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MOTU 828mkII Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Kenny Bergle

    Wow! The 828mkII may be the best bang for buck in the entire DAW world! Awesome audio quality, 20 inputs and 22 outputs all possible on a laptop (or desktop)! NOW available as a USB 2.0 connection as well as the venerable FireWire - it's the ultimate in portable recording!

  • Alan Carter

    This interface is jam packed with extremely useful stuff. Tons of I/O possibilities, two extra mic pre's (one can never have too many...) and CueMixDSP for super-flexible monitoring. MOTU continues to amaze me.

  • from Princeton NJ July 27, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, and Pro Musician

    828mkII Awsome and Powerfull and very easy to use with portalbility

    Well I have had a few others and was thinking about another product line but the cost would have been three times as much. I own this and love it. I was up and running in about 5min. I use this with Logic 7 Express and my Powerbood G4 1.67 running OS 10.4.7 and I was just blown away with how well and semisly it was intergraded with the Mac. Never crashed, glitiched or froze I was having that constialy with Prosonus Gear. I look forward to using this live and learning all the ins and outs of the gear. I wish I had bought one sooner. Buy this pice if you are looking for an interface and 700.00 is what you have to spend on this pice of gear. I am very happy with this pice and will use it in and out of the studio.

  • from Indiana June 7, 2006Music Background:

    The 828 is true reproduction - very musical

    I bought my 828 at Sweetwater about a year ago. A friend bought another one and we have been linking them in sessions at 88k and ~32 channels. I had a lot of trouble keeping them in sync at one point. My SATA manufacturer didn't include DMA support for my SATA, so I'm using IRQ - XP SP1 is fine, just can't use SP2 with my SATA. This is a very sweet audio setup and linking them is advised. The Cuemix ability is also very nice!

  • from Asheville, NC July 26, 2006Music Background:
    Hobbyist - several recording projects and lots of performing

    Portable and Powerful

    After using the MOTU 2408mkII for a couple of years with great results, I bought a laptop and wanted to have the option to go mobile. I use the 828 with DP and also as a stand alone mixer in the home studio. It has decent preamps and a clean sound with plenty of I/O for now and with ADAT options I can expand if needed. I don't claim to have golden ears, but the 828 sounds clean on all the recording that I've done. I have it rackmounted in a Gator bag and have done some project recording with it in friends' homes and even a live gig being patched in the sound board with excellent results. The only drawbacks from my perspective are: 1) it takes some nimble fingers and practice to use the mixer functions from the front panel, and 2) I'm envious that MOTU included 4 mic pre amps on the Traveller. The extra preamps would provide so much more flexibility when on the road. As of now I use the preamps on my Mackie mixer for extras. Overall, a terrific product!

  • from TX November 1, 2005

    Great gear.

    I bought a used 828mkII on eBay. It worked flawlessly with Sonar-5PE. There are several interfaces that will do what the 828mkII will do, as far as I/O is concerned, but what makes the 828mkII stand out from the crowd is the CueMix DSP mixer. That is the whole reason I bought an 828mkII. And it worked perfectly, just as advertised. I was able to create four seperate stereo (zero-latency) mixes to send to my headphone amps. With any other interface you would have to buy an external mixer to do the same job. The only interface on the market I like better than this one is the 896HD (also made by MOTU.) MOTU makes amazing gear for the price.

  • from SF CA September 1, 2005

    an integral choice

    not only does it work, no fuss no muss, the software integration with EG Mackie Univ Control makes it ideal for me. 1394EEEE means no chance of resource conflict, even if one had to use, say, Windows 2k. You will not go wrong with this one.

  • from Australia February 1, 2005

    MOTU 828mkII Unbeatable

    After researching and trailing other competitors, the Motu 828 has come up triumphs in every category. Price, Flexibility with it number of inputs, word clock and smpte, Options such as the midi and inserts points and where you want the headphones to monitor from and sound wise with the quality of the mic pre amps. The cue mix, which is supplied with the motu, helps with no latency monitoring for recording with your host software. As it gives you complete control. This unit with its options and features will make it not become a redundant piece of equipment. As if the inputs and outputs limit you then you can just add another one to it.I Have had no problems since day one with it and it runs along side Logic Audio like brothers in arms

  • from Kansas City, MO February 1, 2005

    It does more than I will ever need!

    I use this unit along with a Focusrite mic pre-amp that connects throught the optical port. It is my first experience with digital multi-tracking at home (I have only done radio production with Cool Edit then Adobe 1.0 after that) so just plugging everything thing in properly was the first hurdle. I actually used a tech eventually. I am getting more comfortable with it now and the things I am turning out sound very good. I did have trouble with it maping itself to my Adobe 1.0 so I bought the 1.5 upgrade and all was instantly fine. I am looking forward to the day when I become such an expert with this unit that I need to upgrade!

  • from Cuba,MO USA January 1, 2005

    MOTU 828MK2

    I'm very pleased with my 828Mk2. The Firewire interface works great, it's very fast and glitch free. I was sceptical at first as to how good the Firewire interface would be for audio in the real world. It's not a resource hog and it's rock solid. I work with a PC and Adobe Audition and it works flawlessly with excellent sound quality, this thing is great!

  • from Dallas Texas January 1, 2004

    828mkII HUGE improvement

    I just got my 828mkII. I sold my 828 and feared I would miss it. Although it worked great, the mkII is truly desktop music at its best when combined with a powerbook. The front panel is a marked improvement. its hard to believe that this thing costs no more than the 828 did when it came out. Its very easy to navigate around. CueMixPlus is a very flexible and convienient way of reducing the noise of an external mixer by eliminating it all together. I hooked it up to my titanium, lauched Logic Audio and in about 15 minutes I was back to work and working flawlessly. (ProTools is cool but I cant say I miss it much now). The 828mkII is truly one of the most useful tools Ive come accross in a while and Sweetwater got it to me FAST and kept me notified on when they recieved my payment and when it was shipped. great experience altogether.

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