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Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb 22-watt Tube Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from Nacogdoches TX August 30, 2015Music Background:


    I bought a used '65 Deluxe Reverb several years ago, and really liked it for its portability and power. I play mostly slide and I'm always looking for a particular sound for my 335. The DRRI was about as close to what I wanted as I had ever gotten. I had a speaker cabinet with a 15" speaker modeled on the JBL 130DF that I plugged a Bandmaster VM into -- a pretty good sound, but not quite there. One day I idly unplugged the DRRI combo speaker and attached the 15. That spoiled the 12" for me, and I pondered ordering a custom head-only cab or maybe a custom combo cab to accommodate the 15. Soon enough I read about the head version and I sold the Deluxe.

    I bought one of the initial run of the head-only from Sweetwater. Naturally, as soon as it arrived I set it on the 15 cab and plugged it in (as an aside, I had ordered the 15 in blackface livery so the components match). The few issues I had with the combo disappeared: no more too-present top end, the bottom became rounder, and the midrange more present.

    This isn't really a review of the speaker, though, and I should tell you why I bought the head. The reverb is typically great Fender spring pan, the tone sings, and it takes a minimal amount of tweaking to find a sweet spot. I typically play my 335 though it, but it also shines when I plug in my Carvin equipped with Seymour Duncan Jazzmaster Antiquity II pickups. It's hard to make this amp sound bad, and the size and power output are all I need. As it happens, I am currently playing electric bass more than guitar, and the guitarist in my combo uses one of my amps in the music room to minimize hauling gear back and forth. He plays finger style on one of two 335s (trapeze and stop tail) through this Deluxe/15 and he makes them sing.

    The Deluxe Reverb head is a valuable addition to my collection, and if you like to swap out speaker boxes you'll love having this amp in this configuration.

  • from Maryland January 15, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb 22-watt Tube Head

    I bought this amp because I'm currently playing through a Bogner Ecstasy 101B head and although the dirty channel(s) were amazing, the clean channel wasn't exactly what I was looking for. This Deluxe was "it" for cleans. I didn't really want to switch between two amps, but it's worth it. For the clean player, this amp blows all others away.

  • from Mantua, OH November 3, 2014Music Background:
    Student and Hobbyist

    Great Headroom!

    The best cleans, period. Love this amp, but, there are some refinements Fender should have made. It would have been nice if they would have allowed both channels to access the Reverb and Trem, like they did on the 68' reissue. And as usual the bright cap on the Vibrato side sounds nice with cleans but is harsh with a majority of pedals. All in all, this is a great head. Plus, the head version seems to yield just a bit more clean headroom than the combo. I'm extremely happy with it!

  • from Fredericksburg Va August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Road Dog for 50 years.

    Fender FSR '65 Deluxe 22

    Really great amp-true tone machine. I'm 58 and Twins are just too heavy but this amp with a HotRod cabinet gives me the tone and that great Fender reverb.

    All the crew at Sweetwater are very professional and contacted me after the sale to ensure I was satisified

  • from Roanoke, VA May 16, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist, producer

    Perfect for Me

    I wanted a lower watt amp which I can turn up into the mid range of the volume settings, give me classic tubes tones, and run with external speakers of my choice. I run it with an Avatar traditional 2x12 cab with Celestian Blues and it sounds great! Only had it a month and hoping to get some long term use of it.

  • from May 2, 2014

    deluxe reverb

    Long overdue from fender. Am using through a 2 -12 celestian loaded cab. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Nacogdoches TX January 9, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro musician, recording engineer, bassist, guitarist etc

    A great amp

    I owned a Deluxe Reverb combo for several years, and I liked it lot until I unplugged the internal 12" speaker and plugged it into a 15" speaker cabinet I have on hand. That was the sound I was hearing in my head! Sweeter top end, round bottom, present mids. The son of a good friend wanted a good amp for his Jazzmaster, so I sold him the combo and bought the head. So now I have a terrific head & cab and my search for the perfect amp for my 335 and Jazzmaster-equipped SH550 is over.

    Others may like just the opportunity to change out cabs, but I knew I wanted the 15" sound -- I had even looked into having a custom cab made for the DRRI and the 15.

  • from greater chicago metro area October 10, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro musician/ sound tech.

    Fender What took you so long?

    I have been waiting for the deluxe reverb in a head version for years and finnally I have one. This is the ultimate club amp for the wide variety of music I perform. By being able to separate head and speaker it allows you the flexibility to experiment with different speaker/cabinets, as well as reducing the weight and allowing you to put the units in an ATA case that won't break you back to lift. Also by separating head and speaker you reduce the vibration that can potentially shorten tube, and PCB life. you can also place the head controls within easy reach, place a cooling fan on the amp without the associated constraints that you would have with a combo version( fan noise to mic, speaker placement problems). Hey Fender why not do this with your other popular models?!

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