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Peavey 6505+ 120-watt 2-channel Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey 6505+ 120-watt 2-channel Tube Head?

Questions about the Peavey 6505+ 120-watt 2-channel Tube Head?

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  • from Port St.Lucie March 22, 2017

    Best Customer Service

    The amp is great but I want to talk about the service I received. This was my first order with Sweetwater. Amp came quick. 2nd time I played it, it shut off. 2 minutes later it came back on with some static that wouldn't go away. Tried different guitars and cables. Static remained. I called Sweetwater, and they asked a few troubleshooting questions. Things I had already tried as I've been playing for many years. Within 10 minutes they agreed the amp is defective and decided to send a new one. Without me asking, they also asked if I would be available the following day to sign for delivery so they could overnight it to me. I got a replacement amp before I even sent back the first one! And of course they sent me a postage paid label to send the other back. Awesome! I wish the original amp worked, but it being defective gave Sweetwater a chance to show me how great they treat their customers.

  • from January 24, 2017

    Perfect amp for me!

    Gain for days. Extremely loud. Super tight. And still versatile. Not as bright as the 5150, and so I like it better. Perfect amp for me.

  • from Georgia September 24, 2016

    Absolute Crunch Machine

    this amp can provide blistering distortion as well as crisp cleans. I have it set up with a digital effects unit using the 4 cable method and still working my tones and levels. This process will take some time but I'm very pleased with what I hear. You really need a sound room and a mic to crank it up. Post set at 4 minimum to really get it screaming. i am playing in a small room and its tearing my head off. Plenty of power to humble even the hardest hitting drummer. Great rig for hard rock/metal. clarity with a percussionesque crunch.

  • from Hockley, TX June 30, 2015Music Background:
    Performing musician, but not my day job

    What the Doctor Ordered

    I've had my Peavey 6505+ for a little over a week now and I am blown away at the sound quality. A little background - I grew up as a product of the 80's and 90's listening to metal and have always liked the Marshall tube sound. As music progressed, I have grown with it to really like today's modern metal bands. A lot of the bands I like had "that" sound from the guitars... and after doing some research, I found that most of those players used the 6505+. Following are some more detailed attributes:

    - Clean channel - it's very average. But that is not what this amp is all about. You can run some pedals in front of it (reverb, chorus, etc.) and get a nice clean sound, but this is not where it excels.

    - Crunch - pop on the crunch and this thing comes to life. I run the pre-gain around 6 and it sounds wonderful. Dare I say - Marshall stack. Yep, sounds that good. (BTL - my cabinet is a Marshall 1960 with 4 x 12).

    - Lead channel - hold on. This is the sound of modern metal, hands down the best. It sounds good in standard tuning, but the amp/sound really comes to life when you drop tune. I have one of my guitars tuned down to baritone tuning (B) and this is where the amp really shines. No pedals needed. There is plenty of sustain and distortion to go around. I run the pre-gain around 6 or so and there is still room for more if you want it. The lead channel will bring a smile to your face.

    I recommend tweaking and adjusting the settings for each channel to get it where you want. When I first un-packed it and turned it on, it was very "tinny" or "trebley" sounding. It alarmed me for a bit, but once I spent about 5 minutes dialing in the bass, mid, treble, presence and resonance, it sounds as close to perfect as any amp that I have ever owned.

    Be warned, this amp is LOUD. With the pre-gain on about 6, you can run the post on 1 and get a lot of volume out of it. As you crank the post volume, you will need to adjust a bit for treble as it changes slightly as it gets louder. To really get more tube saturation at a lower volume, you might need to run an attenuator/load box so that you can reduce volume but still drive the tubes more. I haven't experimented with this yet.

    All-in-all, this amp gets a strong buy recommendation from me. I love the metal sound from the lead channel and look forward to playing this amp for many years to come.

