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Taylor 814ce - Rosewood back and sides Reviews

5.0 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor 814ce - Rosewood back and sides?

Questions about the Taylor 814ce - Rosewood back and sides?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Mountain View, CA April 5, 2017

    Wonderful Sounding Instrument

    The Taylor 814CE was the first guitar that I bought from Sweetwater. I bought it back in 2014. The sound of this instrument, and its playability are amazing! The craftsmanship is a work of art. I love this guitar!

  • from China/US February 7, 2017Music Background:
    Played for about 20 years, recent 5 years or so seriously

    Great fit for everything!

    First let me say thanks to Jason Koons and his crew for all the great service and products they give each time. Excellent. Wonderful every time. Now to the guit. I've had it for a few months now, and I must admit, if I had to only choose one acoustic, this would probably be it. The last acoustic I bought from Sweetwater was a Martin OMCPA1+, which was awesome, especially for lead/soloing. Each note was so punchy and clear, it was beautiful; however, it lacked bass. This Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium is that perfect middle ground between my orchestra model Martin and my dreadnoughts. It's not an overbearing bass, but definitely enough if you want to jam out and pound some bar chords or whatever (which was kind of missing on the smaller Martin). Also, if you want to play some lead everything is crystal clear and articulate, it really jangles. For some reason, I really feel the vibrations on this Taylor much more when playing finger-style as compared to the Martin. Not sure if it's just the thickness of the top or what, but it just feels and plays beautifully. It almost makes me wonder what the Martin GPCPA1 would have been like, as I can't say what their Grand Performance would be like compared to Taylor's Grand Auditorium. All I can say is, this Taylor plays awesomely and looks absolutely beautiful. I would recommend this guitar (not just brand, but body style as much or more so) to anyone looking for an all around acoustic, something that can both solo and just outright hammer on. It will truly meet your every need. Can't forget the setup as well. For some reason my Martin's action was too high and had to take it in to adjust it after I received it, but this Taylor came in the mail perfect. Took it out and the action was just right, played like butter right out of the case. Awesomeness. Can't wait to buy another guitar from Sweetwater.

  • from Spencer, NY December 17, 2016Music Background:
    Music Enthusiast

    Taylor 814ce - Exceptional Instrument

    I purchased the 814ce because I wanted a versatile acoustic instrument with a big sound that could be played with or without amplification and that provided access to the upper frets. This instrument fits the bill in every way. This is a beautiful instrument that plays easily and sounds great, both unamplified and amplified. The intonation across the entire fretboard was spot on and I needed no setup whatsoever to have an eminently playable instrument. I have a Martin D-41 that projects a sound that none of my other guitars can match, but this instrument is close to the Martin in sound (at least to my ears), is much easier to play, gives access to the upper frets, can be amped, and is more versatile. Whether I play this instrument with a pick or with fingers, this instrument has more than met my expectations. I've had this guitar for about 3 months now, and I expect it to be a mainstay in my collection for many years.

  • from Auburn IN October 27, 2016Music Background:
    In a band for many many years.

    Even the congregation notices

    The sound is amazingly richer and the electronics infinitely better than the Taylor 214 CE I have been playing for years in the Worship team band.

    I appreciate a quality instrument more than I thought I would and love it.


  • from Wesley Chapel, FL October 6, 2016

    Sweet Luxury

    I have been looking for a great guitar for decades, I am not a professional so I had a hard time justifying spending much money on a guitar. Fortunately, the Lord blessed me and I am in a position to do the bucket list and this is the Holy Grail. Easy to play, great sound beautiful and what else could be said. Joe Shafer was a wonderful engineer, price, service were great....thrilled across the board.

  • from SE Ohio August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Played in a 60s rock band, just enjoy entertaining myself.

    One fine guitar

    The Taylor 814 ce is a dream come true for me. I have several popular brand guitars but the Taylor just topped my list. Why? It is absolutely beautiful, craftsmanship second to none, and the sound is unbelievable. The resonated tone is perfect and you can feel it in the neck and body while you play. The tuners are fantastic and the beast stays in tune. I find it so hard to put away after sitting down to play. Although I have played guitar over 60 years, I find this one has opened a whole new dimension of creativity for me.

  • from SE Ohio July 13, 2016Music Background:
    I have played guitar over 60 years.

