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Vox AC10C1 10-watt 1x10" Tube Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 40 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox AC10C1 10-watt 1x10" Tube Combo?

Questions about the Vox AC10C1 10-watt 1x10" Tube Combo?

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  • from Wyoming June 1, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime Music Pro

    Soul Touching Sound

    After almost 50 years of playing guitar personally and professionally, I have finally found that amp I was searching for. You know, the one with that perfect; sweet sound that almost seems to touch the soul? Well.. for me, it's the VOX AC10C1. Of course the guitar has something to do with that also, but since all electric guitars are not much more than pickups shoved under a set of strings, I'm betting the sound lies in the amp. Either way, I absolutely LOVE this VOX AC10C1. It's so full of tone, it's crazy. Never mind that it has a 10" speaker; this amp is amazing. After listening to tons of reviews I preferred the custom speaker tones over the model with the Greenback hands down. Glad I went with this one! Super easy to get incredible tones with the "dead simple" Bass and Treble controls while setting the pre and post gains for any distortion needs you have. The tubes are really sweet sounding. I read where some thought a real "spring" reverb would be more desirable... but I'll bet they've never played a stage that wasn't all that solid with one. VOX did an amazing job with this electronic reverb... it's really accurate and sounds much better than any true spring reverb I've ever used. I don't miss the panic when they go "bang" as one of your band-mates taps his foot too hard on the stage. So, no worries about that here.
    For me, the AC10C1 is the "perfect" amp. Easy to find that sweet spot, and the real tubes sound creamy-yet-bright with the classic "chime" settings; and still distort incredibly well when asked to. In short... Perfect! ...VOX!

  • from May 1, 2017Music Background:
    20+ years player-producer

    Nailed it

    Vox truly got it right with this amp. The AC15 is a tonal powerhouse in a more compact package. The build quality is on the mark for the price and the tonal characteristics are on point. I could get ridiculed for saying this,but, I prefer the tone in this box over my deluxe reverb. The deluxe reverb tends to be so bright that it can be harsh,The AC15 takes what I loved about the Deluxe Reverb "glassy,shimmering clean tones" while removing the ear piercing highs. The AC15 delivers the breakup that I desired from the DR and a broader array of tonal possibilities "It has a very round sound that can easily roll of enough highs to ring out some pleasant glassy-lush tones.Low end is not underwhelming...not overwhelming...it is simply...there. When the amp is driven at full volume the amp breaks up nicely and keeps it's crap together. It is plenty loud....it is beautiful....easy to sling in the trunk of my car....and not so compact that it feels like a toy. This is a tool...a tonal Swiss Army knife for the studio and in no way leaves this owner wanting. no complaints here after 4 months of working this amp.

  • from Ga April 3, 2017

    All is Right With The World!

    Recently, I bought a Fender Custom Reverb, part of my bucket list. This amp is no doubt, the yard stick to judge all fender amps. It is a wonderful amp. So I decided I needed (wanted) a Vox amp to finish out my collection. I decided on the ac10c for lower power since I have retired from gigging. I had never owned or played a guitar thru one, but all demo videos proved to me it was worth a try. After adjusting and fine tuning my 2 teles and a Strat,to the voice of the little Vox amp, I can truely say all is right with my world. A/B the two amps and the Vox amp has just a super voice that is just as pleasing as my Fender only in a Vox way. P S also sounds better with pedals. I also use it with my Nord Electro for vintage keys and b3 stuff.

  • from California February 9, 2017Music Background:
    Performer and writer of original Blues/Funk

    Best little amp ever

    I must admit that these little amps sound fantastic. I use 2 of them through a AB switch and keep the volume at 3 which creates the most awesome smooth vintage blues sound you would ever want. For distortion I use a pedal. If you turn these much past 3 the break up is not as pretty but boy oh boy at about level 3 playing through 2 of them with my Les Paul or my PRS .man just the sound I have been after

  • from August 31, 2016


    Played. Les Paul through one today and i think it was the highlight of my life. :-)

  • from Cary, NC May 31, 2016Music Background:
    In a band for 2 years....amateur

    Love it

    I tried this along with the AC15. This provides great tone without having to crank the volume. This plenty loud with incredible Vox sound. So much easier to carry to practice and gigs. I highly recommend it.