  • from Ohio April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Future rock star

    6505 + Head

    Received my 6505 + head this week and could not be happier! Ryan Holquist called the day they got them in and I had it next business day! It arrived well packed and not a blemish on it! I own two Marshall's half stacks TSL100 & AVT150 and there is just no comparison! The 6505 + is a beast, been looking for this tone for quite a while! I will do all my music equipment shopping at Sweetwater from now on! You have me as a customer for life! Thank you

  • from Texas November 23, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Gear Fanatic

    Great Amp for Rock & Metal

    Dollar for Dollar, this is one of the best deals going for a road ready rock/metal amp. Cleans are good (depending on your guitar) and easy to dial up. Crunch setting is very usable - can get a nice 80's rock tone. Gain channel is so brutal and articulate. Tough to beat for the $$

  • from Minnesota May 25, 2016

    Peavey 6505+

    Fantastic amp, outstanding customer service, and quick shipping. Clean channel is not where this amp shines, but that lead channel is pants pooping good. I recommend swapping out the preamp tubes to some JJ high gains, and the power tubes as well. This will definitely tidy up that slightly "layered" distortion sound that the ruby's are known for. Blown away by this thing. Takes me back to my 5150 days. Love it.

  • from fairfield california February 17, 2016

    metal machine

    I had heard good things about this amp,i already own a dual recto that I love.But most of my playing is metal so I wanted to try another high gain amp and this thing delivers! as for playing metal i Iike it better then my mesa.the resonance control works really well you can get all sorts of metal tones out of this amp.you wont find a better amp for this price peavey did a great job and I got great service from sweetwater!

  • from Albuquerque, NM December 17, 2014Music Background:
    hoping to play music for a living someday

    Great amp for Metal music

    I gave it a 4.5 only because the clean channel is kinda thin, but clear. However...the only real reason you need this amp is for metal music. The lead (gain) channel is where it's at! You can get a great 80's thrash tone with today's gain drive, to a deep scooped death metal tone. This amp is LOUD! Peavey has gotten a bad rap, this amp makes up for it.

  • from California January 2, 2017

    Gets the job done

    Pretty straight forward amp. I use this as a backup for my ENGL rack rig. Thick heavy OD tones. Especially boosted. Quite a bit smoother than the Dual Rec I used to have. Very well built. A friend of mine had one fall off his cab at a show when someone from the pit crashed into it. He picked it up, and it kept going. My ONLY complaint, the three ruby tubes this came with are garbage. I had a failure within the first 10 hours of jamming on it. I thought these came loaded with JJ's in each position. Not a huge issue, just a bit disappointing after spending $ on it.

  • from Winona, MN March 7, 2014Music Background:
    Free style jammer, Experienced Musician, Knowledgeable Tone Frequencies

    Tube Heaven

    Nothing in my opinion ever receives a 5 star, but that's just me. I have come extremely close several times to 5 stars, including the Mesa Dual Recto, Diezel VH4, and this bad boy.

    It's such a great versatile amp for metal players. First off I swapped out the tubes for a selected variety of my own taste. I have JJ 6l6"s instead of the stock Ruby, and I have 2 Sovtek, 1 JJ, 1 EH, and 2 NOS 12AX7.

    It's an extremely loud amp that is meant for rehearsal and live gigs. If you plan on getting an amp for the bedroom, don't get this, it is just simply to loud for a bedroom, and it will make your ears bleed.

    The High Gain channel is just brutal. I can get a lot of great variety of tones to great crunch with low gain settings, and extreme liquid solos for full on lead settings. I really enjoy the Resonance knob as it adds a lot of bottom end to your sounds, pushing your lows even deeper, and it's killer!

    The clean channel is okay and usuable, but definitely not the greatest. I don't use cleans much but I sure know its not a great clean sounding amp if that's what you're after.

    Overall I am very impressed with Peavey as they designed a very reliable and great sounding product. This definitely runs well with my dual recto, and it sounds extremely close it at on certain settings.

    Don't hesitate; buy one now.

  • from Baltimore Md March 24, 2016

    peavey 6505 + head

    peavey 6505 + head nice sounding amp for metal bought it new 11/15 and already had to send it back to sweetwater for warranty work it just stopped working 3/16
    made in china should have told me something

Questions about the Peavey 6505+ 120-watt 2-channel Tube Head?

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