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Peavey 6505 120-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey 6505 120-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Peavey 6505 120-watt Tube Head?

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  • from Vermilion, OH March 14, 2016Music Background:

    The Greatest Value on the amp market

    I have either owned or used EVERY amp worth talking about in the studio, just grabbed a used old 5150 combo and holy chalupas! I should have bought one YEARS ago. and the price on these things is CRAZY... IDK how other amp companies can compete or why everyone doesn't' own one, OHHHHH Well keep paying 3x the money for a mesa boogie, and I will keep CRUSHING on this thing-

  • from December 23, 2015Music Background:
    Lead guitarist and frontman.

    The best amp ever!

    The Peavey 6505, this amp is the work horse of rock and roll. If you want that perfect high gain sound. Don't get me started on volume! I have had mine for 2-3 years now 0 problems and every time I plug my Pc1 in its discovering music all over again.

  • from October 9, 2015

    Peavey 6505 delivers and then some!

    I've played guitar in a metal band now for over 5 years now and this is the only amp I've ever owned that has a rhythm channel that I can actually use for rhythm. I've played lots of different Marshall amps that always had great tone but there is something about the 6505 that sets it apart from other amps. I paired it up with a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab, and it sounds amazing! Like any amp you really need to dial it in to get it to sound it's best. I recommend setting the presence and resonance controls to 5 and then adjust to taste. I had always found myself having to max out the gain on other amps to get the sound I wanted, but with the 6505 I set it at half gain, and it's perfect! Plenty of gain to spare. Plenty of power too! Never had a problem cutting through the mix no matter how loud the rest of the band was playing.

  • from May 3, 2015

    5150 Signature

    5150 block signature well lets just say it is a one trick pony but rocks with the best of them i cranked the presence on ten oh yeah man this is a 12o watt beast yeah all small rodents in my area are dead from it next on the list is jcm900 either a amp has that brown soiund or dosent im not a tube snob i have marshall hibrid and 150 watt line6 really like the old 5150 u cant kill it had ma marshall ma100 marshall shold be ashamed terrible cheap junk same with the peavey windsor cheap equals not lasting long marshall mg1oo dies quick built cheap thin solder joints the tube amps dont mud up on the chords wanna a great amp for 700 give or take one made well and rocks need greenbacks for it im using a silverface b52 480 watts birch cab heavy man so for best sound im getting the greenbacks rockon brothers

  • from Santa Fe, NM USA January 18, 2014Music Background:
    Performer, Hobbyist, A little of all styles of music

    Ultimate Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music hi-gain amp!

    After playing through the Marshall JCM series for 27 years, ( I own all three 100 watt heads: 1985 JCM 800, 1993 JCM 900, and 1999 JCM 2000-and they are the genuine english manufactured ones too), I wanted a different amp to play, cause' I got burned out on the Marshall sound. I am 48 now, and my friends and I still keep the music of our youth going strong, as we are all 80's Headbangers--Yeahhh!!! Naturally I admire the great and mighty EDDIE, as he is from my time, and so I thought to myself, I need a new head cause' I want a new sound, so why not buy the famous EVH 5150? Well it so turns out that fender is making the 5150's now and I don't want that, I want a peavey 5150. But to my surprise the peavey manufactured 5150s are now rare and highly sought after and it is difficult to find any for sale. So now I began my search for a new 100 watt head, and so I consider engl; too expensive. Randall; not enough gain. And Mesa T-Rctfr, too damn loud! So I am with a good friend one day, who happens to be be a way better player then I am (he can play satch and vai and I can play iomi and angus--big difference huh?) and I ask him if he would sell me his 1995 5150 because he has about 15 assorted hi-gain heads from all manufacturers and I figure he won't miss it and of course he says no! But then he tells me: " Bro why don't you check out the 6505, it's the same as my 95' 5150 and it's made by peavey, not fender, and you can get a brand new one." My guitar playing friend further explains that the 6505 has the same tone, design, electronics, cosmetics, and build quality as his peavey 5150. Even the chickenhead knobs and faceplate same as the 5150. He goes on telling me that EVH allowed peavey to keep the original 5150 design, circuits and specs but peavey had to rename the amp, for the reason that only one manufacturer can call it the 5150. I then learn that 6505 means that the peavey company was founded in 1965, and that the new "5150" was released by peavey in 2005, thus "6505". I still don't believe him when he says that the 6505 sounds just like the pvy 5150, so he attempts to prove it to me by taking his 5150 to our local music store (they are a peavey dealer) and they just happen to have a 6505 on display on top of a jsx 4-12 cab. He makes a side by side comparison playing both of them thru the jsx cab, and to my surprise the two amps ARE IDENTICAL in tone, volume, features and power! Now do you believe me? he asks. He continues playing surfing with the alien thru the 6505 with his high dollar 1997 esp boneyard, and then I play jump in the fire and princess of the night with my prized 84' kramer 300 st. I instantly fell in hi-gain amp love all over again and decided that this was to be my new hi-gain dream amp. He did sell me one of his 4-12 mesa cabs though, because my marshall 1960a cabs cannot handle the output of the 6505, and besides, the 6505 works best with 16ohm cabs and it sounds fantastic thru the mesa cab--what a half stack! The 6505 can produce almost any tone: from 70s thin lizzy to sabbath, from 80's priest to megadeth, from 90s korn to pantera all the way up to 2000 era godsmack or fear factory depending on which channel the amp is on. It breaks up well too, if perhaps you wanna' play some stevie r.v. You can get a pretty good clean tone if you like but this is a heavy metal music guitar amp, who wants to use it for clean tone? Distortion pedals are not required with the 6505 because this amp has enough gain to loosen your teeth. I have been using only the crunch channel since I got mine and not the lead channel because the crunch channel already has enough gain for what we play. The lead channel will weaken the structure of a building. The 6505 is louder then H**L! I'm sure that the people in my neighboring city can hear this amp and our local police love it too. However it takes chorus and delay pedals and the like very well indeed. I ran my phase 90 and boss dd5 into it and I had instant 78" van halen tone. The 6505 is a heavy amp though, weighing about 60 pounds I suppose; you will have to be physically fit to be able to lift it if you plan to take it from gig to gig. The build quality of this amp exceeds expectations because it is USA made. High quality JT 6L6's are stock in the amp and it even comes with a footswitch. The 6505 will last a lifetime and will provide hours of hard rock and heavy metal music enjoyment! I am happy as a monkey with mine. Now in closing this review, I would like to take my hat off to the younger generation of metal players. I am very proud of all of you! You play faster and more complex than we did in the 80's. Your scales and chording require a higher understanding of note theory and chord structure. And your picking and fingering techniques demand more intense levels of precision, dexterity and accuracy. You also have a whole new technology of amps, FX processors, pickups and guitars. All we had were marshalls, boss pedals, seymour duncans and kramers. Back then we knew nothing of 8 string guitars! There is no way an iron maiden song could keep up with a fear factory song. Because Adrian Smith cannot play like Dino Cazares. The difference is like college to high school. Us 1980's headbangers can't play what you play because we are aging and our hands are getting arthritis. But please respect us and don't forget us. We are your heavy-metal forefathers. We were the METALHEADS! and it is because of our bands, our marshalls, and our kramers, that you people of the younger generation have the metal music you play today. We are depending on you to keep metal music alive for us! SO ROCK ON!!!

