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Vox AC1 RhythmVOX Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • doug wright
    from yucca valley , ca October 22, 2014Music Background:
    playing guitar over 35 years

    worth it for the rhythm

    Good inexpensive rhythm machine for practice or recording. Amp headroom is a joke; good to plug into another amp as an auxiliary using rhythm. Not sure I would purchase again.

  • Kevin wright
    from california March 1, 2014Music Background:
    songwriter guitar player enthusiast

    why a newbie needs this amp

    For the price this is the most effective way to increase your ability to play in a band, learn timing and feel a groove. Having the drums makes you into a one man uber band ala White Stripes if you can sing a little! Seriously the amp is ridiculously loud for one watt, it has Hendrix levels of gain so you can play a great star spangled banner I kid you not. Its not a real clean amp but it does clean up and can make warm tones so if you play anything but jazz this amp works. Having drums will increase your skills in ways you didn't think about if you never played with them before
    So this amp is the best pick over any other in the price range because it has drums period. If you need more power to play in a band then save up and get at least a 30 watt amp. If you play around non musicians its plenty loud much louder than the single speaker amps of same power because its got two 3 inch speakers.

    I been playing for 30+ years and have heaps and stacks of gear played in all original bands so I know a little about gear and what makes a good guitar player is having fun and being able to practice very often. This amp will do that. Oh your gonna need the power supply unless your dad works for ENERGIZER bunny.

    So in closing you must buy this amp or miss out on a real chance to feel what its like to play with another instrument.

  • TALES Toomey
    from Wrentham, MA September 10, 2013Music Background:
    Old Blues Guitarist

    Serendipitous Find

    Bought this to use in a downtown condo we own and thought, for the price, would be worth using. I really don't like wearing headphones to play without noise. What a solution to soft but POWERFUL sound ! This little amp made me laugh out loud with the performance provided by 6 AA batteries. May be the most unexpected surprise in my decades of buying ancillary guitar gadgetry ! VALUE exceeds price exponentially, IMHO.

  • Chris Wright
    from So. Cal April 18, 2013Music Background:
    Semi pro

    Great Idea

    I really dug this little amp but it only worked for about 5 minutes. Sweetwater was great about my return. I wish there was a little higher end portable amp like the Vox out there that had drum tracks, etc. I don't know what I will do when my old G-Dec 30 quits working. Do not expect great sound from the Vox but it was fun while it lasted.

  • A. Cers
    from Minnesota February 14, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro bassist

    A sweet tone machine~!

    I have tried several mini amps and was not satisifed until this one. I am a Tele player and this one makes it sing. The clean setting is not very loud, but it works unlike others that sound muddy. What is special is the overdrive setting. I just spent an hour with it in my lap and had a load of fun with its feedback capability. This thing runs on batteries? You wouldn't think this was possible. As for the rhythm tracks, think Dr. Rhythm of the 1990's. Not much to write home about, but the guitar tone totally rocks.

  • John Bockbrader
    from Bowling Green, Ohio January 7, 2013Music Background:
    musician for 30 years

    Geat little amp

    this little vox amp is worth its weight in gold!
    I can go clean when I need to, or really jacket up.
    All the cool sounds you can get with a much bigger amp.
    All the cool harmonics comes soaring out.
    And if all of that is not enough, just hit the button for the drum machine.
    It is the best practice amp I have ever had. When I play and have the drum machine going on time just flies by. It will definitely make a better player out of you. Like always, vox hit it right on the head!

  • Tony Letizia
    from Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA August 7, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior on the Guitar

    Cool Little Amp

    It is a cool little amp for playing around and not disturbing the rest of your. It is easy to transport. You can fit this little Vox in the front pocket of your gig! It even fits inside a hard case with your guitar! Is great for what it is, an easily transported practice tool.

  • rat
    from chicago June 24, 2012Music Background:
    pt musician

    lovin this thing

    i would have given it 5 stars but my unit caught fire from the batteries. I cant use mine with batteries only a power adapter. But even given that, i still think love this amp. This is my only solid state amp and i really just bought it because it was 1 watt . But I was blown away, this thing has two 3 inch speakers in it that are actually made well with steel or alum. and sound pretty amazing. I mean I am not selling my vintage tube amps but this have some really pleasing sound. The clean sounds nice, you can really change the tone with the gain and tone controls and it responds to your playing like a tube amp does I guess because of its size and the speakers. The amp switches from clean to dirty and the distortion i this is so much fun. I can get feedback from this little guy. Its get nasty but responds well to pick up changes and lowering volume levels. Finally, the 66 drums loops this amp has is amazing. There is 12 funk beats, 12 blues.. you can turn the tempo up or down. And thats the real magic of this amp, it sounds pretty damn good for 3 inch speakers and the 66 different drum patterns are a BLAST. This is the best practice tool that has come along since the footpedal loop pedal. This is a great tool to write music, practice your chops or even to jam with. Two of these in my Apt would be perfect and it feeds back. So even though it caught on fire I am still keeping the one I have because it sounds so good, like i got a special one. But I am sure they all sound as cool as mine.

  • Joe Karlovsky
    from Australia March 21, 2012Music Background:

    VOX AC1

    A nice little package to practice with - gives enough sound to do it. The clean setting could be cleaner but I'm comparing to a fender tone but overall I love as it also has the built in rhythms so you can get in the groove.

  • G.Keys
    from New Orleans, La. January 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Way cool . . .

    It's more than a toy, that's for sure. To practice or cut tracks . . . it's simply a versatil piece ! I like it alot !

  • Mike
    from Appleton Wisconsin May 25, 2011Music Background:
    Part-time musician with 48 years experience.

    Vox AC1 Rhythm Vox - Very favorable..

    I recently purchased the Rhythm Vox and it is great to practice with when my drummer isn't present. The drum patterns are adjustable as well as the tempo which makes it all work. When cranked to max volume, the amp distorts in a somewhat unwanted way. The distortion switch kicks in a good sounding tone.

    I occasionally run a line out from the headphine jack into my giging amp for more volume when practicing if needed. I also use headphones (sounds great) so as to not disturb my wife.

    Overall a nice product.

  • mKay
    from LA CA USA January 7, 2011Music Background:

    It's good with les paul

    i like the sound of distortion. it has a clean/distortion switch. however, distortion knob doesn't change the sound much. neither the tone knob does. i have a fender mini. the fender's distortion is very rough and fuzzy compared to this. and the tone knob works well.

    this needs 6 AA batteries. i prefer one 9V like fender tho. rhythm function is good but you can't set bpm. this also has a tuner function for E.

    Static noise is horrible. especially with single coil. fender is much better.

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