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Godin A6 Ultra - Natural Semi-gloss Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin A6 Ultra - Natural Semi-gloss?

Questions about the Godin A6 Ultra - Natural Semi-gloss?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Chicago March 2, 2016

    Excellent Guitar

    Great acoustic and electric tone. Light weight is a plus. Thanks to Sweetwater and Dave Walent for their usual great service and price.

  • from Ft Smith, Ar December 8, 2015

    Godin A6 Ultra Black HG

    I've bought several guitars from Sweetwater and sales engineer/rep Philip Courtney. The service is outstanding. I like the fact that when I call Philip knows immediately who it is along with my history and preferences.
    I learned about Godin after speaking with Heath Wright/ Richochet about his.
    Wow, Godin didn't disappoint. This guitar sounds fantastic. I received it a few days ago and gigged with it once in an acoustic duo. It was killer. I use the one output and blend in just a tad of the humbucker for some added punch. This guitar sounds better as an acoustic guitar than a lot of acoustic guitars.
    I will be adding a natural in the future to handle alternate tuning needs.
    Godin, Sweetwater, Philip Courtney A++++

  • from Warminster Pa October 15, 2015

    Godin A6

    Bought this guitar without playing one; no stores seem to carry or want to stock it...big mistake on their part.
    Simple in appointments; nice cedar color (natural). The back is beautiful as well. The whole thing is really eye candy. It came with a nice carry case.
    The set up by Sweetwater was right on, no scratches; clean all the way. It was actually in tune when I took it from it's double boxing. Nice pack job Sweetwater.
    The sound is really complex, a bit bassy at times which could be my style of hitting and picking the strings too hard at this time. Everyone who has heard it has liked the sound. I took it to its first gig last week and asked folks to let me know what they thought about it. I had about 6 people come up to me and said it sounded anywhere from great to awesome. Play it through an amp or PA; either works.
    I love the ability to mix the two pickups and I will be on a new adventure for quite some time playing with the many variations of mixing the pickups and the EQ's. It is very, very easy to play after having played medium gauge strings on my Martin D-35 for many years. This will be a welcome break for my fingers.
    Thinking about buying one? Don't....Just Do It! You will be more than happy with the expenditure.

  • from NC October 1, 2015Music Background:

    Extremely Versitile Pro Level Instrument

    I play about 90% acoustic guitar in a string band but need electric tones on just a few tunes. Grew tired of dragging an acoustic rig and an electric rig to our shows. Have tried a number of different acoustic/electric hybrids and have never been satisfied with either acoustic or electric tones. I've have a beater Seagull acoustic for years and love the neck so I thought I'd give this a try (somewhat expecting I'd end up sending it back). This one is not going back. GREAT neck and playability, GREAT acoustic tones, acceptable electric tones through the humbucker, but the real value of this guitar is the ability to blend the acoustic and electric pickups. There is where the sweet spot lies. I am running the acoustic pickup through a Radial Tone Bone PZ-Pre into the board and the electic output goes to a Vox AC4TV with an SM-57 in front. Very Very happy with this guitar, and the folks atSweetwater are awesome to deal with!

  • from Port Orchard, WA April 30, 2015


    Out of the box I started to play and it was incredible. The neck and action were a dream. What a versatile guitar that creates so many different sounds. Thank you Sweetwater for the great packaging and your customer service is amazing. Bart, you are the best!

  • from Eastern Long Island, NY April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Long time hobbyist


    First and foremost, big thumbs up to the guys at Sweetwater. My Godin A6 was in tune and perfectly intonated out of the box. The action is pretty much perfect.

    The guitar itself presents a limitless expanse of tonal options. Two outputs, one for the humbucker and one for the under-saddle transducer. Or run both pickups through a single out put jack. What can't you do with that arrangement? Two amps, two effects loops... its almost mind boggling.

    The purely acoustic sound of this chambered solid body guitar is surprisingly loud. Its also one of, if not the most, responsive guitar's I've ever played. You know that feeling when the thing almost feels alive in your hands? When the slightest movement or change in touch produces some subtle nuanced response from the guitar? Well, this thing has it in spades.

    Fit, finish and fretwork are all top notch. Overall, this is simply a superlative guitar, and a tremendous bargain at the price.

  • from Illinois August 28, 2013Music Background:
    P&W Pastor

    Great Stage Guitar!!!

    I am primarily an acoustic player. I've owned everything from Santa Cruz, Taylor, Gibson, Rick Turner, Langejans, Martin and everything in between. I play live 2-3 times a week with a large band\vocalist. While it will never be an actual acoustic, it is the closest I've come for a natural, convincing acoustic tone. Add a PA, Delay and Chorus and you'll be blown away!

