Sound Devices CL-8

Remote Mixing Surface for 788T Digital Field Recorder with Eight Faders, 16 Buttons, and LED Indicators
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Sound Devices CL-8 image 1
Sound Devices CL-8 image 1
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Sound Devices CL-8
Special Order

Get the Most Out of Your 788T with This Mixer!

The Sound Devices CL-8 remote mixer gives your 788T recorder increased functionality, without sacrificing portability. The CL-8 can be bus-powered from the 788T, or used remotely for maximum flexibility. It includes eight large rotary faders and push-buttons, allowing you to easily control several of the recorder's function from a mixer-style surface. You can quickly and easily assign inputs, control several functions on each input, and even add more record tracks. Made to complement the dimensions and look of the 788T, the CL-8 definitely completes the package!

Sound Devices CL-8 Remote Mixer for 788T Digital Recorder at a Glance:
  • Expand and enhance your 788T's functionality
  • Take control
  • A perfect complement to the 788T
Expand and enhance your 788T's functionality

The CL-8 is a powerful mixing control surface for Sound Devices 788T recorder. Its large rotary faders and push buttons bring extensive mixer-type control to 788T inputs. The lightweight CL-8 can used either mounted or remote from the 788T. The CL-8 firmware adds additional record tracks to the 788T. These new tracks can be monitored in headphones, recorded, and routed to 788T outputs.

Take control

The CL-8 features eight large, rotary faders to control levels of input-to-master-track (L, R) and input-to-aux-track levels (post-fade). With its tactile buttons, control over each input's highpass filter, limiter, polarity, mute status, and routing is quick with visual indication on the CL-8 front panel. The CL-8 provides shortcuts to route inputs to the left/right mix tracks and Aux 1 and Aux 2 tracks.

A perfect complement to the 788T

Built to perfectly complement the 788T, the CL-8 matches the recorder's dimensions. Aesthetically, the CL-8 shares the same elegant and functional looks of is recorder companion. Whether you rackmount it or use it remotely, this mixing surface will let you get the most out of your 788T, while its durable aluminum and stainless steel construction make it dependable in the field.

Sound Devices CL-8 Remote Mixer for 788T Digital Mixer Features:
  • Eight faders for level control of 788T inputs
  • Tactile buttons for control of highpass, limiter, polarity, and mute of each input
  • Button to activates the slate microphone on the 788T
  • Quickly assign inputs to Left, Right, Aux 1, and Aux 2 record tracks
  • Signal presence and input peak indicators
  • LED indicators for Left, Right, Aux1, Aux2, limiter, highpass, and polarity indicators
  • Bus-powered by the 788T
  • Connects directly to the 788T using the USB port, with USB keyboard pass-through; can be mounted directly to the 788T
  • Aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Designed for the same operational environmental extremes as Sound Devices field mixers
The Sound Devices CL-8 lets you get the most out of your 788T recorder!

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Manufacturer Part Number CL-8

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Glaring lack of Panning

The CL8 is beautifully constructed to the typically high Sound Devices performance and construction standards, but even though it claims to add functionality to the 788T, it really only adds convenience. The CL8 functions are available using the 788T set-up menus. Using the CL8 controls makes the functions more easily available, but adds no real functionality. The glaring lack of variable panning is shameful at this price point. For audio ensemble recording, being able to produce a properly panned and balanced monitor mix is very useful. Then788T alone cannot do this and adding the CL8 "mixer" does not provide this much needed function. The larger sized input gain knobs look nice, and the immediate access to the LPF routing and mute is a timesaver, but those functions are all already available on the 788T menus. Adding a needed function like variable panning might justify the CL8 price, without that function, the CL8 is really only a "fancy" control panel for the existing 788T functions. It's sad that Sound Device appears to have "missed the boat" on this one. I love my 788T, but feel the CL8 is a complete waste of space and battery power.
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