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Peavey 6505 Plus 60-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey 6505 Plus 60-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp?

Questions about the Peavey 6505 Plus 60-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Maryland March 23, 2017

    Awesome amp

    Killer sound and dont be fooled clean channel is great also

  • from orlando, FL September 19, 2016Music Background:
    More than 10 years playing

    Amazing tube amp

    I always wanted this amp but when I was able to buy one I believe they were all back ordered because the peavey factory got flooded and instead I got a Marshall JCM2000 212 combo great amp however after like 5 years it died, got it repair and it died but either way was a great amp so I needed a new amp. Last year I got this one and for $700 I couldn't pass it over and I gotta say it has the same tone as my Marshall JCM2000. This amp is very versatile it can play anything that you want I know this amp most of the time has been marketed as a metal only amp even the box it came suggest that. If your are looking for a great tube amp that won't break the bank get this one is amazing.

  • from wisconsin August 12, 2016

    Peavy 6505 plus-60w1x12 guitar combo amp

    My grandson Owen can't say enough good things about it. LOVES LOVES LOVES IT'

  • from Grand Rapids Michigan March 9, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Best amp I've owned

    This thing is awesome. It has a mean lead channel and a clear clean for when it's needed. The crunch button is nice for a little extra push out of the clean Chanel. Only thing that I would like different is if it came with a foot switch.

  • from Laguna niguel ,ca May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Sweetwater patron for life!

    Thump knob

    Great amp
    I've had a 5150 head since 94 That did a 8 month tour w/ David lee Roth and bought many since but always go back to old trusty...it's getting to be a relic so I bought a Demeter amp for some clean tone heaven and this 6505 for some mean lead. The thump knob is not found on any other amp so you need a Peavey!
    The clean channel w/crunch button sound great very sweet classic rock tones ....
    The lead channel is aweSome as usual ...reverb is a lil weak but it's not a deal breaker
    If you but one of these amps this is the settings used on the tour
    Presence 6
    Resonance 8
    High 6
    Mid 4.5
    Pre 7
    Post 5
    Try these settings and you'll turn BROWN and never go back
    .... Love peavey amps!!!!

  • from Springfield, MA March 17, 2014Music Background:

    Metal up your....

    I've been searching for that certain metal sound that I haven't found with dozens of amps ranging from Blackstars, Marshalls, Hughes & Kettner, EVH 5150, and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers.

    For me, this is the amp. When you have the pre and post above 5, that is when this amp really shines. The palm mutes just thump and sound so chunky and crisp!! Even the 'clean' rhythm channel throws some serious tone out. When you have the Pre below 2 and the Post above 7 it really is amazing. And don't forget the Crunch button to give you some solid rock n roll tones (love to play 70s rock with this option).

    I would have bought this amp years ago, but to be honest the thing that prevented me from doing so was that this amp is made in China. All of my amps have been American, British or German, and I didn't think a Chinese made amp would stand up to them. Boy was I wrong. The craftsmanship is excellent and I don't even mind that this thing isn't made in the USA because it sounds so damn good!!

    I rarely rate things as perfect, but considering the price, performance and craftsmanship, this amp really deserves it.

  • from Belle Vernon, PA USA July 11, 2012Music Background:

    Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo

    Awesome amp for heavy metal. No need for pedals. Loud as ever. Recommend upgrade speaker to V30. Sounded great to begin with, but the speaker upgrade made it even better.

  • from FLORIDA June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Live Musician

    One word *Amazing*

    I just purchased this amp and I am completely blown away! The distortion is BRUTAL, you wont need another amp for any high gain application. Whoever said this amp *cannot* get clean must not know how to turn dials and use the appropriate pickup, this can almost get fender clean no Joke just use the NECK PUP!!! and adjust your TONE knob on the guitar. Anyway most dont buy this amp for clean anyway but it is more than capable. I myself am a hard rock/metal player and I will give one tip of advice to get the most absolute killer tone with this amp.... buy a maxon od808/ maxon od9 for even more enchanced harmonic overtones and touch sensitivity, BUY THIS AMP for ANY application, because it can do it all.

  • from Charlotte April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best Metal Combo Available

    I had played this amp many times at various times and loved it, but I kept trying to tweak other amps I've had to get this sound. I finally gave up, sold the other two amps, and bought this one. Best move I ever made!! This amp is a giant killer. The overdrive and gain is face-melting... The bite of the amp is incredible. The attack is just brutal... It's the one-two punch for any serious metal player. The notes are sooo articulate... make sure the presence is up. The closed back cab makes every muted chord pound your chest. Solos are so sweet-sounding... harmonics fly out at you with minimal effort. And, the amp will give you the most distortion you've ever heard on a stock amp. It's my favorite amp out there. Only Engl's are in the neighborhood (but not in price).

