Lindell Audio 77X Stereo Compressor/Limiter

500 Series Stereo FET Compressor/Limiter with Stepped Controls, Built-in Highpass Sidechain Filter, Attack and Release Knobs, Link Mode, and True Bypass
Lindell Audio 77X Stereo Compressor/Limiter image 1
Lindell Audio 77X Stereo Compressor/Limiter image 1

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Lindell Audio 77X Stereo Compressor/Limiter
In Stock!

Classic Dynamics Control, Times Two

The Lindell Audio 77X-500 is a stereo version of the company's 7X-500 compressor/limiter. The 77X-500 is a double-wide 500 Series module, and Lindell has added Attack and Release knobs that give you exacting signal-shaping capabilities. You can run the unit unlinked or linked; all the FET transistors are matched for excellent stereo tracking. 77X-500 packages the sound of one of the most popular compressor/limiters of all time into the convenient 500 Series format, while giving you all the useful functionality you could ask for. There's a a highpass sidechain filter, which lets you focus its response, and a mix knob the lets you blend its wet and dry signals to taste. With its top-drawer functionality, sonics, and value, we're liking the Lindell Audio 77X-500. So will you.

Lindell 77X-500 500 Series Stereo Compressor at a Glance:
  • Mix control lets you crush your sound, without losing definition
  • Continuous control over attack and release
  • Highpass sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune your dynamics
Mix control lets you crush your sound, without losing definition

Here's a common scenario: you're trying to get an absolutely massive kick sound, so you crush that track mercilessly, and just when you've giving it all the umph you need, you realize that the transient from the beater's completely buried in the mix. Normally, that's when you give a profound sigh, zero out your compressor, and start over from scratch. Lindell's 77X-500 compressor saves you that frustration with its mix control, allowing you to beef up your compression and the blend in the dry signal to bring back some of the original dynamics. New York has claimed the patent on this technique; at Sweetwater, we call it "parallel compression." You'll call it wonderfully effective. So go ahead, set your 77X-500 to its 100:1 "all-in" mode and abuse your tracks. The mix function always brings you back to golden.

Continuous control over attack and release

Its mono predecessor offers simple 3-way switches for attack and release, but that may not be ideal when you're dialing in your compression by ear. That's why most "serious" compressors offer continuous control over attack and release - and why the Lindell 77X-500 gives you nice big Attack and Release knobs. Whether you're taming your bass track or punching up some vocals, the Lindell 77X-500 is the right tool for the job.

Highpass sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune your dynamics

Whether you're going for the full French house effect, or just want to compress your drum overheads, having a built-in highpass on your sidechain is super convenient. The Lindell 77X-500's onboard highpass sidechain filter gives you three settings to choose from (off, 100Hz, and 300Hz), so it's easy to block out lows without needing to patch external processing.

Lindell Audio 77X-500 500 Series Stereo Compressor Features:
  • A powerful, affordable, and musical 500 Series stereo compressor
  • FET-based technology sounds eerily reminiscent of classic compressors from the late '60s
  • Variable mix control, for powerful parallel compression techniques
  • Attack and Release knobs give you exacting sound-shaping capability
  • 3-mode (off, 100Hz, and 300Hz) highpass sidechain filter lets you focus your dynamics
  • Choose from mild 4:1, heavy 12:1, and "all-in" 100:1 compression ratios
  • Run the channels linked or unlinked
  • True-bypass hardware preserves your sound when bypassed
  • 20-LED gain-reduction metering lets you keep an eye on the mix
Juice your 500 Series rack with the Lindell 77X-500!

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Manufacturer Part Number 77X-500

Customer Reviews

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Truly Excellent Compressor!

This compressor easily hangs with my Chandler Germanium pair, Elysia Xpressor and TK BC501. Just got it today and already used it on 2 of my 3 sessions. At any price a truly exceptional compressor! I love the side chain filters and mix knob.
Music background: Engineer/Producer

Look no further....

This is the most accurate Rev F 1176 I've heard. I think I even like it more than the original. HUGE pounding drums feel almost automatic with this compressor. It's hard to make it sound bad. The side chain filter was such a brilliant idea here and brings a great dynamic to the compressor. I sold my Xpressor to finance this and was unsure about doing it at first, but I'm glad I did it! If you're looking for an 1176 and have a two 500 series slots, you can't beat this in terms of value and sound. A dead accurate stereo 1176 for $749 - Who would have ever thought that?
Music background: Electronic Producer
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