible Fender tube amps over the years and so many others Orange, Mesa,Ampeg,Vox,Marshall, Carvin etc. So I was going to buy a nice used Solid state with a lot of bells & whistles because my budget was "strained " to say the least and I could not find my favorite small amp of all time a Mesa Reverb Rocket Used for anything under $500.00. I had some great pedals so when I read the reviews that I could get this delivered to my door step brand new for 250.00 it was a no brainer. I got the Red one.I had recent acquired a cherry Guild Songbird A Very thin bodied Spruce top Acoustic / Electric and was planning on buying a new acoustic amp for it when funds became available. Well forget about it. My god it just sings thru this amp with just a touch of reverb or chorus from my pedals. I cant say enough about how warm bright & clear it sounds. And it is a looker for sure . I love it Its a keeper and wont be going anywhere except with me

  • from Stroudsburg, PA December 16, 2015Music Background:
    Casual Musician...Guitar, Flute, Percussion

    Really Nice Little Amp!

    Awesome low-watt combo with amazing cleans and just enough gain for most of the stuff I play. I'm only hours into it right now but lovin' every minute. 'Bought this mainly for recording. 'Takes pedals really well...I'm using a T.C. Dark Matter pedal and the tone is amazing.

    Special thanks to Robert (Sales Engineer)...Product and Customer Service Expert! The Best!

    You'll love this Vox amp for sure...

  • from NY December 11, 2015

    Space saver

    Light good looking great sound.

  • from Johnson City, TN September 8, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend Gigmeister

    A Backsaver for small gigs

    Bought this small amp because it looks cool and I intended to use it for the living room. I own a Fender '69 Bassman RI, a Fender Twin Reverb, plus a VOX AC-15C2 already, so I can match the amps up to specific gigs. The tone of the Vox AC4C1 BL sounds pleasing and is usable for practice, especially if you balance the Drive and Volume controls to your taste (Besides Bass and Treble, that's all you got!). A reverb pedal makes up for the otherwise boxy-sounding built-in speaker, creating a somewhat spacial sound. You can tell that I'm not exactly in love with this small amp, but here is the overriding advantage: You can carry it easily and it fits in the smallest car. Playing a small gig last weekend, I took this baby for a gig for the first time: In a small club, this thing rules, especially since I was able to carry both my guitar and the amp in, hooked up my pedal -and five minutes later I was playing a late show. My setup is so compact that I actually enjoy setting up and packing up within minutes. This amp is not replacing any of my other cool amps, but it does give me the option to travel light for small gigs. Don't start you first band with it, or you'll be disappointed. But do your back a favor and add this baby to your amp collection for the small clubs and coffeehouse stages.

  • from Austin TX June 26, 2015Music Background:
    Contemporary Christian Worship

    Small Amp, HUGE tone!

    Don't be fooled by it's size! Great tone, takes pedal really well. Great for all applications... Studio, Live, Home!

    I needed a good little practice amp. This thing is IT. I play Mesa Boogie's but in an apartment it would be too much! The VOX AC4C1 is perfect. Love it!

  • from Chicago burbs June 9, 2015Music Background:
    Blues/Classic rock/jazz

    This amp is BOSS!!!!!!!

    Outstanding, versatile, sweet cleans, textured grit, and with a reverb pedal it's magic!!!!!
    This amp is an amazing find. Looking for an easily portable all tube amp with a wide sonic palate ….this is it!!!!

  • from Philly, yo June 4, 2015Music Background:
    36 years playing experience, 20 years full electric, some professional gigs here and there

    Even handles piezos with a little EQ/preamp love

    If you're an electric string player poring over a billion amp descriptions and reviews to try and figure out what might work well, read on.

    No modeling, no onboard effects, no "value-added" gimmicks, no foolin'. I've had this a couple years now, thinking it might make a decent practice amp or some casual recordings. Now I'm thinking of getting a second one to mic in stereo. Gain (which influences the sound greatly, play with it), Bass, Treble, Volume, we're done. If you're looking for something that acts like a cheap pedalboard or promises to sound like a thousand other amps, this ain't it, and I'm grateful it isn't trying to like a thousand other overpromising low-end amps.