    Being able to "dial in" the sound I'm after, not to mention cutting through the mix, is very easy to do with this guitar. The uniqueness seems to come from the ability to blend the humbucker with the piezo. That's where the fullness these guitars are known for seems to come from.

    I've owned T-5's and SST's and while they are good guitars, the Godin has that low end that really sets it apart. I don't play electric very often so I can't comment on that side of it. But, fit, finish, action, playability...all top notch.

    I've had major back surgery so comfort, weight are all factors in my rig. If you are looking for a great Stage\Studio guitar that has EXCELLENT acoustic tones while having the ability to be fully electric...this is for you. Dual output jacks, quality gig bag...what more could anyone ask for.

    I love my Natural finish so much I'm going to buy a black HG. One for the office, one for home.

  • from NEWPORT BEACH, CA August 28, 2013

    Loved it the moment I put my hands on it!

    Thought long and hard about this purchase - so glad I did. The quality and construction of this Godin is nothing but flawless. I love the 'C' shaped mahogany neck, the thinnest of the body and the electronics of this model. The finish to the top is perfection, as it the choice of cedar. Unplugged it resonates beautifully, and when plugged in, it's sonically exceptional. If I had any regrets, it's that I should have bought the Koa top version.

  • from Cheney, WA March 13, 2013Music Background:

    Godin A6 Ultra (Natural SG)

    What a guitar! I sold a Taylor T-5 a couple of years ago and missed the versatility it had. However, I didn't like the tonal "challenge" it had with the high E string so I started looking at alternatives. The Godin A6 Ultra really intrigued me and I took the plunge. WHAT A GUITAR! It's incredibly fluid to play and the sound I get when I plug into both an acoustic and electric amp blows me away -- very full and satisfying.

    I played this side-by-side with a friend who has a Koa T-5 over his amp system and the Godin put the T-5 to shame -- and at a quarter of the price. The humbucker and the under-saddle transducer working together are an indescribably potent combination.

    This is now my "go to" guitar for everything from folk to acoustic rock and blues. It even sounds great when I play jazz.

    In summary, this is one fantastic guitar!

  • from St. Pete, FL June 13, 2012Music Background:
    From rock to country


    Where do I start. It arrived yesterday and I couldn't put it down. It handles any type of music you want, and the sound quality is amazing. The workmanship was etter than expected, and the playability is great. Someone put some thought into this fretboard. It plays easy like an electric, while still being able to get the sound quality of a good acoustic. If you need a very versital acoustic electric, this is the guitar for you. It can do anything!

  • from Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada January 11, 2011Music Background:
    Retired pro musician (1965-1995)

    A good marriage of an acoustic and electric guitar

    I was looking for a thin-bodied acoustic guitar because a shoulder injury makes it too painful to play my full-bodied acoustics. After doing a lot of research online, I decided to give the A6 Ultra a try. I went to a local music store and gave one a good workout for about an hour and was amazed at its playability. Through a Fender acoustic amp, although it didn't sound exactly like a good full-bodied acoustic such as a Martin or a Gibson, it had its own sound, blending its under-the-saddle piezo with the humbucker. It also had a real acoustic guitar feel when finger-picked. At the same time, it had the playability of an electric guitar. I've tried finger-picking my Strat and my LP but that has always felt weird, not at all like picking my favourite Armbrust custom-built cutaway.

    A bonus is that the Godin is surprisingly loud when played unplugged.

    The A6 Ultra incorporates both a piezo and a humbucker pickup wired through a pre-amp/EQ with volume and tone controls for both pickups. When using the "blend" output jack and playing through a good sound system, by fiddling with these controls, I was able to get a sound that literally blew me away! Okay, not a true acoustic sound like my Armbrust of Gibson SJ25, but a warm round full sound with all the definition I hoped for with chords strummed or picked and with individual notes just sparkling at the high registers and yet well defined at the bass end.

    It is possible, using both output jacks, to have the output from the piezo going to one amp while the output from the humbucker is sent to another amp, handy for recording, I would think, but that's not something I'm into right now. Still, nice to know that option is there.

    I've got the natural satin finish model. I love the fact that there's nothing hiding the natural good looks of the real cedar top. I've never liked gaudy acoustic guitars. The shape of the body and headstock are classic in their simple yet aesthetic lines.

