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Vox AC30C2 - 30W 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox AC30C2 - 30W 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp?

Questions about the Vox AC30C2 - 30W 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp?

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  • from Massachusetts December 21, 2015Music Background:
    Music enthusiast,collector


    This amp is a versatile beast. There is no other sound than the sound of this Vox and all of it's variations. Coming back to this tube amp after playing through solid state half stacks, I found that it kicks their asses. I've had a great time exploring this VoxAC30C2 and cant play through it enough. It keeps me playing more and working on different styles. It's just amazing.

    Chris Carter is my Sales Tech and I get the Red Carpet each time I order. Sweetwater is more user freindly than the local brick and mortar music stores.

  • from Monson, MA November 25, 2015Music Background:
    Friend of musicians, hobbyist on guitar, piano, slide guitar and pretty **** good on the blues harp.

    Every man's dream - Chris Carter is a great Sales Engineer

    I just got my Vox AC30C2 in the mail. That is just 36 hours from when I ordered until it got to my door (Indiana- Massachusetts).

    This amp is everything I ever dreamed of or wanted. I have an interest in the whole Vox/ Epiphone 60s sound and every other sound that comes out.

    My Sales Engineer is Chris Carter who has taken care of my needs and orders several times and always makes sure that everything is perfect. If he is the standard of Sweetwater, thats a pretty high standard to meet.

  • from September 23, 2015Music Background:
    pop musisician for 50 years

    vox ac30c2

    the best guitar amp for me to date!!!

  • from Levittown, NY February 5, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, hobbyist

    Very pleased

    This amp sounds great, lots of clean headroom. If you strike the strong hard, you get a loud attack, if you keep it soft and don't accent the strums it sounds nice and warm. Using it with a ton of reverb and delay, it handles them very well. My sales engineer Devin was great at helping me get an awesome price on this amp. I'll definitely be coming back for some more gear soon!

  • from Altoona, Pa. June 1, 2012Music Background:
    35 Years of Playing, Performing and Teaching.

    Vox AC30C2 (Black)

    One of the best Tube Amps I have ever owned! That is a lot.
    Great for Classic Rock from the 60's and 70's
    Other useful tones ala REM, Tom Petty are easily obtained and sounds great with D.I.Y. Pedals I have built myself from GuitarPCB to further enhance my sound scape. Reverb is lush, warm and real. Tremolo is equally stunning. A true winner and worth every penny not to mention the great Customer Service and Warranty from Sweetwater.

  • from Lisle, IL USA August 25, 2011Music Background:
    Play gigs in a classic rock band

    Vintage Tone with a Modern Amp

    I have several Vox vintage amps, but I really don't like taking them to gigs because of their fragility. So I'm doing the next best thing by bringing my new Vox AC30C2 amp! It's a great plug and play amp and with a few pedals routed through the effects loop and onboard reverb and temolo I've got all the sounds I need with plenty of power to spare! Also I link the Normal and Boost channels to get a monster sound! Greenbacks are also my favorite speakers. Special thanks to Brendan Murphy, my sales rep at Sweetwater!

  • from Miami, FL January 31, 2015Music Background:

    Hello, (and never) Goodbye!

    I am an amp junkie. I've gone through just about every major amp and always do me something that kept me looking. When I found the Blackstar, I tho gut my search had ended. I sold everything except for a Marshall practice amp and 2555 Silver Jubilee.

    Lately, however, I've been digging that "Beatles" tone and neither of my amps could accomplish it. So, I pulled the plug on the AC30C2. Without needing to fiddle with the control knobs I instantly achieved Beatles tone. With a little tinkering, I found Brian May, Rory Gallagher, and the Edge.

    What I noticed in playing with the controls is that there is no way to get bad tone out of this amp. With my Blackstar, I had to spend about a week finding the right tone. The AC30C2 doesn't know how to produce bad tone. I have so far played a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender American Standard Strat through this amp and have enjoyed listening as much as well paying it.

    This is going to be much easier to gig with than my Blackstar half stack too! It weighs less and takes less space. And for those that say it can't take pedals, I say learn how to use your gear. I've put my new 35th Anniversary TS808 Tube Screamer in front of the amp and it sustains and sings like no other. I only use it for leads. It isn't necessary but allows me to sit above the mix when playing with the band.