    One great added feature it *does* have is the speaker out, so if you have other cabs you like to use, this can become a small tube head. (The onboard speaker cuts when the cable's plugged in, so just be aware you can't line out and use the amp as a monitor.) I tried the speaker out direct into a DAW using just the unbalanced TS instrument cable, and there was zero noise on the test recordings, crystal clear.

    I play electric violin. Solid-body 5-string with a Barbera transducer, which is 2 piezo pickups per string. They get buzzy, especially on most guitar amps - they tend to boost the bejesus out of the mids, which is death for a piezo-equipped string instrument. You should always have a pre with a piezo, and you should invest in an EQ, no matter what else you're using. I found on this Vox that even my preamp's underwheming EQ, i could dial back the harshness and get a nice, singing, sustained, LOUD tone.

    This is not for modeling an acoustic string sound. If you're playing an electric to run some effects, boost your volume in a band, do some project / home recording, and make nonstandard string sounds, this is a solid choice. Handles a clean sound that still produces the harmonics and transients of a bowed instrument, and absolutely rocks when you throw some OD or fuzz at it. I'll use other amps for different things, but I don't see myself ever getting rid of this one.

  • from walla May 31, 2015Music Background:

    Piece of Crap

    After reading all the five star reviews and listening to sound clips on YouTube I ordered ty]his amp with high expectations. However when I received it and plugged it in the 60cycle hum was so bad I couldn't hear myself play.
    The tones were horrible. It was like I was playing through a tiny, transistor radio. Over $300.00 for this?On the controls, "Bass " is useless. There is NO bass . Treble only takes you from spikey to ear-piercing.
    Very disappointed too say the least. People that rave about this amp have no idea of what good tone should be. I say go back to your transistor Crate amps if you think this piece of crap sounds good.

  • from n.y. March 17, 2015Music Background:
    Praise and Worship singer and guitar player

    Powerful 4 watt amp!

    Excellent small tube amp. No problems with it whatsoever. Need a little more power for our church size, so Ray and Sweetwater are taking care of me " Once again!" and allowing me to trade up for the AC 15. Thanks so much again to the absolute best music store ever!!!

  • from way down South February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur Hobbyist/Electronic Tech

    Fine Amp

    I could not believe the loudness of this 4 watt amp. Excellent sounding t'boot! So far no problems encountered.

  • from Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician


    I've been on the quest for amazing tone for YEARS. I've been playing guitar almost all of my life (since I was 5 years old) and always heard this tone in my head, my sound I guess. I've played the mesa's, marshall's, the old fenders, the this and the that. One day I stumbled upon this little monster. I plugged in and said HOLY HELL this is it. I bought 3 of them one for my house, office, and my studio. This has been my go to amp for the last year. I wouldn't think that a 4 watt chinese made amp would be the end for my search of tone. Pair this up with a good reverb pedal and you're set. No need for any overdrives just crank this sucker up and go have fun!

  • from NJ October 1, 2014Music Background:

    This Amp Is "Now-tro"

    Not only does this amp look cool, it sounds incredible! The perfect amount of gain to where you hear each note ring out! It's portable, the dynamics are tasty, and it's great for recording. This amp breathes and has a life of it's own!

  • from salisbury, nc September 26, 2014Music Background:
    praise/worship guitarist

    Great all-tube tone!

    This VOX AC4C1-BL is a great amp for practice, recording, and live performance. I play on a worship team and we pretty much have a silent stage. I put my amp in an isolation box so I don't need a big hefty amp. This amp is perfect for me for its size and its tone. It sounds great! The retro look is great too. I feel like I'm carrying around a vintage piece of gear. Ultimately, it's what the ears hear that makes all the difference, and MY ears are telling me that this is one of the best amps I have ever owned!!!

  • from Brownsburg, IN September 5, 2014Music Background:
    18 years guitar, bass & drums, 13+ years recording, always a student

    VOX vibe without the AC15/AC30 price tag. Love it!

    I will say that I downgraded my rating from a 5 to a 4 solely because when I pulled it out of the box and plugged my guitar in I got absolutely no sound (yes, it was powered on). After pulling the back off and dropping down the chassis I discovered that not only were 2 of the tubes not even seated, one of the wires going to the speaker wasn't even connected. Not sure if this happened during shipping or if it was just an oversight in production but that's neither here nor there. It only took 5 minutes to rectify the situation.