    Taylor 814 CE ES2 - Outstanding Guitar

    This guitar rocks! It is absolutely beautiful, plays like a dream, and the resonating sound/tone is of unmatched quality.

    Thank you Sweetwater and especially my personal Sales Engineer, Steven Chamoun, for helping me make this decision and purchase.

  • from Milwaukee, WI June 7, 2016


    Incredible sound with nuance for miles. Rich, balanced and absolutely a blast to pound on or to fingerpick. The best guitars in the world are being made today and this is one of them. I have waited a lifetime for an acoustic to sound this good.

  • from Ms. April 17, 2016

    Taylor Guitar is A Masterpiece

    This Taylor guitar is a masterpiece! Great sound, excellent playability and beautifully crafted guitar. I couldn't ask for more, I really like this guitar. Thank you Taylor.

  • from Hermon, Maine April 5, 2016Music Background:
    Play worship service at Church


    This 814CE is an amazing guitar, you can see the quality and expertise that went in to crafting this piece of equipment. The sound will blow you away. The people at Sweetwater from sales to 55 point check to shipping are very professional. You won't be disappointed with this choice of guitar if you're on the fence as I was, I made the right choice

  • from California March 31, 2016

    Taylor 814ce

    I love my Taylor 814ce. It's awesome and I'm a Martin man so take note of that. It's expensive but worth it, I think. Very balanced, great tone and sweet sustain, playability is great and looks sweet as well. It took my girlfriends breath away and brought a tear to my eye when I opened the box. Very happy and I love my sales engineer, Evan Mehre.

  • from Little Rock December 21, 2015Music Background:
    amateur, strummer with some picks, blues, jazzy blues/rock,

    the one

    I had three guitars, including a Martin HD28, I need to travel light now, so I set out to see if there was One guitar that could satisfy all my guitar needs. The 814ce is the One. No long story needed here; every characteristic of this guitar is at least excellent. The tone, volume, projection, playability are all exceptional. Tjhe neck design is a comforable and workable as anything out there. The looks and style are simple but very nice. I'm good with this One.

  • from August 1, 2015Music Background:
    45 years

    Awesome guitar!

    I decided to drive up to Sweetwater to compare some guitars. My intention was to buy a Martin OMCPA1 but needed to compare some models to it. I tried the Martin OMCPA1 and GPCPA1 along with the Taylor 414ce, 614ce and 814ce. I immediately discovered the Martin guitars sounded muted and dead compared to the Taylor models. All of the Taylors hand a great resonance about them, and were clean and bright. Needless to say I told them to put the Martins back. It then fell on a decision between the Taylor models. The 614ce was awesome but the projection of sound was not as much as the 414 or 814. ( due to the wood configuration Maple VS Ovenkol, and Rosewood). Still a GREAT guitar. The decision then came down to the 2 guitars 414 and 814 ce's. Both great playing guitars with rich lively sound. I will admit it was a tough decision but I went with the 814ce because it had a little more resonance with a deeper sound. I then had them bring all of the inventory of 814's up to compare and I made my decision after playing all 5, and yes there was a difference between them all including the cosmetics. Kudo's to Jacob and all the staff for putting up with me and what I put them through. It proves that CUSTOMER SERVICE still lives! I would suggest to everyone, if your serious about playing try out the guitars you are interested in before buying. It has proved to be successful for me and working with Sweetwater is the place to start!

  • from South Florida June 30, 2015Music Background:
    Playing guitar on and off over several decades...non-professional.

    Taylor 814 CE ES2 - Fabulous guitar!

    I just received my Taylor 814 CE and it is an outstanding guitar - I have been looking at guitars for a year and finally decided on the Taylor - it was the right decision! The tone is superb and the new bracing really allows the guitar to sing...sound is very balanced across the fretboard. The setup out of the box is great which is very impressive...and it required just a little tuning and I have been playing it for 3 days now. What I am also pleased with the action...my hand sometimes gets tired as I have a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome, but after 3 days my hand is not tired at all.

    I looked at Takamine, Gibson, Martin...as well as a few others and I kept going back to the Taylor which in the end was the right choice for me. While a bit more expensive than some other models I was considering, I would just say it is worth every penny as the quality is excellent.