  • from New Jersey March 25, 2016

    Great Little Amp

    I got to play one of these at a band rehearsal (Oldies/Classic Rock trio) and do a side by side comparison to my AC15 C1. I was immediately impressed by the fullness of the AC10. It actually made the AC15 sound a bit thin and "airy". I decided to buy one and I've been very pleased. I use it with a 1999 Fender American Deluxe Tele (Vintage Noiseless pickups) and a 2012 Les Paul Deluxe (Mini Humbuckers). I don't use any pedals so I like an amp that can take me from "That'll Be The Day" to "La Grange" all from my guitar's controls. This amp gives me the classic Vox "chime" and lots of vintage tube drive. In a "live" setting it doesn't quite have the "clean headroom" I need without a mic or without connecting an external cabinet. Connecting a cabinet (I have a 1-12" Night Train cab with a Celestion Alnico Blue) defeats the internal speaker but I do get more volume and headroom. With the Gain "cranked" (my guitars don't have high output pickups), once you get the Master Volume past 12 o'clock you just get more compression and less clean headroom. I don't mind the digital Reverb but a little goes a long way. Another plus is the fact that at 27 pounds, it's 20 pounds lighter than my AC15 and almost 50 pounds lighter than the AC30 that I used to own. Additionally, Matt Masek was excellent to deal with (as always) and the extra 2 Year Warranty from Sweetwater makes buying from them a "no-brainer" (the candy is great, too).

  • from Central Texas March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Player off and on for 50 years

    Vox AC10C1 Combo Amp

    The Vox AC10C1 Combo Amp is best tube amp you can get for the money. To get anything better,you would have to spend at least three or four times as much. Every guitar I have sounds better thru it. A real
    steal for the price. Single coils or humbuckers it doesn't matter. If you don't have one,you should. Fantastic Amp !!!

  • from February 26, 2016

    Vox AC10

    Two words...Awe Some

  • from New York, NY February 15, 2016Music Background:
    Playing for 30 years.

    Dream come true.

    I'd never expect an amp this small sound so good and creamy.

  • from Verona, NJ January 18, 2016

    Just got to hear it

    Well, I traded my 2005 Fender Blues Jr (which is a terrific amp) for this. Always wanted that Vox sound. Right off the bat, I can hear the difference in tone - the chime is awesome, the breakup sounds great. Not sure if I'll upgrade the tubes in it - it just sounds fantastic.

    The reverb is really nice and just a little goes a long way on the dial. For it's power (10w) it is loud. Have not gigged with it, but playing in my home I haven't cranked it past about 10 o'clock (less than halfway).

    In summary - if you are interested in this amp, you just have to play it to understand the way it sounds!!!!!

  • from December 14, 2015

    GREAT amp, GREAT service

    This amp makes my body warm inside. I can simply not describe how beautiful it sounds.

  • from Down South November 18, 2015Music Background:
    On my way to an advanced guitar player

    King bee of smaller sized combos

    Playing through this incredible beast for a couple of weeks now. It still got the Wow-Factor set free, yes indeed. No idea what a typical Vox sound is. Sure, I know Brian May. However, I just love to play through a top of the line amp in my home studio. This AC10C1 provides it all, no exceptions on this. I dial in on different settings, mostly clean and crunch. The EQ works actively and fine. The Reverb is something I dial in on a pedal, and pedals are taken by this amp flawlessly. Paired it up with an Ampeg 5W Head/Blackstar 112 80W. Stereo heaven can't be more pristine and my odyssee on finding the right amp setup has come to a happy ending. Great to see that this market of smaller and affordable amps is joined by one of the best brands. Its light weight fits my age too. So far I stayed with the factory tubes and speaker. Highly recommended to anyone who loves great tone and superior product quality at an truly affordable price.