    Now on to how this baby sounds… I have always been a huge fan of the VOX tone but could never justify spending the money on one of the classic AC-15 or AC-30s. I will just say that I was pleasantly surprised with the sounds I get out of this little amp. I have yet to throw any pedals in front of it but so far, as is, it shines with a Les Paul or a hollow-body ES-135 plugged in; haven't found the right settings for any of my strats yet. Can't wait to throw an i5 in front of it and see how it sounds recorded!

  • from slc, ut August 29, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician


    One thing you should be aware of regarding this amp is that it is NOT quiet. This amp has plenty of guts and I have run into plenty of scenarios where it was downright excessive. It is a VERY muscular 4 watts. There isn't much going on controls wise, and it makes for a very honest (better) sound. Do yourself a favor and replace the tubes before you do anything else. It responds to dirt and other pedals really well, as is typical of Vox amps.

  • from Moultonborough, NH-USA August 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, studio engineer/owner

    Pure VOX tone

    So I decide to add another petal to my collection. I have been using solid state amps since the early 80's (Roland Chorus, Sunn, Tech 21, etc) Some very good, some not so hot. I add the right petals to get the desired sounds and life is good. I decide to look for a petal that has a genuine tube amp sound. I look at a bunch and then realize that for close to the same price as a decent petal I can own a real class A tube amp. So I place the order with Sweetwater and 2 days later it arrives. Amp looks great, feels solid and very retro.
    I fire this little beast up and I plug in a Les Paul. Unbelievable. Nice clean settings, but this amps real calling is when you push it. The sounds coming out of this 10 inch speaker is amazing. Next up was the Strat. A bit thinner than the Les Paul but easily adjustable. Next was an Ibanez AFJ95. Interesting tone for sure. Perhaps a little too much bite, but still way usable. And lastly was a solid body lap steel with a single humbucker. Now this sounded excellent also. Overall this little beast is a keeper. It will have a home in my studio and I expect it to be in used constantly. I popped a SM 57 slightly off the center and the sound was unmistakably pure VOX. Grab one of these before VOX realizes what they have and double the price.

  • from belleville, IL August 7, 2014

    love it

    its perfect - straight up all tube with minimal circuitry , just a high/low and gain/volume. light. constructed good and looks good. looks classy.

    remarkable clean tones -> classic tube gain -> speed/death metal with a dist pedal

    loud enough for a working band if drummer is good.

  • from Mount Pleasant, PA August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Instructor


    I just recently purchased the Vox AC4C1 mainly for the clean tones, but was really shocked with the overdrive and how versatile this amp is. Plus it's blue, looks cool!!! And as always AAA+++ service from Sweetwater.

  • from wake forest, n.c. USA June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    LOVE IT!

    Does what it's suppose to do, great sounding small wattage amp!

  • from SLC, UT USA June 2, 2014Music Background:
    Electical Engineer, Vacuum Tube Hobbyist

    AC30's Baby Brother

    I've been searching for that Vox AC30 tone in a low volume package for a long time. Even an AC15 with a master volume has been overkill for my personal practice situations, as my master volume knob NEVER went past 2!

    This amp IS the classic Vox AC30 top boost circuit in 4 Watt package with very few exceptions:

    1) C20 a bright capacitor across the volume control - this makes the amp too bright for an AC30 tone. I think the engineers at Vox have been playing AC30s at full volume for so long that they had a hard time hearing this little guy and put in this unnecessary component.

    2) 100uF capacitor as the first power filter cap. This gives that amp a little more bass response, but it will sound a little more stiff than a classic circuit.

    There are a few others, but these are the major differences. There is also a buffer circuit for the master volume to take care of an unused triode. (Vox could have cut out the cathode follower and saved using another tube, but they remained true to the top boost circuitry.)

    I've built two custom Vox AC4 top-boost combos with 8" speakers (one for a client, one for myself) and each of them cost more to build than this amp does.

    I had to pick one up for myself and I am quite happy with it - especially when played through a 12" speaker with a classic Vox Bulldog voicing.

  • from Kansas city,usa April 19, 2014Music Background:


    Buy IT you will love it,enough said.

  • from Atlanta, GA November 5, 2013Music Background:

    Nice Little Blue Monster

    I was looking for a classic Vox sound, but without having to go to the big AC15 or AC30 models.

