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MXR M109 6-Band Graphic EQ Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • from New Albany, IN December 27, 2015Music Background:
    Hobby guitarist of 25+ years.

    Versatile EQ

    Added this to my signal chain and was impressed right way at how much clarity and clean boost it added to my sound. Seems like no matter where I place it in my chain it adds dynamics. Solid pedal by a great company and as always Sweetwater is a breeze to do business with. Highly recommend this pedal.

  • from Fort Carson, CO May 19, 2015

    Day and night difference and versatility.

    Simply put, felt like a blanket was removed from my amp after adding this thing to the mix. The tone change as very versatile as well. Can go from any type of setting with this. For the price this is the best deal out there. Out of all of the other in my change this one has added the biggest "wow factor to my sound"

  • from DFW, TX May 18, 2014Music Background:

    a true believer

    I have been spreading the word on the BBE sonic maximizer for years. Ever since i first saw one in action. Lately it has begun to sound digitized to me and i headed to the various forums looking for solutions like signal chain adjustment etc... what i found was NO love for the sonic stomp and TONS of praise for EQ pedals. This one in particular. The price tag on this unit made it an attractive chance to take. Couple that with the fact that i can't find many if any used ones for sale. (makes me think folks like ’em) So i got my unit, plugged er in, boosted the mids a hair and then slid bass and treble faders into a modest v shape and clicked the button. POW! I got a pleasant kick in the teeth volume wise, and everything was singing. A little more tweaking got me a great OOMPH on my low end, and i was able to roll offsome of the brittle-ness on my high end. Boost the upper-mids a bit. Now this rig sounds MEAN!! price point is great. small footprint on your pedaboard, built like a tank. It doesn’t play so well with popular daisy chain power solutions though because the A/C input is on the side rather than the top/back of the unit.

  • from NY March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Retired Pro

    Great, simple, effective!

    Well, I've tried the MXR 10 Band EQ and the new Whirlwind Perfect Ten EQ, and sometimes too many sliders can be a bad thing!
    Enter the MXR 6 Band EQ!
    Wow! The perfect secret weapon!
    For me the pedal's greatness lies in its "less is more" camp. I made very small adjustments to the 400 & 800 frequencies (one a little below 0 and one a little above 0) and then adjusted the last two sliders up ever so slightly for a touch of presence. The clarity and cut is fantastic!
    The above mentioned 10 Band EQ's were very processed sounding to my ears, even when they were at "0"/unity, and had way too much going on. The MXR M109 is just the opposite: VERY organic sounding and super simple to use. The key to it's magic: making very small adjustments.

    (guitar>tuner>phase>od>od>eq>harmonizer>chorus>delay>clean amp)

    This has to be the best $70 bucks that I've spent in a long time!

  • from at home March 8, 2013Music Background:
    musical genius


    This pedal has more personality and flexibility than any thing else on my board. It can boost your sound, or change your sound and the response of each band is very sensitive. I could see having two of these and probably will soon.

  • from Central Texas, USA June 27, 2012Music Background:
    Lifelong hobbyist

    Works as intended

    This very sturdy metal pedal works well as intended. It is very useful in adjusting the volume of individual strings on your guitar. If you want more volume from your base strings, or vice versa, it can easily be done with this pedal. I most often use it for volume control when switching from rythym to lead, but it makes most guitars sound better, even when you have the switches set on zero across the strings which does not raise or lower the volume of your guitar.

  • from Rochester, MN USA December 3, 2013

    Love it!

    Dirt cheap, and does exactly what I want it to do!!

  • from Athens, IL July 13, 2012Music Background:

    MXR M-109

    The MXR M-109 is a good pair to my new Randall RT100H. To my ears, the amp is lacking lows and highs if using certain speaker cabs. So adding this EQ made a huge difference. It's also a must if you need a boost playing clean channel.

  • from Minneapolis June 25, 2016

    MXR M109 6-Band Graphic EQ Pedal

    I love it.I'm using it w/an amp that has no midrange & I can dial in that missing frequency w/this.I do like the Boss idea of an xtra slider for overall volume,but this is good!

  • from Lucama nc July 7, 2012Music Background:

    Sweet pedal

    The mxr 6band eq is a very helpful pedal. If your looking to add more control. To your high-mid-low range. I tinker alot with my sound and it really helped me dail in the crunch I like with the style of music I play. I give credit to mxr because they make awesome pedals.

  • from Rockwell, NC July 28, 2010Music Background:
    Serious player for 30+ years

    Big Sound--Small Size!!!

    I recently put together a pedalboard mostly to get them out of my gig bag and by the way, PedalTrain is the only way to go!!! After mounting my Dunlop Wah, Keeley Comp, Boss Blues Driver Chorus and Delay I realized that an EQ would be the finishing touch! After reading reviews on everything under the sun and demoing several it was clear the MXR 6 band would do the trick. The bands are designed specifically for electric guitar, although I've heard it works well on acoustics also! The 800 band is like a presence on roids so remember just a small adjustment goes a long way. It's also got a small footprint that helps on board placement but has no volume or gain slider. Based on where you start and stop in relation to the center detent you can set it for a boost or just a tone adjustment. Tends to be a little noisey but not a deal breaker! Thats the only reason for a less than perfect rating. The best noise gate is to just start playing, RIGHT? I highly recommend it! Oh, by the way, when you engage it with the footswitch all six sliders light up and can be easily seen in light or dark areas! I love LED's--Bob

  • from ohio August 17, 2016

    Not even close

    I feel really bad that my review reflects less than all the other reviews ive read. I got this thing hoping to give my set up some extra sparkle. Ive tried it in the effects loop of my amp in several positions in relation to other pedals an out front right after the guitar. No matter how i adjusted this EQ, I found myself prefering it to be bypassed. I guess my amp sounds fine the way it is. Sorry MXR, this device is just not right for me. Its going back.

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