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Ibanez AC240OPN - Open Pore Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez AC240OPN - Open Pore Natural?

Questions about the Ibanez AC240OPN - Open Pore Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Washington March 16, 2017

    Review Ibanez AC240OPN

    I've played and owned many guitars over the years with a passion to get the most sound and quality I could attain. The Ibanez AC240OPN has given me a truly awesome guitar that I love playing, with its wide range of tonality and play-ability that has me reaching for it every day. I own several other guitars but find this guitar the one I prefer to play for hours. Creating new tunes and working on old works has become a pleasure with the ease and sound coming from this big box dreadnought. Highly worth the price and the Ibanez quality in craftsmanship.

  • from New Jersey March 15, 2017Music Background:

    Great Bang for the Buck

    This guitar has a resonance that I have only heard before on $1K+ guitars. The low end growls, and the mid-range and treble are equally fine. The Bass is there, and you know it, but it also doesn't over power the mid and treble. I also replaced the bridge pins with Tusq pins, but I also replaced the saddle with a Tusq saddle, and Oh MY Goodness, this guitar definitely matches guitars whose name starts with a "M" or a "T", and you know who I mean. This guitar is very light. It would make an excellent beginners guitar. I like the wider nut - easier for my bulky fingers. It has a fast fretboard, probably due to it having a 16" radius. It has no manufacturer flaws like glue oozing out, or sharp fret ends. Very neatly manufactured. Very Very cool Blues Jamming guitar, and it is my GO TO guitar. I am very very pleased with this guitar, and hope to keep it for many years to come.

  • from Kansas January 16, 2017Music Background:
    former trumpet player-no more.Now guitar

    Ibanez AC240 OPN acoustic guitar

    newbie to guitar.took my first lesson today on youtube.This guitar is FANTASTIC and exceeds all my expectations.The mahogany open pore finish is beautiful.It appears to be extremely well made and because it's a solid top it will get even better with age,so I'm told.The tone is absolutely beautiful.It has stayed in tune since I tuned it.There is everything to like about this guitar.I'm so happy I bought it.The communication and service from Sweetwater is very good.Thank you Sweetwater and Ibanez!

  • from union, NJ July 10, 2016

    my first review ever

    why is this my first review?....well usually its laziness. this time I had to write , and say how great this guitar is . all the reviews are right on targret, no bull....light weight, great sound, great action, great looking and for my little hands a pleasure to play. the price is a steal, plus with my so called bad credit I can pay in three easy payments...sweetwater by far, out of any company, music or non music gets it right .this is how you treat consumers..they appreciate your business, and it shows..thanks again kent, my sales engineer, and sweetwater

  • from NY May 27, 2016

    Great guitar for the price

    First of all, I have lots of very nice guitars: Martins, Guild, Gibson. I've had some Taylors as well. I wanted something to use without having to worry about it too much. I used to have a Taylor Big Baby and it was great as a knock-around guitar. I was going to get another, but then I played one of these Ibanez 240's at Sam Ash. It's really surprising how nice it feels and how nice it sounds. I ended up buying one from Sweetwater and I love it as a couch guitar, something to keep in the backseat of my car or just to take around without worrying about it. I did get a Gator gig bag for it since it doesn't come with a case or bag.

    The only issue I had with this guitar was the bridge pins. I think the bridge holes were cut inconsistently or something. I decided to put new strings on this right away and found that some of the bridge pins were VERY difficult to get out. i thought I was going to pull the bridge off the guitar. Eventually, I got them all out. Then, putting some of the pins back in was almost impossible. I had to keep rearranging the pins to try them in different holes until they all fit (maybe some of the pins were thinner than others??) Anyway, I wound up buying some Graphtech Tusq presentation style bridge pins (they're a bit thinner than normal ones). After replacing the pins all is well. I really enjoy playing this. The sound is great and it's really comfortable to play. If anything happened to it I would definitely get another one.

  • from Wisconsin April 23, 2016Music Background:

    I Could Only Give It A 5

    I would definitively take it to a 10 if that was available. If you're looking for an deep rich sounding instrument this is the one. The customer service I received was second to none. After getting my callous built up I found it easier to play. To say I am satisfied with the instrument and service would be understatement. I already named the guitar "Smokey" Thanks again Sweetwater and Nich Magnani my Sales Engineer he certainly knows his stuff.

  • from March 29, 2016

    Unbelievable for the price

    I bought this guitar to practice with and wanted to try the Mahogany top. Wow, am I impressed with the quality, look and how easy this guitar is to play. It just sounds better than my more expensive guitars. I am usually critical about things I buy, but cannot say a bad thing about this one. Top notch for the money! I love it! I did however, make the mistake of buying the Ibanez AC100C case that Ibanez recommends for it. What a piece of junk! Sweetwater did not carry it and I wanted the recommended case to protect the guitar I love so much. I bought it somewhere else, but can now see why they do not carry it. Sorry, Sweetwater, I should have bought the OEM case you recommended.