    This was my first major purchase from Sweetwater and I could not be happier with the service and support...my sales engineer, Joe Schafer is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful through the purchase process. I ordered the guitar on Wednesday and had it in my hands on Saturday... I will continue doing business with Sweetwater for all my musical needs.

  • from Tucson, AZ USA January 26, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Acoustic guitarist, Electric guitar and Bass player

    2014 Taylor 814CE w/ES2 - Absolute Superb, world class gigging instrument!

    I've played my 2014 Taylor 814CE w/ES2 PU at countless gigs over the past several months. (Thanks to Alan Finkbeiner at Sweetwater for expect consultation and assistance!) My primary need was to get a cutaway acoustic guitar with a built-in Pickup that has on-board controls. I needed an acoustic guitar to produce the best possible amplified acoustic sound that is natural and authentic sounding. In short, the Taylor 814CE with ES2 Pickup system delivers!!! It outperforms my Santa Cruz D/PW w/K&K Pure Western Mini Pick up in several ways. (And I love that guitar!)

    The ES2 PU is amazing. I personally never liked the earlier Taylor ES1 Expression Systems. They worked, but don't sound nearly as natural or authentic as the ES2. The ES2 onboard controls sound great right near the center-detent position.

    My beef with a lot of Taylor acoustic guitars was the treble and upper fret notes often sounded thin and weak. The updated/redesign updates that Andy Powers made to the 800 series guitars solve that! The optimized top thickness, updated bracing pattern and thinner laquer finish paired with the Elixer HD strings make for a superb Taylor that outperforms many earlier models in my experience! I wanted a great 'amplified' acoustic/electric sound, but I also got a KILLER Acoustic sound.

    Taylor neck shapes are incredibly easy to play and I prefer 1-3/4" string spacing. So all in all, this new era of Taylor acoustics is an unqualified success and huge leap forward! The bass response is much richer and the treble response is well balanced and fatter than my previous experience. I've owned a few nice Taylor acoustics before. This guitar outperforms all of them. Any Taylor purchase I make going forward will include the ES2 Pick up system without question! If it doesn't have the ES2, I don't want it. It's that good!

  • from Galveston, Tx January 22, 2015Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist Guitar Player

    A fine instrument

    This is really a fine instrument. I cannot compare it to my 1977 Martin D18, as far as richness of tone is concerned. However, it has an outstanding tone regardless without amplification. It is incredibly easy to play finger style or with a pick. The action adjustments from Sweetwater were spot on.
    "Amplified" through Garage Band, the instrument sounds great. The low strings were a little less rich, but I haven't put played the instrument through by blues amp, yet, or played enough with the controls. I am enjoying playing this instrument without amplification. I highly recommend this instrument and Sweetwater for its customer service.

  • from Lockesburg, AR November 27, 2014Music Background:

    great guitar, even greater service

    I love this guitar. I had some issues with the first one I received (minor fret noise).When I couldn't resolve it with Marty's help, I sent it back and they sent me a new one, no problem. they made sure I was satisfied. This Taylor guitar is awesome.

  • from Sacramento, CA October 31, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, recordist

    A fine guitar

    A really outstanding instrument! Compared to my Taylor 314ce, it has a generally warmer, richer, and louder voice. The new 814e has solved my major beef with the 314 and other Taylors (and Martins) I've played, namely uneven bass notes on the D, A, and E strings. I play mainly finger style and often like to use the fleshy part of the side of my thumb (rather than the fingernail) in order to bring out more fundamental and less overtones. Happily this guitar allows me to do this and get some sustain. The 314 and others just went "bloop" mainly above the 3nd fret. Even at the 7th fret I get some nice rich bass sustain with the 814e.

    The ES2 pickup is also outstanding and quite true to the acoustic timbre. It has more output than the ES1 system which is also excellent.

    You'll likely want to lower the action on this guitar. The slightly fatter E, B, G strings (.001" larger in diameter) of the Elixer HD Light set along with the factory standard action make it a little more difficult to play. I lowered the the saddle .055" (a little under 1/16") and left the nut alone.

  • from Louisville, Ky. October 31, 2014

    So many guitars, so little time.

