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Samson 7Kit Reviews

3.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Customer
    from Alexandria, IN July 31, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Great mics for the price

    Our church was needing some mics but we were on a budget. This set matched perfectly what we were looking for. The sound is GREAT! The ONLY con in the set are the brackets. They are a bit bulky and not inconspicuous. Amazing set of drum mics, however. I would recommend these to anyone looking for some and wanting to stay under budget.

  • Charles
    from Wisconsin September 19, 2015

    Samson drum mics

    I really like my new Samson drum mics! They sound great and I like the fact that they come with holders & a nice travel case. The price was right too!

  • Ryan
    from December 7, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Good Mics Overall However...

    These mics are good mics for their price... However, their clamp system for the toms and snare is absolutely awful. Mounting these to your toms is a challenge. The worst part of it all is that the clamps aren't removable. If you know how to EQ properly then these mics are great. If you don't.. Buy a different set of mics. Overall, I'm pleased.. They're just not the best.

  • Sebastian Underwood II
    from Chico, California September 3, 2013Music Background:

    microphone review

    I got the wires and then I ran it through a new crown ITL2500 and plugged it in to speakers, my 2 PV peavey 215 one powered and other passive. And they sound great the only thing I need to work towards is individually preamping the condenser mic's.

  • Kip
    from Atlanta, GA July 4, 2006Music Background:
    pro musician, engineer

    Sound great, but there's a secret

    I bought the Samson 7Kit based on reviews that I read on this site, so I wanted to be sure to put in my own 2 cents. Read on, there's important stuff in this review. I bought the 7Kit because I wanted to fill out my drum mics some more. I already had a Shure 57 on snare and an AKG D112 for kick, but I really needed a good set of overheads and also microphones that were actually designed for use on toms. Let me just say that as far as that is concerned, I'm blown away. I always heard great reviews about the C02's and they are true. Furthermore, the QTom mics sound great, and the QSnare sounds good too. My current setup is my 57 on snare top, Qsnare on snare bottom, QToms on each tom, my D112 on kick, C02's overhead, and if I ever want to have a extra kick drum mic on the beater side, I can use the Qkick. But now for what I consider the untold secret of the 7Kit that for some reason I never heard mentioned in any of the reviews. It was the first thing that struck me when I opened the case. The thing is that the QTom mics and the Qsnare are completely made out of plastic and their mounts are plastic too and are actually permanently joined to the mics. The problem with this is that if you have the next Dave Grohl in your studio and he hits a QTom with his stick, it could be ruined. In my opinion there’s a possibility that sustaining a very hard blow could probably snap the mount in half if not destroy the mic itself. Also, because of the way the QTom mounts are, you cannot get the mic to be low profile. This can be bad because some drummers really like to have cymbals right over or near the toms and the QTom mics get in the way because they are high profile. If this really concerns you, but you still need affordable tom mics you may want to check out the Audix F10’s. The F10’s are metal, have detachable mounts, and you can get them very low profile. I used F10’s for a live album I recorded and I was very satisfied, but I chose the 7Kit instead because they were less expensive, had good reviews, and I really wanted the C02’s. Now, let me clarify a couple of things. The C02’s and QKick are metal and have quality detachable rubber mounts (the Qkick is actually pretty hefty.) Let me also clarify that YES I would recommend these mics to other buyers and I am very pleased with the sound. But, I fear a day when I may be down a tom mic. I hope that doesn’t happen because I really like my 7Kit.

  • Ron
    from Philadelphia PA. January 10, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    If you use RIMS suspension on toms forget these mics

    I purchased these mics based on budget and the good reviews. What I didn't think to ask about was if the mic clips would fit on the RIMS suspension system. Well they won't easily attach and you will take a chance on breaking a clip if you try to force them on. Also, the clips are permanently attached so if you do break one that's all she wrote. I wrote to Samson about this issue and asked for some advice on how to deal with this but they do not answer e-mails for assistance. I'm very disappointed with Samson for their lack of concern for customer's satisfaction after purchasing one of their products to say the least.

    On the good side I have to admit for the price they sound pretty good BUT because of their lack of concern for the customer I will not recomend anything made by this company. Buy a product made by a good old reliable company who will back what they sell. Remember, you may need customer service at some point.

  • moy
    from los angeles January 3, 2010Music Background:
    live sound engineer, FOH engineer, recording engineer, musician, student

    not all good

    i use these mics in a live enviroment. im not blown away, im not wowed, i honestly can say worst 200 dollars i spent, i got them on sale, but i hate the sound, its weak and it just sounds awful in the speakers, im better off puting sm58s on the toms, the overheads are good and kick mic is good, but as far as i know the toms are ugh!! the snare is pretty good too, but those qmics for toms are disgusting

  • Customer
    July 1, 2005

    These Mics Rock

    These Mics are AWESOME. I'm not some amateur engineer wanna be. Been in the business full time working with live audio and show production for 6 years now. Just purchased 7Kit for low budget proyect, however i decided to bring them out for a gig.

    All I can say is THESE ARENT SOME CHEAP CHINESE MICS. I just did sound check with a loud rock band through a Nexo System, brought them up, very little eq, and they sound great. No feedback problems with any of the mics and no rattling or hum induced from the drum clips. What else could you ask for?

    If you can't afford a 1000 dollar mic package with condensers for toms and large condensers for OH and highhats. Or don't have an international act requiring certain microphones, then don't think twice about spending you're money on these.

  • Customer
    October 1, 2004

    love em

    I used these mics on my bands project and during the project one of my overheads went bad and the store replaced it then one of the tom mics went bad and again it was replaced. but overall they sound great and even though the mics had the problems im glad i got them.

  • Joshua S. Zaring
    from Middleburg, PA February 1, 2004

    Chosen over Shure!!

    I recently purchased the 7 mic set and I love 'em. I chose them over the Shure PG series because believe it or not they sound the same. Why pay hundreds more for a name? Same goes for the Nady condenser mics, I haven't tried any of the dynamic Nady's yet but I love the clear sound. So before you sneer and say I bought these mics because I'm cheap, think again, I also own 4 Shure sm57's, and AKG pair, Rode condenser, and a U87. Oh, and the drum clips for the rim of the drums are cool too and make it less cluttered for the drummer.

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