  • from October 9, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist 9 years/Drums 9 years/ Piano 15 years

    The guitar you didn't know you wanted!

    The first time I saw this guitar was when I walked into a guitar center (no not to buy, just browse). I've wanted a mahogany acoustic for a while and this one caught my eye. Low and behold it was an Ibanez? The build quality was superb and it sang with soul. To compare it with the Martin 000-15m that I've been hoping to eventually purchase, I decided to cleanse myself and enter into the holy room of expensive guitars. To my horror I preferred the Ibanez! I sat there and played hoping to regain sanity and I realised that while the Martin had a much more balanced tone and was what you would expect a $1000+ guitar to be, the Ibanez truely held its ground and it had quite a bit of character. Honestly this guitar surpasses the Taylor GS mini and every other in the sub 1000$ mahogany guitars range. It excells in fingerpicking and strumming as long as you don't beat your guitar. Anyways I loved the guitar and eventually purchased it from this fine institution. Sweetwater is the best in the business with THE greatest customer service. It came with no blemishes, smooth fretboard, nice low action, just excellent. I love this guitar.

  • from August 8, 2015

    An UNBELIEVABLE Value for the money!!!!!!

    I wish I had an inexpensive guitar of this quality when I was first learning guitar. The bridge needed to be reduced quite a bit. But she feels GREAT now. Sound wise she sounds better than what I expected at this price point. No it's not going to compete and sound with high and guitars such as Taylor and Martin. However, she sounds good and for the price of $299 it is a remarkable guitar overall!

  • from Pahrump Nv June 15, 2015Music Background:
    Hobby player


    I have a dozen guitars, and it was my favorite. It is large enough to put out great sound, while being small enough to be very comfortable to play. Do a video search on youtube and you will get an idea how good it sounds. I say it was my favorite because I lent it to a lady friend who had her guitar in a different city. She also loved it, so I don't think I will be getting it back, ( It would be like giving someone a puppy and then wanting it back). It all works for the better as it gave me an excuse to order the same model but with the electronics, (AC240EOPN). This will be the second guitar that I have purchased through Sweetwater. You can't beat their customer service.

    P.S. The next time I will loan out a different guitar.

  • from MI July 30, 2014Music Background:

    Great Guitar!

    This is probably one of the beautiful guitars I have seen. The wood has a great natural texture and very dark color. The finish is not gloss but a smooth flat finish. The String come a bit high so users may want to adjust to their needs. I like mine low and I am able to lower mine to about 5/64 in at the 12th fret with no buzz, I may go lower. Once I lowered the strings and got a new set of lights, this thing sang. Has a wonder dark, mellow tone. The grover tuners are flawless. The body depth is bigger than a thin body but smaller than a full body. If I had to put this guitar in a category, I would say its a "parlor" guitar. It is small and very portable. Feels great when holding and playing. I am not a fan of the scarf neck joint but its not that big of an issue. I also removed the pick guard. It looks 10 times better without it. I suggest removing immediately so that no "tan lines" show after time. Overall, great guitar, plays and sounds nice and looks beautiful. Best for the price. Shout out to Zach Neels for being awesome and extremely helpful. I love sweetwater.

  • from February 23, 2014

    This is well worth the price.

    This guitar exceeding my expectations in sound, look, and feel. The natural open pour finish resonates really nicely and gives a very natural "woody" sound. Overtones are very perceptible but still maintains clarity and punchiness. The body size is more petite then your typically dreadnought shape which for me fits nicely in the arms. The wood grain is just simply stunning, especially in the solid top and upper neck. Honestly, I couldn't find a better guitar that met this price range. Ibanez did a really good job giving you a high quality instrument at a very reasonable price and when ordering from Sweetwater they'll ship fast, free, and with setup so its playable out of the box. Definitely would recommend.

  • from Olathe, KS November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    My new favorite guitar!

    I just got my Ibanez AC240OPN last week from Sweetwater. Chris Rice was my Sales Engineer and provided top notch customer service with follow up emails & phone calls!

    This guitar is my favorite by far, the best $299.00 I've ever spent! It plays like butter and the sound is unbelievable. On top of everything else, it looks STUNNING! I love the open pore body that shows off the natural beauty.

    It came set up perfectly, the strings are awesome so no need to change them which by the way I will keep buying the same strings because they sound fantastic. The Grover tuners are great, this guitar stays in tune. Bottom line is, this guitar is AMAZING!

  • from Gadsden, AL July 14, 2013Music Background:

    Blown Away!

    I bought this AC240eop so I wouldn't have to drag my Taylor out on rainy days. I had done a lot of research and took a chance without ever seeing one. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. Beautiful wood on mine and sounds so awesome. I like the XLR input for direct plug in to PA system. Bone nut and saddle. It came with the action a little too high for me. What was a surprise is that it came with another saddle already at the perfect height once I removed the spacer. Changed the bridge pins to tusq and WOW, I am very impressed. I think for the money this one blows me away! Great guitar for any level.