  • from texas March 13, 2012Music Background:
    blues, rock

    this amp rocks

    this amp sounds amazing. its really loud. both clean and overdrive channels are sweet. i use to play on a jcm 900 marshall 100w dual reverb head and loved it but this amp kicks *** too. i play on an american fender strat and the clean channel is nice to play jams like chili peppers songs. i also use a boss sd1 overdrive pedal on top of the crunch channel to get a smooth overdrive tone.

  • from Brooklyn Mi. June 14, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great amp for the money!!!!

    I was blown away by this little monster!! Everything you need without breaking the bank. Very clean on the clean channel with a crunch mode for alittle extra boost. And a killer lead channel with tons of overdrive!!!! Great spring reverb and all the other features needed to made this amp a great value!! Just pickup a footswitch and your ready to go.

  • from Coast to Coast for Audio Engineering, & music, etc., USA April 14, 2015Music Background:
    PRO Audio Engineer (avid Certified),active player & Semi -Pro (don't want to be saying I'm the best like so many others claim to be) guitarist & musician, teacher, student, etc.

    $2,000.00(+) Amp when Moded with Mesa Tubes & (16ohm, 60watt, 12

    This is A Great Amp alone stock, but their were some quality control issues by Peavey when they first released this 6505+112 combo, and that is why I am only giving it a 4.5/5 for THE STOCK UNIT ALONE & also because you also need To Purchase Separately, the 2 channel Original 6505 Peavey Footswitch for this amp (NOT THE 3 BUTTON one on 6505+ heads). Now I unfortunately didn't know about sweetwater 6+years ago so I had to get my AMP & footswitch from Guitar Center/Musician's Friend (which have completely gone down the Crapper since new management when in '08ish or '09ish The Former CEO of Best Buy that bankrupted the CO & forced many bestbuy's to close, etc. IS NOW OWNER of G.C. & M.F. which has lost them their mesa boogie license & they are still loosing many Top made in USA & ENGLAND made Top Brand Dealer Licenses because of it. They now only carry used aka fake Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabs for example bc they replace the 60w V-30 speakers in the cabs with 70w speakers and claim it to be 100% new & original 4x12 rect. cab which should be 240watts not 280watts! They have also have been selling a few fake Gibson Electric guitars from Explorer's flying V's-LP's (Truss Rod covers on New Gibson LP's do not have 3 screws!) & SI#'s are fake in most cases on their gibsons, fenders, etc)). So after I got my amp & footswitch I immediately after having to swap out 3 of these at GC's bc the tubes & speakers were fried or broken (brand new), I decided to on my 3 unit to Open it up and MOD IT & FIX IT myself with all Mesa Tubes (power & preamp) & put a 16ohm Vintage 30 60watter in place of stock speaker & boy was I amazed! The Original stock tubes & speaker didn't even match the description (bc GCenter had put CHINA KNOCK OFF no name 60 watt 1st act speaker in this amp & the lowest of the low end tubes that were not JJTubes or EXH tubes!). Now that I have Modded my Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo & have other real 6505's, The modded one IS BY FAR THE BEST with the all Mesa Tubes, and V-30 16ohm speaker makes this put many of my friends' high end mesa's, orange's, Marshall's, etc. to shame when compared in a shoutout! Total cost of mod's where only about $150 for me & I got the footswitch & amp for under $75 after I traded in my BELOVED L6 Spider 4 75w combo with fbv mk II pedal ( which had many custom PRO Tones & firmware I paid for & updated amp with, but speaker was going to go soon & I wanted a Closed back amp that was made of thicker higher grade wood enclosure rather than put a new speaker in it at that time). THIS PEAVEY AMP IS A REAL STEAL For the Sale Price & if you mod it to your preferences like I did you won't regret it! I recomend this amp combo to anyone only if you r on a budget & don't have a very nice 4x12 High End Speaker Cabinet like a Mesa, Orange, etc. because of the wattage is half of the regular 6505 &6505+ 's heads, but if you mic this combo up into PA, etc you will not be disappointed in it for hard rock- Metal (bc even the real stock sheffield speakers IMHO make it insanely difficult to get a decent clean channel sound as compared to the 6505 heads). If you take the Time & MOD this Puppy, you will have A GO TO BEAST with extremely versatile cleans-Killer Death Metal Distortion, making the amp great for 99% of what you'd expect from a High End Tube Amp! Also make sure u have a noise reduction pedal (DUH) like a Decimitar G String, etc anything along those lines in your pedal arsenal for getting 110% out of this Outstanding amp! And last thing I would say if you have single coil guitars, test them out on this 1st b4 buying bc IMHO this amp is best suited for non-single coil guitar pickups like EMG'S, S. Duncans, etc.