  • from bainbridge, ny November 16, 2015Music Background:


    This is an excellant amp, dont hesitate buy it.

  • from Twin Cities, MN November 13, 2015Music Background:

    Finally, real VOX tones in a portable, sub-$500 package

    The AC10C1 is the Vox amp I always wanted, but didn't know if it would ever exist. The AC10C1 nails the aesthetics and (most importantly) the tones of its much larger brothers, but in a 27-pound package that weighs in 20 pounds less than the AC15. The closed-back design makes the 10" Celestion speaker into an over-acheiver - this thing has surprising low end without sacrificing that Vox upper end chime. The AC4 - yes, even the one with the 12" speaker - sounds small and boxy by comparison.

    One key thing to point out about the AC10C1 is that it is a single channel amplifier, and that channel is purportedly similar to a "Top Boost "circuit. What that means is that this amp will start to overdrive relatively early on the gain knob (earlier with humbuckers). With the proper settings, it does offer plenty of clean headroom, though, and the fact that it can nail "cranked" tube sounds at manageable volumes is a useful attribute.

    The digital reverb is okay. My problem is not with the quality of the sound, but simply that it should have been optimized to favor more subtle sounds. Seriously, you're unlikely to ever have that knob over "9:00" before it gets pretty swampy and surfy. But at the end of the day, it's better to have it than not have it.

    There is an external speaker jack (but no line out or headphone jack). I do wish the amp had an FX loop, but that's common in this wattage and price range not to have one, unfortunately. The internals of the amp are mounted to the back panel, but it's really not too difficult to remove them and do a tube swap (which I did complete slightly after purchase). Just don't plan on replacing the speaker with one of your choice - it's pretty close quarters in there, so only certain ceramic speakers are likely to fit.

    While it isn't a perfect amp for all uses you could imagine, it offers useful Vox-flavored tones all over its settings, and sounds surprisingly full and powerful despite its relatively compact size. I play classic rock and blues, and this amp offers tones that border on Fender territory to me at times. It's a great sounding tube amp that I hope to enjoy for years to come.

  • from November 6, 2015

    Great amp, great service

    I have an AC30 that's too much for me. I wanted an all tube amp that I could crank up without causing hearing damage and angering the neighbors. This amp is perfect for me. It's surprisingly loud when cranked up. Still sounds great and retains its tone at low volumes without sounding flat and compressed. Very happy. Paul Eckart helped out a lot as well. Great amp, great service.

  • from Baltimore MD October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced guitar player


    So I played this amp in my local music store and told the salesman (after 3 minutes) I'll take it! They finally did it! Awhile back I thought maybe the ac4 would give me that great vox sound in a small package but there's just not enough cabinet and speaker to make that happen. It sounded small, boxy and just not "real" amp like. This ac10 has finally nailed it. The same amazing vox sound that I used to get from my ac15 but in a lighter, smaller amp! The reverb sounds totally fine and there is a surprising amount of low end. This model has a closed back which helps the smaller 10" speaker sound more like the 12". Don't be fool into thinking this guy can't get loud. With the master volume on 6 it was rather difficult to stand directly in front of the amp. Yes! It gets loud! Simple controls, 2 el84 tubes and vox chime for days. I have to say that vox hit a home run with this one. Way outta the park!

  • from Milford, IA October 10, 2015

    Great Amp!

    Awesome tones, very rich and dynamic. Impeccable build quality, just a beautiful amp that is worth every penny of its price. Really happy with this purchase.

  • from Illinois October 1, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro for many years-studio owner

    Awesome grab and go!