    Okay, this is the fourth guitar I have purchased from Sweetwater, but the first time I have sat down to write a review, I suppose it's time. Suffice it to say, I am an extremely happy customer. There are plenty of options out there that allow us to spend our hard earned money on musical equipment. Even though I still shop around quite a bit before I make a purchase, I ultimately do a deal with Sweetwater. Great customer service (thanks Paul Bates), great website, and the best prices I have found.
    I will undoubtedly be purchasing from Sweetwater in the future, after all, you can never have too many toys.

  • from Palatine, IL October 26, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist - Singer Songwriter

    Taylor 814ce ES2 - It Get's No Better Than This

    Wow, just to start! This guitar is amazing. I purchased this guitar through Sweetwater back in March of 2014 when they had to be pre-ordered. The sound, clarity and the note separation is unbelievable. I am more and more impressed every time I play it. I own three other Taylors and this guitar is by far the best sounding. I had a minor issue with the pick guard and Sweetwater arrange for Taylor to send me a replacement. We also arranged to have an authorized Taylor service provider (which is only 2 miles from my home) rather than sending the guitar back to them, replace it at no charge. Aaron, my sales rep, has been fantastic in his response to any question or issues that I have ever had with any Items I have bought at Sweetwater.

  • from Nashville, Tennessee September 15, 2014Music Background:
    Not a professional, nor a beginner. Playing off and over the last 45 years. Just doing music of various forms for the fun of it.

    Taylor 814ce, A Sweet Guitar from Sweetwater

    I purchase a Taylor 814ce last month. How does a sound get better than this, Really? I have spent months playing this guitar in stores and have compared it to the Martin Grand Performer series. The Martin is a great sounding guitar. The Taylor 814ce just surpasses the quality of the Martin in sound volume, richness of tone and sustain. The Martin's appearance is that of a little more elegance in choice of components, finish overall and especially the head stock. The elegance factor is only incidental and not that much different. I buy for sound, not looks. The build quality of the Martin and Taylor is excellent in both brands. The Martin's all have the booming low end for bluegrass or country. The Taylor has enough low end and overall is more tenor sounding than Martin. I find it fits all genre very well.
    This is my third Taylor guitar purchase since January. I still have them all. Partial to Taylor?? Well Yeah, so it would seem. I admit it, however, I am not totally blind to considering another brand if I find something else superior to a Taylor. I won't consider a Gibson even after having a Les Paul Custom that I had for five years and later sold back in the 70's. I also have a B-20 acoustic that I have had for the last 40 years. Good instruments both, just not the sound I want now. Gibson does not seem to innovate as much as Taylor or Martin. You can't go wrong with the Taylor 814 nor the Martin competitor. All about what you want and what fits you. Hope you find this helpful.

  • from Tucson, AZ September 9, 2014Music Background:

    Great Guitar and even better service

    I love this guitar and the service I got from Dave was great as always.

