Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt 2x10" Tube Combo Amp

35-watt 2-channel All-tube 2x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Reverb and Tremolo - Black
Fender \'68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt 2x10
Fender \'68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt 2x10

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Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt 2x10" Tube Combo Amp
In Stock!

This May Well Be Your Ultimate Club/Recording Amp!

If you're looking for your perfect club/recording amp, your search is over. Fender's '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb all-tube guitar combo delivers 35 watts of late-'60s Silverface mojo - perfect for studio work and the gamut of smaller venues. This amp is a member of the Vintage Modified series, so it's packing cool surprises. The vintage channel serves up traditional Silverface tonality, while the custom channel sports a modified Bassman tone stack that gives you modern tonal flexibility with your pedals. Both channels share tube-driven reverb and tremolo. And for outstanding touch sensitivity, the amp is calibrated for reduced negative feedback and quicker gain onset.

Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Guitar Combo Amp at a Glance:
  • Classic big tube tone, Fender-style
  • Designed to work great with your pedals
  • A perfect blend of classic and modern
Classic big tube tone, Fender-style

The '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb delivers classic big tube tone, Fender-style. What's under the hood? Groove Tubes. The preamp section houses four 12AX7s and two 12AT7s, while the output stage is driven by a pair of 6L6s. Fender loaded this baby with a pair of 10" Celestion speakers that add a range of crunchy modern tones to this classic combo amp. With its handwired tube sockets and custom-made Schumacher transformers (just like the '60s originals) this amp is ready to rock.

Designed to work great with your pedals

In a delightful departure from its classic ancestor, Fender has equipped both channels of the '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb with reverb and tremolo. The custom channel sports a modified Bassman tone stack that gives your greater tonal flexibility with your stompboxes. The amp also rocks faster gain onset and reduced negative feedback - which translates into greater touch sensitivity. Even the speakers Fender uses are voiced to handle a versatile range of modern rock sounds.

A perfect blend of classic and modern

With its unique 2 x 10" speaker configuration, the original Vibrolux Reverb was famous for its big tube tone and snappy twang, juiced by industry-standard Fender reverb and tremolo. With the '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb, you get all that and more. In fact, in the steady stream of great guitar amplifiers that come through Sweetwater, it's one of the most versatile combos we've played. It'll do classic rock, you bet - but it's also got the moxie for a wide range of modern sounds, as well. And it's loud enough to hold its own against your heavy-hitting drummer!

Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Guitar Combo Amp Features:
  • Classic, late-'60s Fender visuals
  • 35 watts of power - perfect for clubs and recording
  • Preamp section houses 4 x 12AX7s and 2 x 12AT7
  • Output stage is driven by 2 x 6L6s
  • Fender tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo
  • Handwired tube sockets; custom-made Schumacher transformers
  • 2 10" Celestion speakers are voiced to handle modern rock
  • Modified Bassman tone stack gives you tonal flexibility with your pedals
  • Includes 2-button footswitch and fitted amplifier cover
  • 5-year warranty (U.S. and Canada)
Need the ultimate club amp? Check out the Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 35W
Speaker Size 2 x 10"
Effects Yes (Reverb, Vibrato)
Reverb Yes
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
Power Tubes 2 x 6L6
Inputs 4 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 18.13"
Width 24.38"
Depth 9.63"
Weight 41.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2275000000

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
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I Love This Amp!

Had this amp about 3 weeks now and am still blown away. I was looking for a "moderately powered" tube amp with multiple channels and 10" speakers so this is rather like "made to order" for me. I would recommend this amp to players more than to collectors and Fender amp "historians" because it is not a "re-issue" meant to recreate the Vibrolux sound of the '60s. Instead, modifications were made intended to improve upon it. Of course, I'm no expert on the vintage Vibrolux, everyone has their own tastes and I suppose that generally, every amp may sound slightly unique. What I like most about this amp is that it offers two very distinct, very different channels. I'm using an AB/Y switch to run through both channels, both separately and simultaneously that really produces sweet tone and lots of possibilities. A big plus is that the reverb and tremolo function with both channels. The two 10" speakers help the sound remain clear even when pushed with an overdrive pedal. Anyhow, I really do love this amp. It sounds like pure Fender to me!
Music background: Played guitar in gigging bands for 50 years and definitely still learning.

Can I say one more thing?

The level of service that I have received from Sweetwater (Kurt Martin and Jason King) is nothing short of outstanding. These guys have bent over backwards to make sure I was happy with my amp(s). As for the Vibroulux.............I am on day 10 and it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. I own vintage, and I own boutique, and they have nothing on this amp. Nuff said. Just remember, every guitar player only needs one amp......the next one.
Music background: 14 amps and counting.

Go-To Part Two

Getting the '68 Vibrolux to go from clean to overdrive takes some skill. If you are not careful the speakers can flap if the amp takes a crap. Some owners notice that the 6L6 tubes can produce low end frequencies and that can translate into the power section trying to output all of that either clean or overdriven. If the dynamics go way beyond the operational limits then you get the amp taking a crap and the speakers flapping - it sounds horrible. So, to solve this problem: EQ the low end to avoid the amp giving a burping sound when loud. Then get a compressor in the front end, something like an Empress compressor, with variable compression ratio. Then you have armed the '68 Vibrolux to be a deadly weapon. The '68 Vibrolux has a lot going for it: 6L6 power tubes, almost twice as much power as the similar sized and weighted Deluxe, two 10" Celestion rock and roll speakers, custom channel that gives a tweed sound option, classic tube driven reverb and vibrato, footswitch and amp cover.
Music background: Semi-Pro, play Classic Rock, record some originals

l wasn't prepared to be so blown away

One amazing amp! I ordered the amp sight unseen. Get it, be blown away. Boosts, low gain, compressors, and modulation pedals work fine on the vintage side of the amp. But don't expect Overdrive pedals to sound good. Run those on the custom side. Get a AB switcher. The 2x10 speakers give you amazing layers of harmonics. A friend and l ran six different guitar's threw this amp didn't change any settings, single coils to humbuckers, solid body to semi acoustic. We where blown away. He wanted to buy my whole rig right then and there. I was flattered!
Music background: guitar player, live sound

My favorite amp of all time

The vibrolux was my favorite amp over the years. I bought this as a retirement present to myself. It was everything I remembered and some extras. The special channel on the right with bassman circuit is most excellent. This is a great amp and Sweetwater was over the top as usual.
Music background: Playing, teaching and loving guitar for over 50 years.
See also: Combo Amps, Fender, Fender Guitar Combo Amps