    I usually do not write reviews but felt compelled to write this one! Simply amazing grab and go amp. Been playing over 30 years and have owned everything from Princeton to Morgan to Suhr and this little guy simply rocks! True Vox tone and set and forget controls. Very nice cleans with the edge that only Vox AC 's have although in my opinion, I think this amp has better "vintage" tone than my older AC15CC1x and the newer AC15C1. Is it warmer if you can believe it. The first thing I typically do with amps is pull the glass and replace with "good stuff" but this guy sounds great just way it is! I use a Duesenburg Starplayer TV, Gretsch 6121 Nashville, '72 Mexi Tele Thinline, PRS Starla S2 and an EPI-339. They all sound just great! I also use a LOT of pedals and they work equally well. The Vox front-end really takes the "splatter" out of overdrive and disto pedals. Secondly, the Sweetwater sales and service experience is second to none. No hype here. I have purchased from all over and they are consistently excellent. Service and follow up is the same whether it is a simple can of Cramolin or an X-32 console. Speak with AJ or anyone else. They will take serious care to make sure you are happy. Sweetwater has my full business and I recommend them all the time (often). Do not hesitate to purchase this amp. You simply can't go wrong.

  • from Charleston WV September 3, 2015Music Background:
    35+ years gigging pro

    Vox AC 10 C1

    This amp sounds HUGE for its size. Way more than I expected. At 27 lbs its a perfect grab and go though I really purchased for my living room. The Sweetwater video demo really doesn't lie. In fact the amp sounds better than the demo. Lots of bottom along with top boost "chime". I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting the Vox tone in a small package. Special thanks to Justin at Sweetwater for his help.

  • from August 15, 2015

    Vox ac10 c1

    Just what you expect from a Vox and more. This amp blows out any amp that is at 10 watts +. Try it, you will will love the sounds this beauty makes. It is now part of my family.

  • from June 26, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging...on and off for 30 years.

    Vox AC10 - Completely Giggable!

    I really like this amp! Surprisingly loud...louder than the little beast should be. The dynamics are great. I didn't completely understand what "chime" meant until I heard it live. It is built very solid and has a great clean sound with headroom. I use it semi-dirty with the gain around 11 o'clock and it's perfect. If you don't need heavy distortion but want grit with clarity, this is your amp. For clubs and rooms of 100 people it's perfect. I mic my equipment, but would be perfectly happy not using one as long as the drummer is not a monster. I know some people don't like digital reverb but it sounds great with this amp. At the price point, I don't know what could compete with it. I also like the fact that it is easy to carry around and built like a tank. I could see using this for shows for a long time.

  • from June 15, 2015Music Background:
    College Music Major

    Excellent Amp!

    I bought this amp from Guitar Center, and had a manufactural problem with the first one, but the one I exchanged it for works perfectly. I bought it to use as a portable amp that would be able to hold it's own while un-miced for practice and small gigs. First off the tonal range is incredible. It has that genuine Vox top boost sound, while being slightly differently voiced than the Ac15 or the Ac30. The amp is incredibly light and the addition of a speaker out is great for going direct into a PA or extending the amp to a 4x12. Great purchase, well worth the price. It does everything that I need it to do as a college student doing weekend gigs.

  • from WV May 10, 2015Music Background:

    A Perfect Amp

    I have always been a Vox fan but never owned one prior. Though I am a touring/working Musician, I have generally picked smaller tube amps over even something the size and wattage of an AC15. I have also been a slave to the "Vintage is better" idea.

    This has changed that notion. It is a lightweight, great sounding, perfectly loud enough and great priced amplifier. I play mostly in the Indie/Shoegaze/Twee genres. Its clean, loud and expressive, though it does break up very well. I even like the Digital Reverb, which I was not sold on when I first read it. The Reverb is voiced well and doesn't get cacophonous with heavy overdrive (I use a vintage Rat and a Muff Fuzz clone).

    I play a Jaguar and a Dot, both guitars are well suited with only a touch of adjustment for the tonal differences. I have generally been a Princeton Reverb player over the years, the AC10 blows the price point out of the water. I really am very impressed, well done Vox.