  • from Trenton, OH September 2, 2014Music Background:
    Live/Studio Musician

    2014 814ce ES2 First Edition

    The selection of the 2014 Taylor 814ce was a looooong journey, but a decision I am extremely happy I made. Sweetwater, and specifically my sales engineer, Randy Akins, were very helpful to me in the process. I give the guitar a full 5 stars because this guitar is worthy of the honor both tonally and aesthetically. However, I will say that I was a bit disappointed with Taylor's QC, as I am accustomed to nothing but the highest of quality from Taylor (I also own a Taylor T5 Custom). I only say this because although the guitar itself is of perfect tone and beauty, finding one without some issue was a task. On this journey, Sweetwater sent 2 to my home and I drove almost 3 hrs one-way on two separate occasions to Sweetwater in an attempt to find "the one." I ultimately decided to keep the one Randy hand-picked for me, although the pick guard is a bit crooked and there were noticeable burrs on the neck near the first fret (come on, Taylor!) and at this price point we shouldn't have to deal with even a minor flaw! So, why did I keep it and not request a refund or yet another exchange? Well, ultimately it all comes down to the playability and the sound that this guitar produces. I must brag on Sweetwater a bit more and say that through this process, they were very, very accommodating, and tried to ensure that I was happy with my purchase. On one occasion, Randy had several guitars prepared in advance for my arrival so I could play them all. Then the staff brought the ones I hadn't played yet from the warehouse so I could play them as well. I can say that I played 2 new Gibson J-45 Customs, 8 of the new Taylor 814ce's, a 714ce cedar top, a 2014 Taylor Fall Limited 714ce with Sassafras, a Martin Marquis D-28 (one of my dream guitars) and others...but the 2014 Taylor 814ce, in my opinion, blew them all away....minor flaws or not. I believe the sound that comes from this guitar must be due to the new method of bracing introduced by Taylor's new luthier, Andy Powers. I've played more expensive Taylors and none of them have produced the tone that comes from the 2014 Taylor 814ce. If you have already established that the new 814ce is "the one" for you, I recommend taking a trip to Sweetwater and hand-picking the exact one you want. Here's a brief list of issues I encountered playing the new 814ce's: 1). crooked pickguard on at least 3 of the guitars I played 2). severe fret buzz on at least 2 of them 3). buzzing from internal components when playing a B note on 2nd string on at least 3 of the guitars 4). and you have to consider that although the use of the streaked ebony for the fretboard is rather cool, it can produce both positive and negative aesthetics (depending on what you think looks good) and finally 5). the use of rosewood on the pickguard is the same as the streaked ebony - some of the guitars have amazing looking pickguards while others are so-so and not as impressive. The challenge is finding the one that has all of the elements combined that makes you happy. I can honestly say that although it was a rather frustrating journey, I would do it all again to get the sound this guitar produces.

  • from La Fayette, GA March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for about 4 years,

    2014 Taylor 814CE ES2

    This new Taylor 814ce ES2 lives up to the hype. Just received it 1 week ago and still can't believe it's mine. Nice beautiful even sound. Setup was perfect right out of case. Sound is amazing! Looks are amazing! Everyone that I have let play it doesn't want to give it back. Andy Powers designed a masterpiece and it has already won many awards. Ben Porter is also my sales rep and he always goes the extra mile to make you happy and your purchase go smoothly. Great to have someone you enjoy dealing with and also helps that he knows guitars. Bottom line, call up Ben at Sweetwater and order the new 814CE and you will be, as Phil Robertson says, Happy! Happy! Happy!

  • from Napa Calif. March 19, 2014Music Background:
    41 years playing Guitar hobbyist

    2014 Taylor 814ce 1st Edition

    This is my second taylor purchase from sweetwater, (best place to buy all your musical gear buy the way)
    The first was march 2013 a taylor 314ce and Ben porter was my sales engineer, Ben is Awesome! He answered all my questions and gave me just enough Information so I could make the best decision on a guitar for my needs.
    So one year later he followed up with an email to let me know if I needed anything in the future he would be glad to help. Thats what we as customers want, good service and follow up. So I told him I was considering a 2014 taylor 814ce 1st Edition, and if it was possible to get one, I looked all over the internet and they were all sold out, Taylor only made 200 of these, so I figured I would just get the regular 814ce which was fine. So he put me down for a preorder for the next month. Two days later he called me and said they might be getting two of these in and he would hold one aside for me. ( Of course I said yes)
    And when I received it in march 2014, I was impressed with the new design and over all sound that taylor made with the new improvements on the 814ce series. So thanks ben, and sweetwater for all your help to make this another great experience on buying a very high end guitar.
    The 24 months Financing was a plus, it made it possible to not pass up.
    I know when I need to add another guitar to add to my collection this is where I will come to purchase it.

  • from Birmingham, Al October 14, 2014Music Background:
    long time elec and acoustic player

    814CE ES2 2014

    I love the thicker tone of this model over the tone of my 612CE. This Grand Auditorium body and the new electronics are very nice. I had compared a 2013 last generation pickup system to this one. the 2014 has more energy.
    I was however not completely happy with the guitar setup out of the box. Notes/chords on the first 4 frets had a buzz that I specifically stated I did not want to happen. I was told that the 55 point pre-delivery checklist would catch that and would not happen. I had even offered to pay extra for a good setup before delivery but decided during speaking with the salesperson that would not be needed. Sweetwater did give me a $40 store credit since I will need to have a tech near my home make some fixes.
    Sweetwater was a very easy company to do business with BUT you need to read the fine print on the 24 month "no interest" offer administered by Synchrony Bank.

Questions about the Taylor 814ce - Rosewood back and sides?

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