  • from Indianapolis September 22, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro with 25 years of playing.

    6505 Head

    I bought myself a Peavey 6505 amp. I tried a lot of guitar amp heads and for the money, this thing is bad ass. More gain then I'll ever need and the clean channel is not bad either. LOUD as hell. Did I mention this thing has some real POWER? At first I tried it with a cabinet loaded with vintage green back speakers and found it to dark. TONS of bottom end but lacking the highs. I figured that it was the speakers since they are somewhat compressed sounding. So I tried my Peavey cabinet with Sheffield speakers, which as I understand it, are the same as what they put in the matching cabinet if you buy the set (lucky I had that!). Massive bottom and mid range and the high was better, but this is the renamed Eddy VanHalen 5150 amp (he went to Fender) and so I knew that this was not right. I unplugged the Charvel with it's stock low power bridge pick up, and I got my Les Paul that I rewired and put in the Seth Lover pickup in. THERE WE GO!!!! Holy Moly Batman! So I tried a couple different guitars in it and they all have a different tone, more so then with any amp I have ever had. First time I've liked a Fender Telecaster cranked and distorted to all get out. This amp is sensitive to even small changes in the volume knob of the guitars and small changes in the tone controls on the amp. With a couple of guitars and volume/tone adjustments, this amp is capable of an amazing amount of tones. A little adjustment here and I'm playing a nice slight blues crunch and a few more and I got a sound going that would work for death metal. As long as it holds up I'll call this the best money I spent on musical equipment in the last 10 years.

  • from December 1, 2011

    Great tones great power great price

    The clean channel is about 5% off from being completely clean when pushed, but that's pretty good for an amp being centered on high gain. Parkway Drive, Stray From The Path, August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon, all have at one point or still use this amp. Lots of power, lot's of crunch. Great deal!

  • from Omaha, NE November 17, 2011Music Background:
    Local musician, project studio enthusiast

    This amp is a beast!

    This amp is the perfect choice for anyone that plays hard rock/metal. It has more gain than anyone could possibly ever need and is super easy to dial in.

    I was very suprised while playing around with this amp as to the variety of sounds I could get from it. It definitely has it's own signature tone but can be dialed in for an awesome crunch tone and with some more gain some serious chug. I was amazed at how much gain was available and actually hesitate to move it much past 5 on the lead channel. Even the clean tone is not bad, although I've heard much better. That's really the only reason I couldn'y give it 5 stars.

    The build quality is excellent. Made in the USA and built like a tank.

    I highly recommend this amp to anyone looking for a huge, thick metal sound. Think Machine Head, Trivium, Carcass - the list could go on for a while!

  • from Texas August 31, 2016

    Savage Metal tone, but a bit too fizzy and I had some power issues.

    I've had one of these guys for a few years(mine is a made in USA) and it served me well for my time in a metal band. I could get a savage tone without any need for additional pedals. I never found it to be very versatile aside from hard rock/heavy metal. It didn't have much of a clean tone, but that's not really the point. I did have several power issues at multiple venues, where the low end would just cut out and the volume would be very inconsistent. Luckily, I am friends with a good tech who re-soldered the whole thing for me and that seemed to do the trick,

    I also recently acquired a USA FJA Modded Peavey 6505 plus and did a side by side comparison. The modded 6505+ has a much tighter and smoother high gain tone. The clarity is night and day. The rhythm channel on the modded 6505+ also has a lot less gain(but still plenty with a boost) than the regular stock 6505. The modded 6505+ also has a very useable and much nicer clean sound. The main thing I took away, is that these stock 6505's get a better "savage metal tone" but you trade a lot of fizz and harsher highs to achieve that. I much prefer the modded amp...but that is also a $895 mod...so you get what you pay for. For $900...I'd say this is great for a metal player,

  • from April 3, 2016


    Amp seems okay i still have to run a pedal through the effects loop if it doesnt do it its gone down the road i even run it through a large 412 cab it just does not sound like my 5150 signature head yeah its my go to amp for shure maybe with the boss me70 tweakiong the eq on it and has a good reverb we will see what happens

Questions about the Peavey 6505 120-watt Tube Head?

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