  • from February 9, 2017

    Pretty amazing

    This sounds pretty good on its own, but when I use it with either a 1x12 or 2x12 cab, it comes alive. When I first tried one in a music store, I thought it sounded very brittle, but I had the gain cranked and the master low. Now I set the master all the way up and the gain on about 3 or 4 and it just sounds great. I also have an AC15 C1, and it's extremely hard to tell the difference between that and my AC10 when I'm using a 1x12 cab with the AC10 - really, the digital vs spring reverb may be the only real difference at the volumes I use. Too bad Vox doesn't make it as just a head; the internal 10 is useless for my needs. I've used this on 3 or 4 gigs in combination with a 1958 Fender Deluxe, using the AC10 mostly for rhythm. I'd buy another one for sure.

  • from VA August 19, 2016

    VOX AC10C1

    Great sound and great value !

  • from Oyster Bay May 20, 2016

    Gem of an amp

    Before starting, I believe reviews or 'feedback' in music or art, can be subjective based on personal like or dislikes. That being said this is why for me the AC10 is a fav of mine. I was looking for a good portable guitar amp that sounded good and helped the guitar shine through and not 'color' the sound in any way. I was leaning toward tube circuitry as I haven't been satisfied with the solid states amp under the $700 range. At least haven't run into it yet. But I'm sure I will. Playing various guitars (Musicman, SG, Les Paul, PRS) through the amp, it did a great job of letting the characteristics of each show through. The highlight for me was that the amp helped bring out the fine dynamics of the playing. Maybe it is what people call the chime of Vox amp, I'm not sure. My experience is that I am getting great tones and it seems to help me to get more expression from my fingers and strumming. I'd almost say it has freed me up in some strange way. I did check out a bunch other portable type amps (not crazy heavy ones) under the $800 mark. Sweetwater sales team did a great job at engaging and supporting me. For under $500, there aren't many competitors that come close what this amp provided me with.

  • from Los Angeles April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitarist


    This little guy can get loud! Pristine. Amazing tone, obviously. I did notice the tubes rattle in the back as most users have commented. It doesn't bother me.

  • from February 24, 2016

    Great amp for the money

    Excellent amp for lots of reasons VOX sound is always the best, reverb is a bit touchy and I did change out the chinese tubes with Much better ones (only reason it's not 5 star) to me good tubes completely changed the warmth (though a very difficult job) will play as is but I would like a greenback in it. All in all very nice

  • from lexington, KY February 17, 2016

    My 1st Tube Amp

    This is my 1st Tube amp ( I bought my 1st guitar August '14 ) and once again I am very pleased I dealt with Sweetwater for this purchase. (I bought my 1st Gibson LP from Sweetwater and it is flawless) This amp is the perfect size for me and as I follow Celestions recommendations for new speaker 'Break-In' I am very pleased with the tone and how my Gibson LP now sounds compared to the solid state Fender Mustang I i was using. I know the cork-sniffers insist that tube and speaker upgrade is a definite Requirement and yes I will probably experiment with some diff tubes in the future... but for now I will get speaker broken in and enjoy my new baby to the fullest. Thanks again to Sweetwater\Paul Eckert for making this new amp possible for me!!

  • from Sonoma, CA February 15, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist, singer-songwriter, indie record label exec.

