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Hartke A70 1x12" 70-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Ohio January 4, 2016Music Background:
    Classic rock, Blues, and Country

    This is a beast!!

    I wanted to wait til I had a couple gigs with this amp before I wrote a review. I wanted an amp for home practice, rehearsals, and small gigs. I narrowed my choices down to the Hartke A70 and the Ampeg BA112 and I am so glad I went with the Hartke. I played a small venue on NYE so decided to bring this amp instead of my bigger rig. This amp had zero problems keeping up with a Gibson SG through a Fender Champion 100 and a Taylor solid body electric through an 80 watt Peavey Bandit and never had to go past 4 to 4 1/2 on volume and had several comments on how good this amp sounds!!! This amp is awesome!!!!

  • from December 30, 2015

    Pretty cool

    Excellent Sound and power

  • from athens ga February 10, 2015Music Background:
    composer, singer, performer

    powerful light weight

    Ive always played high end Peavy amps but now this is my main go to amp. It rules the stage!

  • from Dallas/Ft. Worth TX July 5, 2009Music Background:
    Bass/keys - Pro

    Best small gig/practice amp ever

    This amp is really amazing for its size and weight. I'm a grizzled old codger who has played forever and had been waiting for somebody to come out with an amp like this. Even as feeble as I am, I can pick the thing up and tote it around with no problem. Although it is only 70 watts it out preforms most 100 and 120 watt amps I've tried since it is still fairly clean when it is fairly well cranked up. I have had this thing for several years now and it is a champ. Often I walk into gigs with folks I've never worked with before and they take a look at what I'm planning to use, roll their eyes and assume I'm expecting to go through the board. Then I plug in, crank it up to about 5 or six, play a few notes and they immediately register surprise - "Holy s#@%, that thing sounds great!" and then the questions start. "How loud will it get before it starts to distort" etc. For small clubs I don't need to go through the board - I use a bigger rig for medium to large venues but this A70 really is worth its weight in gold - I play jazz, rock, fusion and even country gigs with this little thing and it never ceases to be a conversation piece when it holds its own against much larger amps. Plenty of tone control - I never use the limiter so I can't really speak to how well it works.

  • from Chelmsford Ma May 5, 2011Music Background:
    Bass (blues, Classic Rock ,Oldies )

    Hartke a70

    Awsome Little Amp

    I was useing my full rig for pratice till one day after a gig I didnt feel like setting up the rig for pratice So I decided to bring this amp to pratice and it did rather well.
    It runs great in a small room but when you have a larger room with a lot of people it dosent do so well
    but then again it's only 70 watts and 1x12
    I am going to be chaining this amp with the hartke 115c combo for gigs For a pratice amp its awsome For small room or a accoustic gig it's awsome but not made to play in a medim to large size room with a lot of people
    Awsome AMP !!

  • from September 1, 2008


    I had to take the logo off the front grill, learned that after taking one back. No one knew what it was.. i tightened it to be sure, but ended up removing it to save the hassle.

  • from June 22, 2008Music Background:
    8 years of bass, general audiophile

    Hartke A70

    Unfortunatley, I don't own one of these! A dorm mate down the hall does though, and while borrowing it that last couple weeks I've really fallen in love.

    The overall build quality and design is excellent. For my uses, I'd say perfect. The kickback design is a great feature for jamming, really improves the acoustics. I've been using an old Peavey 1x12 100W, and I always find myself (and the drummer likes it better) placing it a couple feet off the ground for the right acoustics. No need with the Hartke, the kickback really sounds great!

    The head unit is also spot on. Everything works well, as it should. The sound quality is excellent, really putting the old paper-woofer Peavey to shame. It reacts super-quick with its ported box, and hits hard. The overall tone and clarity is excellent, I've heard none better in this type. It provides plenty of controls on the face, enough for me. But if that isn't enough for you, there is a loop feature so you can patch in your own effect box.

    Also, I've been using it as my subwoofer for my audio system. This may sound silly, but its really nice in the dorm room. Teamed up with 4, JBL Balboa speakers (Really love these) and your standard Sony 200W receiver. Placing the Hartke unit a few feet from my desk, I'm able to adjust levels for each album/track, or turn it off when its late... all while seated. I don't have these abilities with my current subwoofer OR the Peavey! All these inputs are really nice.

    The only negatives I've found with this unit are minimal. The combination of the 12" alluminum woofer and a ported box made a 5-string bass lowest notes slightly distorted, the arrangment seemed taxed. I wouldn't recommend it for a 5 string bass, get yourself a 15" Hartke instead! Also, it's a practite amp people! It's plenty loud for small jam sessions, but I wouldn't gig with it. Cheers mate

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