    Here comes the AC4C1. This baby can hang with the big boys. Great Vox sound, but without all the knobs, bells, and whistles.

    This us just a straight up, 4w Tube Amp that works great on its own and with pedals. It is great for practice, but with a mic, forget about it!

    The looks are awesome! Very neat and it looks great in the living room.

    I highly recommend this Vox amp, it is nice, and it sounds just like an AC15 or 30.

    Thanks to my Rep, Josh Dillon and Sweetwater.

  • from Calgary, Canada August 18, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Bassist


    For recording at low volumes this is an untouchable. It's sounds incredible, the top end of the Ac30, how perfect for the home studio.

    I searched all reviews I could find, heard it with some decent players and I was impressed. I was originally just going to get a modeled amp, but the more I listened to the demos the more I wanted authentic tubes.
    Recording is uneventful with my house remaining quiet and the neighbors are undisturbed. The Recordings are true and real. Reverbs take on a new life, never sounded this good with any model at any point in the gain staging.

    I've used mainly modeling for the few last years and just gotten use to it, I now realize how my ears have drifted away from the best possible, as per the most convenient. I bought a modeling pedal just because, it's ok, not real but fun. It will NOT be in the recording stage nor will any guitar software. Only the AC4C1 with an analog pedal or 2 will get the call from now on.

  • from USA May 27, 2013

    Vox AC4C1-BL 1x10" 4 Watt Tube Combo

    This is a great sounding amp. Solidly built and cool vintage look. Sound improves when tilted up or placed on a stand. Pure Vox tone whether playing clean or with gain. Pedals (reverb and chorus pedals) produced very full, gorgeous sound. Has two tone knobs.

    The amp gets loud for 4 watts, however, I use it only at home as a practice amp. Have not tried gigging with it. Using it with a Fender telecaster and a Gibson SG Special - both guitars sound excellent through this amp! Have not used for recording, but it shines according to a friend who also owns one.

    Cheers to Ben for his help with purchase. Can't beat Sweetwater for customer service!

  • from VA February 1, 2013Music Background:
    Professional live sound and recording engineer

    I love it

    This thing sounds great. Beautiful Vox clean tones and really responsive if you drive the input. This is also really lightweight and portable. The built in 10" speaker sounds good and gets the job done, but this thing really rocks when you connect the speaker output to the Vox 112 greenback cab.

  • from Columbus, GA January 30, 2013Music Background:
    30+ years

    Outstanding Little Amp!

    I'm into great tone without having to do a lot of eq tweaking to get it...and this amp has it, at all volume levels. Not necessarily a ton of different tones, but it does the classic "clean crunch" very well. Can go from a really nice chime to crunchy, simply with a bump of the gain. Sounds perfect with my P90 loaded guitar. Really dig the looks, too. All in all, a very solid little rig for recording or home use, and a very good value for the price.

  • from October 26, 2012

    Classic looks and great tone

    This amp does everything I could want it to do. It goes from chimey clean to blistering British Invasion at the turn of the Gain knob. The treble and bass eq's and the separate volume knob are very useful. I really enjoy how interactive this amp is with its controls. Even at 4 watts, it will get plenty loud for a rehearsal, or even live if the band isn't too loud. This little amp sounds very similar to an AC15 but without the extra weight and size. It's a looker too! This amp is an good buy for anyone looking for excellent vintage tube tone with sweet aesthetics. To me, the only thing missing from this amp is a reverb knob, but I'm sure that would bump up the price point considerably. I have a multi-effect board that has a decent reverb, so no big deal.

  • from Buffalo, NY August 20, 2012Music Background:
    half serious hobbyist


    This thing sounds amazing. It's a 4 watt tube amp for $299 -- don't over think this. It's small, it sounds like a VOX. Just get one and be done with it already.

  • from seattle wa usa August 9, 2012Music Background:
    lifelong self taught musician


    best $299(plus tax) i ever spent. this little guy has got some kick, thanks to the all tube design and the crystal clear celestion speaker. with my e,c, strat, i am able to get an endless variety of tones, using no pedals at all. from clean to crunch, it does everything. i had been eyeing a more powerful fender amp, but was hesitant because i live in an apartment building and i didnt want to tick off my neighbors, and i didn't want to get stuck playing a higher wattage amp on .005 volume all the time. this vox is perfect if you want to have something to use at home to it's semi full potential and also for playing live-miked up or on it's own, it can handle it. can't recommend this enough. 5 stars. killer design, too, with the blu-ish cabinet and blonde handle.