    Beyond description

    Wow. This amp TOTALLY lives up to it's description. Guitar Player mag got it right when The Vox AC10C was voted top small watt amp for 2015. I couldn't imagine a sweeter, richer sounding amp than this. And I absolutely love the reverb set at 10, 11, or 12 o'clock.
    The clean (chimey?) tones are amazing, which is what I'm mostly looking for. The adjective "deep" comes to mind. Exceeds expectations in clean tones. Circuitry plus the 10 inch Celestian speaker seem perfectly matched.
    However, distortion tones are almost impossible to achieve at low volume, bedroom practice levels...even with 'volume' at 1 , 'gain' at 9, and my F hole tele volume at 2 or 3. Not a major drawback; and at slightly higher guitar volume levels, there is plenty of distortion to enjoy when needed.
    Other minor concern is the black plastic handle. Burgundy leather to match the grill cloth would have been a nice touch.
    Oh yeh, did I mention "loud"??? This amp has got volume to spare--totally beyond expectations--mind boggling volume.
    If you want clean, rich, tones at any volume and nice distortion at mid to high levels in a low-watt all tube amp, you gotta consider purchasing the VoxAC10C. Way beyond description. Ups to Sweetwater's customer service for the free shipping and to Guitar Player mag for the enthusiastic and honest review (October 2015 issue).

  • from Charlottesville VA February 3, 2016

    Very pleased

    I have only tried this amp out at home so I can't say anything about trying a live performance - It has a bright tone on a clean setting and a really nice and usable growl with the gain turned up - I would say that the amp has a lot of color - But individual notes come out nicely - It may not be good for a jazz guitar but very good for pop, rock and blues -
    It is very much louder than I would expect - I think if I played out with it I would mike it but for practice or maybe even a small venue It should keep up with most drummers - At my house I was playing with another guitar playing who was using the same model amp but we had different types of guitars and the Vox amp shined on showing the different tones of each guitar - The reverb is very strong and I had to turn it down as much as I could but seemed fine after that - I would have liked a line out for direct P A and a dent in the back to stuff a detachable power cord in but that's not a big issue. I think anyone would be happy with this amp.

  • from florida November 20, 2015Music Background:
    rock/ blues/ country rock

    vox ac10c1 tube combo

    vox ac10c1 tube combo. really blowend away by the sound this amp puts out. had a vox amp 10 years ago. that weight 75 pounds. all tube. this vox amp sounds about 90 percent like my old vox amp and 48 pounds lighter. for under 500.00 dollars good buy. I play rock and blues. buying from sweetwater since 2008. my sales men mike harris does a excellent job. keep up the good work thank you. david

  • from Hyde Park, NY May 25, 2015Music Background:
    luthier and part time gigging musician

    This is a 10 watt amp?? Really??

    I should clarify my personal prejudices first as a baseline.
    I came into EL84 territory late in life, I've become a fan because I'd like to think I have a "smart" picking hand and touch sensitivity is a hallmark of these tubes.
    I have a range of amps from a Trainwreck Rocket clone (think AC 30 on serious steroids) to the discontinued Vox Li'l Night Train (voiced like a 2 watt Trainwreck), but also including some 5,10, and 22 watt octal power tube heads.
    I like the flexibility of separate head and cab set ups.
    So that brings us to the AC 10C1. I've been looking for a "grab 'n' go" amp for small to medium sized venues that can offer touch sensitivity, well rounded, and variable tones that can work with single coil AND humbuckers...and NOT sound like a practice amp. Even 15 watts can be too loud, but 5 watts just doesn't quite get there. For a number of years, only octal power amps have been available in between those powers.
    As I write this,there is not much more available than the Vox new release marketing to review for the AC10C1, and I'm always a bit leery of any hype from any marketing department. In this case, they didn't have to make anything up! Mitch Gallagher's recent demo on the Sweetwater site is worth watching. It's comprehensive and informative. This amp sounds more like an amp from Vox's glory days than like an Asian built to spec amp. When I was younger,I learned that you don't need "unicorn breath" stereo components to get good stereo sound. You just need a system of well matched components that are sized for the space they're in. Vox seems to have applied this mantra to the AC10 C1 in spades. The 10 watts produced by this "little" amp have a fullness and volume well beyond what its numbers would imply. Gigging at a 2 acre plus outdoor venue, I only needed half of this amp's capacity to be heard everywhere on the site, with no loss of tone quality. 10 watts through a 10 inch speaker?!? Really?!? My band couldn't believe it. I could sound like my super amp without needing an attenuator.
    In regard to my preference for head/cab setups, I still have that flexibility with this amp. It's not much larger or heavier than my 30 watt boutique clone, and it sits perfectly atop my 2x12 vertical slant top cab. With an external jack to the 16 ohm speaker cab, the amp's tone and volume goes from surprising to amazing!
    The reverb is well done, although I generally rely on my pedal board for that effect.
    My only negatives to prevent total raves are that the only access to tubes and fuses is by removing 8 long wood screws and 2 machine screws. That might be only inconvenient except that it is a good idea to swap out the Chinese stock tubes, and there should never be a reason to bury your fuses in a tools required part of an amp. You also need to be careful as you pop the back off, there's only a short set of speaker wires between the PCB (Very well made) and the speaker.
    I'm a happy picker! This amp is going to be a go to amp for nearly all of my playing for a long time!