    Basically, this axe feels like an acoustic when finger-picked and yet plays like a well-set-up electric such as a strat or tele. The best of both worlds.

    Feels good and solid overall although I've read that some have had problems with the tuning machines. Haven't had mine long enough yet to give an honest opinion.

    A well-made (Canadian, eh?) guitar which fills my needs admirably. Worth every penny I paid for it.

    I'd almost given up playing my acoustic guitars (my first love) because of this shoulder injury. This guitar has made it possible for me to get back to doing what I love best, finger-picking folk/folk blues and open/modal tuning instrumentals. Can't put a price on that!

  • from Gold Country - California March 31, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging Musician (I do have a day job)

    Godin A6 Ultra Semi Gloss

    I love this guitar. Action and playability are great! I put Heavy bottom/Light top strings on it (electric) and it is awesome because I play a lot of lead guitar - I like to be able to bend that G-string a whole step with ease. The finish and workmanship is great and having the Humbucker mix is perfect for doing leads and wanting a boost over the mix without any feedback (just a blend). The only reason why I gave a 4.5 star is because I have a line 6 spider 5 (acoustic amp settings) and the G10 wireless which is awesome - however for some reason I hade to by an adaptor (trs to ts) for the G10 wireless to get it to work (works in my other 10 guitars) - some think it is wired opposite because it is made in Canada?? Anyway, that whole combination works great and you can also run line out to the PA. Even can play some saturated leads in the mix without any problems! I played the Carvin AC 275 before this and this has more to offer to me because of the stereo ouput and humbucker mix! If any one knows why the Wireless G10 doesn't work like it should - please post!! I recommend this guitar - especially if you like to play lead!

  • from December 11, 2012


    I can only say that this guitar is the best one I've ever had so far. It sounds greate, the thing I love the most is that I can add more body sound with the EQ, even though it's a little guitar I can make it sound like if it was a bigger one. everytime I play it I thank to myself for buying it. it feels so smooth, and sounds so greate!!!!!. I JUST LOVE MY NEW GUITAR.

  • from November 8, 2015Music Background:
    Wedding and church musician 37 years experience

    I love this Guitar a little bit of tweaking on the neck

    I really did a lot of homework on this guitar ,When I first got it the action was very high could not play two songs with out getting tired tried a adjusting the neck truss rode with no success so I read a review about shimming the neck so I took of the neck very carefully and shimmed it with a 1/16 my be a little more piece of Formica a perfect thing shaped nicely and screwed the neck on , this guitar is almost perfect now can, t. put it down,Had a gig last nite worked beautifully .ps I think Godin needs to look at the height at the neck joint I think that's the problem love it .

  • from Los Angeles , Ca. May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician / sound engineer

    Love this axe !

    Great quality , set up is great as I like most of My guitars . I have recorded it and love the sounds / tones it has .

  • from New Jersey August 19, 2011Music Background:

    Acoustic recording sound is Very Good

    Enjoy the body size,very easy to play without the width of a full body acoustic. Wish it had more control with Volume and eq controls. The two outputs is very handy , mixing of pickups is great .The fit and finish were very nice a good looking guitar. Had the action set up with a Shim under bolt on neck to lower string height without messing with saddle and new strings Godin strings sounded tinny to me.It's a keeper for me,this and Les Paul, all the Guitars I need.

  • from June 21, 2016Music Background:
    Church and Wedding guitarist 37years experience

    Nice guitar ,but with some problems

    Like the guitar ,but found out some problems that need to be looked into.
    I really think think The Godin factory needs to Recheack the hight on the bolt on area of the guitar that need to be raised about 3/16 of an inch for the strings to be at 1/8 off fret board to be played comfortably,
    Next thing is the high E sting breaks so fast that I got to have extra E strings when I Play this guitar can't understand why ,I don't know if any others owners have this problem can be very frustrating
    Why Godin guitars don't have a Battery light gauge or some thing I find that not good also. AJ on board tuner would be nice , with those 4 adjustment this guitar would be a perfect working instrument

  • from August 29, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Pro 37 years experience

    I Really tried to like this Godin As guitar just to many problems

    I had a friend order this guitar a year ago man what a mistake ,
    Really tried to love this guitar ,it's just not right for me I really wish I can
    Trade this in , it's just hard to play performing with this is very hard ,
    Most of my gigs are three hour gig and it is torture on my hands.
    Plus every time I play break a High E string ,and the nine volt battery dies so quickly
    Batteries are very expansive in the al most $ 6.00 each .
    I have many other guitars that work fine strat epiphone Taylor yamaha
    Not for me

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