  • from Jacksonville, Fl March 22, 2017

    A Joy to add to your collection.

    Now I am veteran musician with 30 years of history with both cheap and expensive guitars. I normally knock down Ibanez in the acoustic market, being they have never really made anything to impress me in the acoustic arena. Jazz and Blues hollow/semi bodies, and 80 shredders is their normal forte.. But I may have to rethink Ibanez now!

    The Good: Lots of Good!!! Feel and Playability is amazing. I got a good neck on the one I got, and I did get a nice low action without any fret buzz. The mahogany wood also looks rich and amazing, both the front (Which is solid) and back were matched nicely. Tuners feel good and work nicely. Tuners are the 16/1 Grover’s and they work just fine. Sound wise; Sounds like a nice mahogany blues box with 12s. I put EXP 11s on her and she sounds more like a Cedar top now. I’m not at all complaining, because I also love that sound on a acoustic guitar for light finger picking. The neck is a bit wider than most other acoustics, 44.5mm at the nut (72mm bridge) and that’s one and that’s one of the sweetest things about this guitar. Just wide enough to give a little more control for finger picking but not overly-wide like a classical. Works great for both strumming and picking and I have small hands. The guitar is light with a slight hint of some weight coming from the Grover tuners. Neck nicely done and no sharp fret ends. Just a joy to hold and play!!!

    The Bad: You will notice some slight rough imperfections, in both the staining and build. Nothing to serious, but you will see the 3 pieces of wood in the mahogany neck and each will seem stained different. The one I got had a small chip in the saddle (2nd string) and there was also some stain on the saddle. The nut was cut perfect. The chip in the bridge caused some minor problems getting the string width right and that was the only issue I had with her. I have already ordered a new bone bridge (72mm). Your bridge may have some cut marks or indents on it. Headstock had some finishing (buffing) marks on it. Nothing too serious considering it’s only a $ guitar. You will get over it quickly and the open pore (rough wood) feel with have you smiling.

    Conclusion: Get over the Ibanez Acoustic Memory Blues ..and just go buy the guitar so you can smile again. A few years ago I played an all Mahogany Martin that sells for around 1300.00 ..needless to say I would rather have this Ibanez AC240 guitar then the $1300 Martin any day! She is lighter, plays better .. sounds better... YES, a pure joy to have in your collection!! Skip the electric version of this one, being the Ibanez electronics are poor quality with horrible feedback.

  • from Carlyss, Louisiana June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Once part time musician, now just a hobbyist.

    Beautiful guitar !

    I would have rated it higher, but upon receiving it, I noticed that the action was quite high nearer the bridge end of the neck and the bridge saddle was already pretty low. I brought it to my tech and he was able to lower the saddle some; although not as low as I would prefer it. It is quite playable, but I like the action lower and there is no more room to adjust the bridge saddle. My tech thinks the net set is off a little. I would have returned it, but the grain pattern on the body is so gorgeous I probably wouldn't find another like it. The tone of this guitar is somewhat darker than my AC400LVS, which I like. I wished the neck had a satin finish though. The open poredness of the neck makes it a little rough for faster left hand movement. I put some Martin SPs 11-52, and I like it better than the factory strings. In the future I will put on some Martin FX's(flexible core strings) to see if it makes it better to play, or some Martin Retro strings. The Grover tuning machines are great. Thanks again Sweetwater for making the purchase of a guitar less of a gamble. Having the photo gallery takes away a lot of the surprises one gets buying a guitar online. I just wished Sweetwater would offer custom setups to buyers. I think factory or Sweetwater set up tech tolerances for setups can be misguiding when the neck set may be off a tad, giving the consumer less or no room for changing the setup. Thanks again for fast prompt service. If you are in the market for a guitar, ask for Matt McKibble. Tell him Willard sent you.

  • from Carlyss, La. June 7, 2014Music Background:
    Once a partime musician now just a hobbyist.

    Got it right the second time

    I had previously ordered one of these guitars not being familiar with the guitar gallery I picked one that showed up with a grain inconsistency on the top I did not like and sent it back. They were out of these when I was ready to re-order. I waited till they came in and ordered the one I liked from the gallery that I liked. It arrived looking just like the pics in the gallery. It has a wild looking grain pattern that I love(I am a wood lover)! The action was a bit high for me, so I had my tech adjust the nut and bridge saddle. I changed the factory strings to Martin SP's 11-52( I got a great deal from Sweetwater on them 12 pks. for $49.00!). I love it! a warmer sound than my Ibanez Art Wood AC-400LVS. The Grover tuners are nice, but they make it a very little neck heavy with a nylon strap, but not a problem with a good leather one. I would have rated it higher if it had the open back Grover tuners. My sales Tech Matt was helpful as usual, and I will order my next guitar from them as well. I am possibly considering a Taylor GS Mini ????? Thanks again for great courteous service.

Questions about the Ibanez AC240OPN - Open Pore Natural?

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