  • from Middle River, MD May 12, 2015Music Background:
    Bedroom rock star

    Vox Classic Good Looks and Tone

    First I want to thank Sweetwater & Kenny Stratton for the excellent service from beginning to end of the purchase of this amp!!
    I have own many amps throughout the years and you just know when you plug into one if its talking to you.
    Well this amp talks to me, I really like the bright tone, not ice pick bright but warm and clear.And the bass when turn up can loose a little definition , so a little bass goes a long way.

    The reverb sounds nice for digital even if you turn it up it doesn't get washed out. Working the gain and volume knobs this amp can get loud...plus using your volume knob on your guitar helps a lot also.
    The cab seem well made and its not a back breaker, its a nice weight not to heavy and not to light. Its an amp you can grab and go to rehearsal , garage gig or club or just hanging out at home.

    I do have one issue...its that little beast that lies in every tube amp , its called tube rattle.
    When you hit the low notes the tubes start to rattle , higher notes no problem. What I did I removed the back of the amp, you can remove the back with the control panel attached to it.
    Just remove the outer screws on the back panel and the 2 on top of the amp and pull the panel.
    You will notice that the 2 power tubes (EL84) sit right behind the speaker magnet and the 2 preamp (12AX7 and its only 2 not 3 like the specs tell you) sit above the power tubes under the control panel.
    Vox did add wire tube retainers and rubber sleeves that slide over the tube tip ....What I did was pull back the retainers and install these silicone tube dampers rings at the top of the tubes (1 for each tube) than I re- installed the tube retainers and rubber sleeves...re-install the panel , plugged my guitar in and no more tube rattle in fact amp is very quite.

    All in All this is a great amp with plenty of tone and an amp that wont break your back or wallet...grab a couple pedals , cord and you favorite guitar and off to the gig you go.And it can cover many styles of music, blues,rock,jazz,country....Check one out and maybe it will speak to you as well.

  • from Ohio April 8, 2017

    Exactly what i was looking for

    Classic clean/breakup sound. This rating lost a star for the following reasons; comes with cheap china tubes that should be relpaced, and access to changing them is ridiculous. keeping the volume low is difficult.....this amp is very loud. I wish vox would feature effects loops in their amps.
    In conclusion this amp hits a home run. Its light easy to carry, has very clear highs and pretty good low end for a 10" speaker. The reverb is sufficient because any reverb is better than no reverb.

  • from Fort Wayne March 16, 2016

    Great little TUBE amp!

