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Vox AC30HW2X 30-watt 2x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speakers Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox AC30HW2X 30-watt 2x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speakers?

Questions about the Vox AC30HW2X 30-watt 2x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speakers?

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  • from December 8, 2016

    Special Amplifier

    I originally ran through this in the store and bought mine with the greenbacks in it, as I already had a pair of celestion alnico blues that I installed before I even flicked the switch on. I had the ac30c2 first and that is also a great amplifier, but this thing is in a different league. The touch sensitivity, clarity, and growl are pristine every time. It doesn't have an effects loop but I haven't found a pedal yet that doesn't sound good through the input, and I'm running a boss re-20 space echo and a nuvibe. I also run a big box lm308 rat, a morning glory, a park fuzz, and a vox v846hw wah also and they all sound great. I haven't found an overdrive pedal that didn't sound good through it. Absolutely loves my big box rat and fuzz. It doesn't have reverb or tremolo but the reverb on my boss space echo is better than the reverb they put on the ac30c2. I did like the tremolo on the ac30c2, but I can do without it. I'd much rather have the options available on the ac30hw than what's on the ac30c2, like a half power switch, a master volume bypass, a hot and cool switch on the top boost channel, and a bright switch on the normal channel. Channel jumping is also available on the ac30hw like on the ac30c2. The half power switch does exactly what the name implies, flip it down to 15 watts and you've got yourself a fawn ac15 twin, just like John Lennon. I prefer to run on the 30 watt mode, I think that switching down to 15 watts, or using the master volume changes the tone slightly, you may like that change in tone though. The hot and cool switch is available on the top boost channel. While in the cool position, the ac30hw is in it's "normal mode." When you switch it to hot, the eq is bypassed and it gives you a really hot tone, it is footswitchable between hot and cool with the included vox foot switch. The normal channel allows you to switch to a bright setting if you think your tone is too dark. I like to plug into the normal channel in the high input, with the bright switch off, and jumper from the low side input of the normal channel into the high input of the top boost channel, with the gain switch on cool, and when I solo I like to switch to the hot setting with the footswitch. I bypass the master volume and run my normal channel volume at about noon and the top boost channel a little lower than the normal, then run everything else with the volume knob on my guitar. This how I like to run it on my 97 Sheraton with seth lover humbucking pickups. It also sounds great through single coils with my 96 Japanese fender jaguar. That's my set up though, you can go from sparkly and jangling clean to almost metal tones, all with the amplifier knobs and switches. Also, I run my ac30hw2x sitting on top of a handwired extension cab with two celestion g12h30 12" 8 ohm speakers with the 55 hz bass cone. Running this through 4 12" speakers takes a little of the alnico blue's speaker breakup away, but its worth it to get the added depth and dimension that the two g12h30 55's have to offer and they compliment the alnico blues in all the best ways. If you're trying to decide between this and the ac30c2 my advice is just take the plunge and get this amp because if you like the ac30c2 like I did, you're always going to wonder about the difference. The difference in tone and the way the amp reacts back at you far outweighs the price difference between the two. I love my ac30hw, and you will too.

  • from CA December 11, 2015

    Very pleased

    I've wanted an AC30 for about a decade now. Before buying I considered most iterations of it and also the boutique variants. After listening and considering all, I decided to go with this. What a fantastic choice! Great tones are found at "baby is sleeping" volumes all the way up to bandmates asking you to turn down. Great cleans and a drive sound that cuts through the mix. Sounds great with my SG, Nocaster, G&L legacy, and my partscaster thinline with P90's.

  • from El Paso, TX May 13, 2015

    Worth the Wait!

    It took quite awhile to get my hands on this amp but, after a bit of working with it, it's definitely been worth waiting for, It's got a multitude of great sounds that blend with the rest of the group very nicely yet, when needed it can really step out front and show off. So far I've run it straight. I'm looking forward to trying out a pedal or two. Sweetwater's support has been first class all the way,Thanks Forrest!

  • from Minneapolis, MN September 23, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist Musician


    Met my expectations in build quality, exceeded them in tone.

    While researching online I read threads regarding issues with build quality for SNs in the low 100's. My SN is in the low 200's and it arrived cosmetically perfect. After ~20 hours of breaking it in the tone has only sweetened.

    It takes pedals well enough that I'm not missing an FX loop.
    Worth every hard earned penny.

  • from November 6, 2010Music Background:

    Home Run!

    Over the past year I have tried the VoxAC30c2X, Fender '59 Bassman RI, Fender '65 DRI, Buddha 30W SDII, Fender '65 Twin RI, Marshall Vintage Moder C, Bogner Alchemist, and Peavey Classic 30 having returned them all. This one beats them all hands down. Tone goes from heavy to jangly clean. Covers Stones to Petty to Crowes to Bealtes to U2. Even coaxed some early Priest from it. Being handwired was big for me given past troubles with PCB electronics (all of the above which have). The Blues need about 30-45 days of hard playing to begin to break in. Once they do - slather on the tone. This is keeper.

    The reason not 5.0 stars is the price for an amp made in Vietman and Vox's lack of deatil on the electronics and process. Kudos nonetheless for giving a handwired amp to the masses that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Questions about the Vox AC30HW2X 30-watt 2x12" Handwired Tube Combo with Alnico Blue Speakers?

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