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MOTU 896HD Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Matt Masek

    I own the MOTU 896HD and I couldn't get through a session without it! The transparent mic pres give a great reproduction of my signal. Overdubbing vocals become a breeze with zero latency. This powerful piece of equipment is the backbone of my studio.

  • from CLEARWATER April 11, 2008Music Background:



  • from San Leandro Ca September 11, 2006Music Background:
    Recording enginer w/ BA

    good but low power

    i like it lots of output options and 2 will not run smoothly above 48k without a clocking device. soo.. something to think about. definatly are gonna want some nice pres to but the conversion is good much better than other interfaces i've used

    problem there is only 40 somthing volts in the phantom. if your mic needs a lot of juice... Mainly earthworks or nueman you could have issues of poping. just get a phantom power box if it happens, but it powers all my other mics fine

  • October 1, 2005


    This thing has great sound quality. But the main thing that impressed me was the Cuemix-DSP. For those looking to buy a mixer and an A/D interface, the 896HD does both at a fraction of the cost. I needed to be able to make at least four seperate (zero-latency) headphone mixes for recording a band. No other interface can do this except a Mackie ONYX with a firewire card. But it's much more expensive and takes up a lot more room. Great unit. Well worth the money.

  • from PA June 1, 2005

    more options

    After issues with using a Firepod with DP, this unit has been far worth the extra money. With so many more options including a DSP CueMix (note: not available with the FIREPOD), and numerous independent ins and outs, this unit has been a great buy.

  • February 1, 2005

    Great Interface

    Great Interface I am using With DP 4.5 works better than a digi002 rack.


  • Matt Masek

    Recently, I recorded an album for a ska band. I used the MOTU 896HD with a Creation Station Dual Core 2.6. I was amazed at the functionality of this interface. I started out with drums. After miking the drums, I still had two mic pres available to do scratch tracks for guitar and vocals. We ended up even keeping the scratch guitar track!

    On the front panel of the interface, there are eight switches for phantom power, one for each channel. This was extremely convenient when I was recording the trombone and trumpet. I used a combination of an SM57 and a ribbon mic. I didn't have to worry about frying the ribbon mic with phantom power because of the individual switches. Also, the bassist was unable to come to any studio sessions, but he had an old ADAT. So I sent him rough mixes, then he recorded the bass parts on the ADAT. I used the ADAT Optical in on the 896HD to transfer the files over.

    While using the 896HD, I discovered that it worked flawlessly with all the DAWs I own. I like to record in SONAR and mix in Nuendo. Even though I didn't have a chance to use it, this interface also has AES/EBU I/O, and word clock I/O. Especially at this price, the MOTU 896HD is perfect for my studio!

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