    I was looking for an all tube amp that wouldn't break the budget OR my back. I have always been a VOX fan and the AC15-AC30 were too heavy and too expensive for me (especially since I would prefer a 2X12 setup) or a hand wired for quality. AC4 was nice but a bit small (plus Sweetwater doesn't carry the 12" AC4) I picked the AC10 since it was much lighter than the AC15 and far less expensive. I really only have 3 complaints, if you will, on this amp
    1: the stock tubes are not very high quality (chinese) I swapped them out for Russian tubes and it made a significant difference
    2: stock speaker is adequate but wasn't what I was use to hearing from my VOX. I swapped in a G10 Greenback (now that's classic VOX chime!)
    3: I would prefer this amp be a 12" but I guess that would trash the <$500 price point but thats just me.
    Now I have her dialed in sounds fabulous AND weighs in way less than the AC15C1 or the 2X12 C2. This is a great amp right out of the box believe me! I just felt it needed a little extra that's why I rated a 4/5. I am and will always be a VOX fan and for weight and sound AND price, don't hesitate to buy this one! A very nice and surprisingly loud grab and go 10 watt amp with VOX tone for days! As always the Sweetwater staff was second to none in all aspects (especially service AFTER the sale) I guarantee the staff will hook you up!

  • from December 23, 2015Music Background:
    Studio musician, Jazz gigging, contemporary worship

    Great minus a few bugs

    Let's start with what's wrong with this amp and then end with the good stuff.

    The Bad stuff

    1. The speaker - They put a crappy Celestion VX10 speaker in this amp, the magnet is not big at all and therefore lacks bass response. It doesn't sound absolutely awful because it's still a celestion, but this amp is definitely worthy of an upgrade.

    2. Reverb - A lot of guys don't like the reverb on this amp, but I love it. It's like they crossed a church reverb with a spring reverb and it really sits well in the mix. The PROBLEM is that its digital circuit is now malfunctioning. I've owned my amp for about 2 or 3 months now and the reverb is on 50% 24/7, even when it's turned all the way down. You can occasionally finagle it work and from that point it's fine, but as soon as you turn the amp off the problem returns. For contemporary worship music, that's actually okay but for jazz that I play the other half of the time, it's horrible.

    3. Tubes - Changing the tubes in this amp is an absolute. pain. in. the. butt. Worth the tones, without a doubt, but you have to literally remove the entire back, unplug the speaker terminals, and then undo the flimsy wire frames that hold the tubes in place.

    The Good stuff

    1. The Sound - This amp sounds absolutely incredible, and what a great price as well. I changed the tubes to JJ's and swapped the speaker to a Warehouse Guitar Speakers American vintage S 10" and it sounds unreal. I use this amp for everything, I use it for jazz, blues, worship music, Americana, rock - it's incredibly versatile and is such a workhorse of an amp.

    2. The size - I got this amp exclusively because of its small size and low wattage, but make no mistake, this amp can keep up at a gig no problem. The size is absolutely perfect, especially because of the small car I drive (Honda Fit), and I have no problem toting this amp, my guitar, and my pedal board all in one trip from car to venue.

    3. The options - while the options are few, they are all you need to get that signature Vox sound, and even some sounds that resemble a good Fender clean, but with a british twist.

    Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this amp again if I were to go back in time, but I do wish that the reverb issue wasn't happening. I'll be trying to get that fixed very soon.

  • from B.C. Canada April 15, 2017

    Vox AC10C1

    this is a great amp for small gigs and rehearsals. I play jazz and blues and is perfect for duos. not so much for a full on band. it is built like a tank and is very light ,which I love extremely. when I was younger I used my Fender Twin which is a monster and thought nothing of the weight.....haha..but now light is where its at.. however for full on band I play my Fender Delux which isn't as heavy as the Twin but still has all the power I need. only problem with the Vox is the digital reverb .I'm not crazy about that and it doesn't come with a cover which is kind of weird.

  • from Alabama February 25, 2016

    Buyer Beware

    This amp definitely has a nice sound, but BOTH of mine have suffered from some odd "whooshing" sound that comes from somewhere within the amp when you play certain notes. I've tried different cables and guitars, so it is definitely the amp. Sweetwater has been great to work with. They hooked me up with a replacement for my first one. However, I don't think I will bother them again to replace this one. I don't want to be one of "those" customers... I'll probably just keep it and deal with it. Sigh.... :/

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