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Genelec 8040A Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Paul Lea

    My initial impression upon finding that Genelec had discontinued their beloved 1030As and 1031As and had replaced them with these "egg-shaped" monitors was that they had surely made a mistake. How could they possibly sound as good, let alone exhibit the same sonic characteristics that made my mixes done on 1031A's translate so well to any system? Imagine my surprise when I found that not only had Genelec succeeded in matching their previous pride's performance, but that they had actually improved upon it all! Don't skimp when it comes to studio monitors! Buy these monitors and a seriously marked improvement in your mixes will be sure to follow.

  • Scott Augustyniak

    WOW! What an incredible studio monitor. I had the privilege of trying these out in my studio and was completely blown away. I was hearing flaws in mixes that I never knew existed until I monitored through these. Very accurate for hearing things like reverb trails and high frequencies. Without a doubt, these will take your mixes to the next level.

  • from UK December 21, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    8040 - is necessary and sufficient.

    8040 - is necessary and sufficient in all nearfield aplications. Good price. Amazing quality.

  • from UK / Russia December 18, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Musician

    The finest quality monitoring system.

    Best build quality.
    Best sound reproduction quality.
    Best sound neutrality and definition.
    Best stereo and 3D imaging.
    Best perfomance / size.
    Best nearfield monitoring system.
    An industry standard.

  • from IRAN July 18, 2008Music Background:
    sound engineer-vocalist-composer


    excellent for my 3*3 m control room(project studio)
    they don`t lie to you at all!!
    but sit in best position against them to hear the best balance and to judge.
    thanks genelec.

  • from Beirut Lebanon October 4, 2009Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician, compositor, mixing engineer

    A True Reference

    This monitor is a true reference. mix down everything on it, and export. no need for A/B comparisons.

    However it is very very clear and true which means u have to adapt urself with it quite a while.

    And one other thing is that u MUST to do is u must sit exactly in the middle, once u move a bit to the left or right or even backwards the sound changes a little, but hey u dont have to move, just sit and do ur work.

    The bass amount is very very good, i dont use a subwoofer. of course this is a nearfield monitor, the amount of level is limited, its a 6.5" monitor, even that its powerfull enough.

  • from Macon, GA October 7, 2006Music Background:
    Recording/Mixing Engineer, Producer, Live Sound Engineer

    Genelec does it right, yet again.

    These monitors are really the go-to monitors for smaller to medium sized rooms while the 8050's work very well for larger control rooms.

    Genelec has always been the speaker that sounds like home to me. While other companies manufacture great monitors in their own right, my personal experience (which really is what choosing your monitors comes down to) has been that while other monitors are favored for specific reasons by other engineers, my mixes through Genelecs always translated to other speakers and systems better than using Meyer HD-1, KRK E8, or Yamaha NS10 monitors.

    Like everyone else who loves Genelecs, I was horrified that they had discontinued the 1031's and were replacing them with a monitor that looked NOTHING like them, being made from a wholly different material no less. "How on earth were these even going to be similar enough to wear the Genelec name?", I thought.

    Much to everyones suprise and joy, Genelec not only succeeded, but in many ways I feel that the new metal enclosures and other improvements create an even more balanced monitor.

    Since I am a big fan of the smaller monitor, the 8040A represents just what may be the perfect monitor for me. The bottom end extends far enough to really know what is going on with the bottom end without reproducing enough to interfere with your room. The 8040A's also have that perfectly tailored mid to low range that leave the other monitors in this price range sounding shrill and a whole lot more fatiguing. With the Genelecs I can mix for long stretches at reasonable volumes (borderline loud is reasonable for me) without tiring out in just an hour or two.

  • from UK April 1, 2005

    Wow!!! What a sound

    I was in the market for a pair of high standard studio monitors.

    I came across the Genelec 8040a's and then compared them with other similar priced monitors. The Genelec's won hands down. They sound so clean, true and bring the best out of a track. You hear every detail.

    I first liked the Mackie 824's, but soon noticed the its bass end was muddy. Then i set the mackie to its 47hz mode which makes it more flat, but the Genelec still had a much much better bass end with its 48hz LF response.

    The Genelec 8040's sound amazing, with crisp highs, revealing mids, and a punchy yet tight bass.

    Not a single decent mastered track sound bad on the Genelecs, the good just sounded good.

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