BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer

Audio Enhancement Processor with Balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer image 1
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer image 1
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BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
In Stock!

The Cleanest, Most Natural Sound You've Ever Heard!

Take it from Sweetwater: there isn't a task in audio that can't benefit from the 882 Sonic Maximizer! A big claim, but it's true. In your studio, during performance or broadcast, for general sound reinforcement, the 882 works its special kind of audio magic.

This unit, which feature a 1/4" thick extruded aluminum faceplate anchored to chassis via hex head bolts, also benefits from improved graphics which are easier to read in poorly lit environments. In addition, new knurled, aluminum knobs have been incorporated for ease of control and a more positive feel, often critical to musicians, live sound mixers and DJs making fine adjustments mid-performance.

The Sonic Maximizers coax out the authentic sonic brilliance of a performance, giving you clean sound unhampered by the deviations that occur anytime music is played through a sound system. The highs in your sound are bright and articulate, the lows are tight and rich, the strings sparkle, the percussion cracks, the vocals shine. Your instruments take on a whole new level of realism - the level they lost when they were first recorded or played through a sound system. And the final result is pure and musical. You hear the great performance; you don't hear the machine at work. Experience the magic of the 882 Sonic Maximizer from BBE!

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer features:
  • +4dBu balanced line (1/4" tip-ring-sleeve and XLR inputs and outputs)
  • +23dBu headroom
  • Active balanced outputs
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal
  • Frequency Response,
  • Process Mode: Program controlled
  • Bypass Mode: 10Hz to 50kHz, +/- 0.5dBu, 0dBu input
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB Process IN
  • THD, Process mode: less than 0.025% 20-20kHz
  • Bypass mode: less than 0.002% 20-20kHz
  • Maximum Output: +23dBu (may vary due to control settings)
  • Input Impedance: 14.7K Ohms, balanced 1/4" stereo phone jack or XLR jack.
  • Pin #2 is the hot or "+" signal.
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohms, balanced 1/4" stereo phone jack or XLR jack.
  • Pin #2 is the hot or "+" signal.
  • Sensitivity: -45dBu for maximum process
  • Maximum Process: +12dBu boost at 5kHz, 0dBu input
  • Lo Contour: +12dBu adjustment at 50Hz, 0dBu input

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Manufacturer Part Number 882i

Customer Reviews

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BBE Sonic Maximizer thank you Chris Lewis!

Bought this about a month ago after reading reviews on the BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer for over a year. It does what it claims to do. Adds clarity and separation to the channels and frequencies in my opinion. Gets the "mud out". Nice addition to my PA. LOVE IT! I had an issue with the first unit I received. My rep Chris Lewis got it taken care of. He put me in touch with the tech support team and they had the replacement unit to me before I had the time to send back the first one. I always knew there was a reason I liked Sweetwater, this just drives the point home. Thank you Chris Lewis and your team. Total Pros. Your service is AWESOME!!!
Music background: Professional

Sonic Maximizer delivers.

The BBE 882i Sonic Maximzer deilvers that finishing touch to your mix on stage and in the studio. No matter how good you think your music mix sounds the Maximizer makes it sound it's absolute best. A must have for every stage or studio rack. It truly delivers music to the max!
Music background: Pro Musician

Magical piece of equipment

I was extremely skeptical about purchasing a sonic maximizer for my project studio. Everyone always talks about getting quality pre amps, compressors, equalizers, etc. I asked around and everyone gave me the same look. People would ask "What the hell's a sonic maximizer?". This is my secret weapon in the studio. No matter how good of a mix you come up with, the bbe 882i just makes it sound crisper, cleaner, and above all more alive. The only downside is that this unit can be overused. I would not track everything through it. This unit is best when it used sparingly as a sonic enhancer. It won't fix a crap mix, and it won't master a song, but when used correctly, it can have a significant impact on your finished product.
Music background: Bass player, recording/mix engineer.

Ramp up your solo acoustic rig

I purchased 882 Sonic maximizer to help sculpt my sound for finger style acoustic guitar shows that I do. I put the BBE between my tube preamps and the PA system. In my own words this unit provides variable phase correction that results in pushing the highs and lows foreward or backward in the mix. Here's the key: unlike a notch filter or eq, the frequency isn't boosted or cut. BBE says that we hear the tonal spectrum in the right order, eg. the lows aren't heard before the highs. I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. I must say I'm quite impressed with what it does with an acoustic guitar. (Like all processors the key is to use it in moderation.) I experience the sound as richer without, for example, the ear fatigue that comes from strident highs. My James Goodall acoustic guitars sound fantastic: open, airy, and warm. This is a pretty small investment that gives wonderful results.
Music background: pro musician and hobbyist recording geek

Works great on BOSE L1's

I do sound for mainly Folk, Celtic, Blues and Bluegrass using a couple of BOSE L1 units for Front-of-House / everything as much as possible. I normally will hooked the units up to a mixing console when used. Well even as good as the L1's sound they still have a "dry" feel to them. I was looking for something to add that last little bit to the cake and I found it! I just used Buddy Mondlock as my test subject, and he has played many shows with venues using the L1's, and he stated it was the best he has ever heard. What the BBE did more than anything was to give some life to the units. As stated in some other reviews, you can get stupid with it so use it with moderation! It was kinda like using MSG when cooking ... it helped bring the flavor out in a very good way.
Music background: Recording Engineer - Live and Post Production Sound

Sweetwater Advice

Jeffrey Green

Plain and simple: this product is magic in a box! It is so simple to use; plug it into your signal path and turn four knobs. The outstanding difference in the sound is immediately noticeable and undeniable. Anyone and everyone will hear an enormous difference in the sound.

Ben Kirchman

The 882i was recommended to me by a fellow sales engineer who told me that the effect the 882i would have on sound is nothing less than extraordinary. I fully trusted him and as I researched the product, I couldn't wait to hear the difference. I thought that I was fully prepared for the "wow factor;" how wrong I was. WOW! The complete richness and fullness that was added is very underrated by saying that it was extraordinary! I used this product on a pair of Mackie SRM 450 monitors which are an excellent sounding pair of monitors. Simply by turning the lo contour and process knobs on the 882i up halfway seemed to bring the music to life. The real difference was when I pressed the bypass on the 882i and heard the unprocessed signal. Suddenly the music I heard didn't have the same magic to it. I was in utter amazement! I'm not to sure where BBE got their pixie dust from to put magic into this box, but I'm glad they did! This unit can be used in live sound, in a studio, on a mix-down, or an individual instrument. I whole-heatedly recommend this product to everyone who wants an easy way to add some magic to their sound!
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