  • from Afton, VA July 20, 2012Music Background:

    A very nice bedroom/living room amp

    Lots of good sounds here; well-built and retro-cool. Amazing how lound 4 watts can get. The controls are very effective, producing a nice chimey clean to a creamy gain/overdrive sound without blowing out windows. Likes humbuckers and single coils. It is a keeper.

  • from Denver, CO May 18, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Organic Is The Word

    I am so down with this whole Class A revolution we've got going on in the guitar world right now. Amps that are more than just a thing to make your guitar louder. Amps that are themselves instruments.

    This vox is no exception. The sound is sweet and organic. The overdrive is natural. It's like blowing into a sax too hard, you know: it's gonna growl if you do. That being said, it's never really all the way clean. But that's to its credit. It's not like solid state's sterile reproduction of your guitar's tone. The AC4C1 has a voice, virtually clean at lower volume/gain settings but quick to bear teeth with clockwise knob turns, that is unique and genuinely fun to interact with.

    I took this to a gig (that's right, all four watts of it) yesterday. Jazz trio, guitar, bass, drums, 300 or so people in an outdoor courtyard. It was definitely loud enough, but in order to be so it was getting its crunch on. Larger, more complex voicings were bristly to say the least, but never unpleasant. It kinda sounded like old recordings, which I think is awesome. Needless to say, the trio was psyched about it.

    Now, for rock, this thing is phenomenal. The overdrive is absolute heaven. None of that overindulgent, burned to chalk, nonsense that some deeply insecure guitar players need to feel comfortable in metal and its various whatever-core venues. Just sweet, singing, beautiful tone shaping. It most certainly has that Vox character. Subtly, but its there for sure.

    All in all, its an unbelievable value. Well built, simple and sheer joy to plug an ax into.

  • from Minneapolis, MN USA May 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    A Surprise and A Bargain

    Having had access to vintage Vox AC 15 and AC 30 models from the early 1960s, I didn't expect a lot in this small and inexpensive tube amp. I did expect my money's worth and got that and more! This is no toy. It is well built, quiet at idle, has great Vox tone with usable controls and a speaker that is a great match for the amp and cabinet. It does what it is supposed to do. It isn't a 30 watt amp and it isn't a Fender. It isn't supposed to be. I was surprised and remain impressed. For this kind of sound and quality, this is truly a bargain that surprised me in a very good way. I especially like it with single coil pickups, but humbuckers work just great, too. A real keeper!

  • from Virginia May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist

    Fantastic recording amp!

    This is a great value! The natural break-up is excellent! I would definitiely recommend this amp for those looking for a bit of drive that only Vox's Top Boost can provide. The only reason I held back half a star is due to the clean not being pristine, but that is what Fender is for. This is the perfect compliment to a Fender clean (like the Fender Super Champ x2). I turn this thing on and realize an hour has past in no time at all. So much fun to play. Also, the Sweetwater rep was fantastic in helping me purchase this item.

  • from UP, Michigan April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Alt Country

    Immediate Satisfaction - Great Idea

    This amp just seemed to be workable, easy and intuitive to achieve the tone I was looking for - right out of the box. This amp virtually does the same thing as the AC4TV (with it's attenuator switch 1/4-1-4w); providing great saturated-over driven sound at low volume levels, but provides a bit more tonality range with the pre-amp volume (gain knob) in addition to the separate bass and treble knobs. I believe this "Top Boost" idea improves the tonal quality with these low watt, closed back amps. Very pedal friendly. Maybe not as much ceiling as an AC4TV? Definitely has the expected Vox quality. I held off giving it a 4.5 to convey that these small amps won't have the versatility of a Blues Jr or the tonal muscle of an AC15C1 per say. But that is OOOOH-KAYYYY!!! It's a 4 watt amp; weighs only 17 lbs, making it portable-friendly; and has the right amount of features. This is exactly what I needed rather than always relying on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe...and not rattling my neighbors windows.

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