Fulltone '69 mkII Fuzz Pedal

Compact Fuzz Pedal
Fulltone \'69 mkII Fuzz Pedal image 1
Fulltone \'69 mkII Fuzz Pedal image 1
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Fulltone '69 mkII Fuzz Pedal
In Stock!

A Reintroduction of a Classic Fulltone Pedal

Now that Fulltone founder Mike Fuller can get matched pairs of germanium transistors again, he was finally able to reintroduce his first pedal (the '69 fuzz pedal) as the '69 mkII fuzz pedal. The '69 mkII is everything you're looking for in a fuzz pedal - vintage vibe, flexible tone, solid construction, and a great feel. That's probably why the '69 is a favorite of Eric Johnson, Robin Trower, The Black Crowes, and many other notable artists. Four knobs give you all the control you need - input level lets you find the sweet spot, and fuzz dials in the right amount of funk. Use the contour control to perfect the midrange, harmonics, and sustain of the effect, then adjust the volume to hit your amp just right. And if you're a tweaker, there's an internal control to adjust the clipping symmetry, harmonics, and tracking, for a completely customized feel and tone! Don't settle for just any fuzz pedal. Get the Fulltone '69 mkII.

Be sure to use the recommended Fulltone power supply

Due to the nature of the Germanium transistors in the '69 mkII, it requires a special center-pin-positive power supply if you don't want to run on battery power. The optional Fulltone FPS-2 (sold separately) is the perfect power supply for the '69 mkII. If you use a multi-pedal power supply for your pedalboard, it may come with reverse-polarity cables for use with pedals like the '69 mkII. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more info.

Fulltone '69 mkII Features at a Glance:
  • Internal bias trimmer gives you unprecedented control over your tone
  • True bypass for sonic purity when not engaged
  • Ultra-rugged design will take a licking and keep on rocking
  • Contour control can smooth out your sound, or make it cut right through the mix
  • Matched germanium transistors give you a true vintage vibe
The Fulltone '69 mkII is a fuzz-blast from the past!

Additional Media

\'69 mkII Fuzz Pedal User Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Fuzz
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.1"
Width 2.5"
Depth 4.5"
Weight 1 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number '69mkII

Customer Reviews

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The endless search for tone is over!

I was extremely let down when I first tried out this pedal... no matter the setting it just sounded like s***. I tried moving the internal bias clockwise for the "smoother" tone per the instructions, but it didn't do anything to help the tone. I put my wah in front of it and was about to completely lose it because there was nothing there, just awful sounds. I thought I may have fried the circuitry with a faulty reverse polarity adapter. Then I went online to try and figure this thing out because I was about 2 min away from returning it. I read on some forum that you can get much better tone by turning the internal bias COUNTER-CLOCKWISE! So I tried that ALL THE WAY and BAM! There it was! The pedal came alive and I was hitting all my fast and slow blues licks like never before! It was the tone I had been searching for for years. I was already about 90% there with an American standard strat, blues junior and ts9, but this fulltone fuzz got me all the way 100% tone I've been looking for. The last setting I had was input and contour dialed all the way back, and the volume and fuzz at 3 o'clock with guitar at full volume... excellent rhythm sound. And with the ts9 right after it I actually got a very nice lead sound with tons of sustain! My blues junior felt more like a deluxe reverb with this fuzz (yes I used the word "felt" and not "sounded" on purpose)... my little 15watt amp was hitting me right in the chest at level 3 volume! Everyone has different tastes, but for me this pedal is everything I could've asked for. Worth every penny. I think it goes without saying that sweetwater has the best customer service out there, and I'm glad to have Ryan Wiltermood as my sales engineer.
Music background: Gigging musician, country/blues/rock/funk

Just amazing

This is the best fuzz pedal I've ever heard. It works well even with humbuckers. It is easy to get those classic hendrix tones and it just takes you to another place. The pedal is definitely worth the price, the quality is superb and it seems very durable. Fulltone is just a great company who delivers on their products, big time!
Music background: Hobbyist

A must have fuzz!

This is indeed a must have pedal! I have owned too many Fuzz pedals to count, and this one is heads and tails the winner! I also have the original '69 pedal, and like this one even better, because of the input and contour (mid) adjustment. I also have the Fulltone '70 and Soul-Bender pedals, and they are also fav's of mine. But if you want an all around fuzz, that goes from the most beautiful clean sound you will ever hear, to all out fuzz mayhem, then this for you. Build quality is of course awesome, as it is with all Fulltone pedals, so grab one of these while Mike Fuller still has the top of the line transistors to make them!
Music background: Hobbyist


This pedal sounds amazing. It really nails the Hendrix sound with single coils and it can do a lot more too. I've been getting great live Zeppelin-esque sounds out of it too, more like the classic Les Paul/ Marshall kind of sound, it really blurs the line between fuzz and harmonic tube amp distortion. Per Fuller's suggestion on the literature included in the box, I leave the fuzz knob cranked all the way up, and control the amount of fuzz using the guitar's volume knob, or a volume pedal placed before the fuzz. At slightly lower levels this does a great really rich and aggressive harmonic tube-like distortion that makes me very happy. Turned all the way up it sings with creamy and thick fuzz. On the low strings it really has that fat and gnarly fuzz sound I'm always looking for, that isn't always predictable but always sounds awesome. Great pedal.
Music background: Musician

The best Fuzzface I've heard in person

This is an amazing fuzzface with real Germanium. Looks military NOS Russian to me, but I cannot verify that. Sounds like Hendrix. There are actually 6 knobs and a true bypass switch. The internal trim, the 4 you see on the front and rolling your guitar back from 10-8 will dynamically change your tone. Only germanium does this. You will NEED to use Carbon Zinc batteries in your fuzz pedal to make this work correctly. Don't worry -- they're the regular old ones. Cheap and easy to find. Don't use Alkaline. Also, your batteries will last a very long time so long as you remember to unplug it after you play. You can get a large variety of classic tones from this pedal but primarily think Hendrix. This pedal is a future classic of a reissued classic.
Music background: Pro Musician 33 years+ playing
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