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Chameleon Labs 7802 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from March 27, 2012

    Great compressor!

    I've been using this primarily as a 2mix compressor and I'm loving it! It has character that you would normally have to spend significantly more money to get. I particularly like the "drive" knob on this. As you start adding more 'drive' it adds some tasty grit to your mix and actually starts to clean up quite a bit in the 300Hz area in a really good way (IMO). I DID learn that although it has a stereo 'link' switch, you still need to (manually) dial up both sides to keep things even. The first mix that I used this on came out lop-sided because I wasn't paying close attention to that. Otherwise, I have been a huge fan of this box. I'd buy another one if I lost this for some reason.

  • from Tulsa, OK December 21, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Mixer

    Nothing Like It!

    This thing is great - there is absolutely nothing like it in this price range. I was looking for a compressor that I could run while tracking live drums. Something that would be simple,. effective, and do the simple task of taming peaks on kick, snare, and toms when tracking into the DAW to help avoid clipping on the "perfect take."

    Turns out, this thing does a GREAT JOB at just that! I don't find it necessary to spend $2000 on a comp that I will only use a few dB of in the tracking stage - just something that won't screw with my tone! This unit (though it has a tube) sounds pretty transparent and is only gritty if you want it to be via the drive knob. You can get some pretty cool sounds by playing with the knobs on the 7802.

    Another great feature is its bypass right on the front panel - bypasses the entire circuit, even the output volume. It's as if you didn't even hook it up. This is great because I can hard wire them after a preamp pair and set it and forget it for a session. I make myself two channels strips for kick and snare, and if I want comp, I'll keep it in and if not, flip the bypass.

    TOTALLY worth the price. Easily sounds as good as compressors that are $800 PER CHANNEL, let alone two.

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