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Yamaha A3M - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Zach Neels

    I was looking to add a new acoustic to my stable for a couple projects and had a few things on my checklist. Mahogany, great electronics, solid top and sides, dreadnaught styling and above all - great sound unplugged. The Yamaha A3M crushes anything within a thousand dollars of it and is an amazing secret weapon for a wallet-friendly dreadnaught.

  • from Bayonne, NJ December 10, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Guitar Collector

    Excellent guitar

    An excellent guitar, from the sound to the touch and also the way it was made, it's simply amazing. The material used in this guitar is the same as those really expensive guitar. I played it side by side with my high end guitars and i was very happy with the sound quality. I suggest for you guys to try it and i can assure you that you will like it also. Once again my thanks to my sales engineer and sweetwater for always giving me the best.

  • from Sacramento April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Playing for 6 years

    Nice at a great price

    I've had this guitar for over one year and love the sound both by itself or with an amp. I recently bought a Fishman mini loudbox artist package from Sweetwater and everybody has been blown away with how much better I sound with this setup. I took my guitar to a birthday party this weekend and my good friend who has many guitars loved it. Make sure you verify turning off the tuner after finishing I've gone through a few batteries lol but I do highly recommend this guitar

  • from kansas November 5, 2015

    Yamaha A3M

    I own a Taylor 810 and it is a really nice guitar. I have to say that I paid a little bit of cash for it. If anyone else owns one they know what I mean. This Yamaha is an excellent guitar, unplugged it sounds warm but has a little brightness to it too. It plays just as easy as my Taylor maybe even a little better. The pick up system is one of the best I've heard. The fact that I gave a fraction of what I gave for my Taylor is what's unbelievable. If any one out there is trying to decide if they want to spend 2000.00 or more on a guitar go to your local guitar shop and play one of these if they even have one in stock. I actually got the last one that Sweetwater had. I cant say enough good things about this guitar. And that it only cost 800.00 is really pretty amazing. I have played guitars that cost 3 times as much as this guitar and don't sound as good as this one. So if your unsure about ordering this guitar off line don't be. just do it.

  • from Indianapolis March 22, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Guitarist

    Yamaha A3M

    This is a great guitar for the money! I love the sound, the feel and everything about it. The case is really nice! It's always a pleasure to deal with Sweetwater. I would not hesitate to order this guitar. Sweetwater's customer service is the best, in my opinion. Fortunately, I live a couple of hours away and enjoy going to Sweetwater for a "major" purchase. I also appreciate how Sweetwater sets up the guitars and shows actual photos of the guitar you are purchasing. My sales person, Marcos Sanchez, is awesome to work with. But, everyone at Sweetwater has been awesome.

  • from Calgary, Alberta, Canada December 18, 2013Music Background:

    Yamha A3M

    I was going through Gibson and Taylor guitars and I happened to pick this Yamaha A3M up, and wow, it was perfect. I has great tone balance, play's easy and the finished is flawless. I bought it immediataly.

  • from Houston, TX September 27, 2013Music Background:
    10 years home playing/recording

    Yamaha A3M

    Great guitar! This is the first acoustic guitar I've ordered online, and it arrived in great condition in its hardshell case (it's a nice case too!). The guitar is solidly built, well balanced, and the wood inlays and bindings look good and give it a nice understated aesthetic. The mahogany neck feels solid and is comfortable to play. As stated by other reviewers, the rounded profile of the fretboard requires that you fret the low E a little more precisely or the string can slip off, but I haven't had any issues with this at all. The guitar sounds very nice both plugged and unplugged, and I think the sound is well balanced, with punchy lows and bright, clear highs. The S.R.T. modeling on the pickup gives you a few more tone sculpting options when plugged in and is worth a mention. Overall, this is a quality guitar and, in my opinion, compares well against other dreadnoughts at much higher price points.

  • from New York September 19, 2012Music Background:
    Part time pro - playing over 42 years (old guy)

    Yamaha A3M

    Great materials, design, and craftsmanship produced this guitar. Easy to play, with great acoustic tone and good intonation. The electronics offer a wide variety of very good tone possibilities. I tried out quite a few other guitars in the same price range, and the A3M was superior in every aspect. Even the case is impressive. This was my first time buying before actually playing the guitar, and everything worked out great. Sweetwater was a pleasure to deal with, and their customer service is knowledgeable and professional.

  • from Amherst OH September 11, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Home Recording

    Hard to beat for the money!

    I have been looking for a solid wood dread for a couple years to record with and play out. My ovation is great but it does not have the sound for recording. Like most of us money is tight and I almost bought a taylor 414 a couple times but just could never pull the trigger for $1,800! I stumbled across this Yamaha here at Sweetwater and did some research on it and it sold itself. This is my first time buying a guitar without playing it first and I could not be more satisfied! This thing sounds great plugged and unplugged. Super low action and the finish is very nice. I actually raised the action a little bit! The case is O.K. The neck does take some getting used to because of the rounded edges but it's not to big of an issue for me. You just have to be a little more precise on your low E fingering so it doesn't slip off the fret. As long as it passes the test of time I would say it can't be beat for the money. Paul Rowan at sweetwater talked to me for about an hour on the phone and answered all my questions before buying this and he was very helpful.I don't think I'll ever go back to guitar center to buy anything after dealing with Sweetwater.

  • from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada August 22, 2012Music Background:
    40 years of home playing, all styles


    I tried out lots of Taylors plus 5 or 6 otherYamaha A series guitars but the sound from this one was brighter while retaining the "round" Yamaha tone of the A models.
    Has a very nice neck and the action has stayed nice in the 6 months since I bought it. Excellent when strummed or picked and very good for fingerstyle except keep in mind the neck width is slightly narrow and, personally, the rounded off edges in the neck cause me to push the low E string off the edge if I'm not careful. This guitar feels very solid and capable of anything ! Stays in tune. Fun to experiment with the SRT electronics...which can be very subtle or very reactive.

  • from California February 15, 2015Music Background:

    Buy a Taylor instead

    I purchased the A3M based on Yamaha's reputation and the fact that it is made of solid tone woods. The craftsmanship of the body was beyond outstanding. It was simply flawless. The neck, however, appeared to be from an entirely different guitar. The neck finish was spattered on in a careless manner rather than just being flat or semi-gloss. It had a bumpy, uneven texture that just appeared to be sloppy. But the real issue for me were the rolled fret board edges. With the neck being rather slim, the low E string constantly slipped over the edge. It was a chore to play. Ultimately, I sold the A3M and purchased a Taylor. It's something I should have done in the beginning.

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