    In short, you can't go wrong with this amp. The tone is infectuous. The 2x12 Greenbacks and 30 watts is more than enough for even outdoor venues. You need this amp in your stable.

  • from Auburn CA June 21, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter/composer, studio engineer

    Great Amp For Pedal Useres

    I got the AC30 with Greenbacks. I am super pleased with this amp! I have been in search for a good amp to use with pedals for about 13 years now and I believe I'm done for a while. I have been wanting an amp that could produce it's own good clean sound, from detailed to a nice dirty sound. I've had a Marshall JMC2000 TSL100 combo and liked it with pedals but I hated it's clean. I've had a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which sounded really good clean (duh) and sounded great with distortion pedals but I really had to crank my verbs and delays because it has close to zero compression, the new version III's might be better now though. Mesa Triple Rectifier; high gain was sick (duh #2) but I hated the clean as well. At first it seemed good but after 3 months with my "dream amp" I found myself really unhappy with it. The cleans were too "spikey" for lack of better terms. It's compression would let too much transient through (Fender is a little like that too) and picking would sound good but switching to clean rhythm would hurt my ears. I like it to compress when I hit it hard. Orange Tiny Terror sounds great by it' self but my pedals were horrible through it. The Vox AC30 does what I want the best, it's not perfect but it's the closest imho. The cleans sound good picking, compresses when hitting hard, accepts my delays and verbs well and makes my fuzz pedals sound great. I can use the effects loop for delay and verb and use an A/B box in front of the amp. Gtr---Side A---Big Muff Pi---Normal Channel. Gtr----Side B----Optional Clean Boost---Top Boost Channel.

  • from United States May 8, 2012Music Background:

    Vox Rocks!

    I have not played through a tube amp before but a friend suggested that I get a Vox and expand my sound. I am so glad I did. Does not matter what I play, Strat, Tele or Les Paul my VOX AC302C2 delivers the best tones. Weather I want more grit for my country rock songs or I want a fat, rosey tone while playing the blues I get it all with VOX.

  • from Peoria,IL September 1, 2010Music Background:
    25 year veteran...studied at Belmont in Nashville (with Brad Paisley)

    Great amp for the price...

    So far so good...Definitely has the Vox chime...I'm no purist, so I can't comment on how much like the originals it sounds, but it's one of the best, if not the best for what it costs. (not for metal) I had the Custom Classic before this and traded it off. It sounded good too, but not sure that I was a fan of the Wharfdales, when they switched to Greenbacks I was sold. I definitily think they are an improvement. Never played one with the blues, but to pay 50% more just for that option doesn't seem to make sense. It's labled as the most versatile yet, but it seemed like the CC2 had more features..but simplicity is great here. Definitely glad to have an AC30 back in my collection. Sounds great with Tele's especially if you want a Paisley ish tone. note...doesn't come with a footswitch and yes it's made in China. But I appreciate Vox not jacking up their prices 20-30% each year like Gibson/Fender...Give Brian Cravens a call at Sweetwater and he'll hook you up!

  • from Lake Charles, La April 16, 2013Music Background:
    25 years playing guitar, Band, Solo and Church

    Truely Cool

    This is awesome. I played everything and the ac30 won out. My ears prefer the el84's. it breaks up really well and just sounds soooo very vintage cool. Love it!!

  • from Lake Charles, La April 5, 2013Music Background:
    25 years playing guitar, Band, Solo and Church

    I love the AC30

    The sound is amazing. Very vintage. I have never heard another reverb quite like it. I prefer the el 84 sound over the fender 6l6/6v6's. The I wish this had two completely different switchable channels. via foot-switch. It is what it is. Great value also.

  • from Va USA May 17, 2011Music Background:

    ac30 c2

    I've had mine for less than three months and it sounds truly terrible cranked all the way up now. At first it sounded great and i loved it but progressively got worse. I thought maybe it was my cord or even the tubes (even though they were "brand new") but no it just sounds so muddy and the speakers have a weird metalic buzz sound that drives me crazy. I'm no professional with tons of tone experience and i can still tell somethings just not right!

Questions about the Vox AC30C2 - 30W 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp?

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