  • from Dayton, OH USA October 31, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer, semi-guitar player, poor and reluctant recording engineer

    Excellent Value

    Short Review: I needed a practice amp that I wouldnít feel bad recording with as far as sound/tone was concerned. It was in my price range and it is plenty loud, has more gain than Iíll ever need, and for the two months or so Iíve had it has been solid. I do have some minor complaints about it; if you wish to read those, refer to the long review. Overall, Iím very pleased, have no buyerís remorse, think it sounds great and would recommend one to a friend should they have the same needs I had, and of course Iíd recommend it through Sweetwater. Itís so refreshing to get the support you get here as opposed to every other place Iíve shopped at.

    Long Review: Ok, cards on the table -- Iím primarily a drummer. I couldnít tell you which pups someone was using just by listening to them. I havenít spent countless hours honing in a tone on an amp or processor. Iím a drummer who composes tunes on guitar and I had just bought a new, nice electric and needed a good, solid practice amp that I could record with. Also, I play primarily metal and experimental stuff. I do know I much prefer the sound of tube distortion to that of solid state, so a tube amp was one of my requirements. I didnít want to spend more than $600-800 either. Amongst my guitar playing friends, I have access to high quality amps ranging from Marshalls, a Mesa triple rec, and even a DAR-FBM, so I didnít want to duplicate anything they had. Enter the Peavey 6505+ 112!
    To be honest, I did consider the 212: made in America and with two speakers, but the price was prohibitive. Also, itís heavy. Iím not gigging and prefer to jam at home or in the studio, but the idea of lugging that around was not a good one. So, for the price range and what I wanted, it seemed the 6505+ 112 was the way to go.
    Iíll start with my gripes.
    1.) The knobs. I think theyíre called chicken head style. I do not like these and would prefer simple round knobs. The reason being that if the tails or heads are pointing towards one another, the space between them gets tight and itís very easy to bump an adjacent knob when tweaking another. I guess if itís dark on stage it might be hard to see a little white line on a round knob, but Iíd rather have the round, traditional knob.
    2.) The Presence knob seems kinda useless below 7.5. Again, Iím not a guitar player, but I canít hear it doing anything until it gets to around 7.5. I usually keep it around 9 when jamming with distortion.
    3.) Very, very minor gripe, but I believe it was advertised to provide a control for the light on the front, so you could turn it off or dial it down or up if you wanted. Yeah, thatís not there, and from what I could gather on forums, it was removed at the last minute because it caused humming or noise or something. So, if for some weird reason the tipping point on pulling the trigger for purchasing this amp for you was a dial to control the light, beware.
    4.) Once more, Iím not a guitar player, but I find the clean tones a little lacking. However, I play primarily with distortion on electrics and use the acoustic for cleans. Also, Iíd probably slap a few effects in the loop if I was gonna use clean tones when recording.

    Now what I like about the amp.
    It has great, warm distortion tones! I play much more guitar now that I have a good amp to play through. Iíve recorded a little bit with it, using a Heil PR-30 and have been very pleased. I have not used the direct XLR output that simulates a Sure SM57 off-axis yet, so I canít comment on that. I tried the built in reverb once and never touched it again, so I canít comment on that either.
    The gain is ridiculous on this thing. I couldnít see me ever turning it all the way up, even for an over-the-top effect. On my seven string I keep it between 4.5-6 and for my six string I might bring it up to 8, but usually just under. Iím guessing itís the pickup differences? Not sure, but Iíve found those gain settings to work for me with those two guitars.
    Iím not sure itíd be loud enough for a full on band rehearsal on its own. For the stage though, micíd up, no problem. Iíve yet to turn it past 3.5 on the volume. Itís plenty loud and since I use it mainly for practicing, I keep it civil with the volume. Iíve read some people complain about the speaker that comes with it. I have to say I like it just fine, but did hear a noticeable improvement when I ran the output from the amp to a Marshall half stack cabinet and to a Mesa half stack cabinet. So if you have access to high quality, external speakers, youíll have some options.
    Looking over the review, I see it seems I have more gripes than compliments, but this thing really is solid. It sounds great (best, if you ask me, after warming up for 10-15 minutes). For the money Iím hard pressed to see what else you could get if youíre a metal jammer. My guitar playing friends spend this much and more on just effects processors, so I donít think itís too much money for what Iím getting, and theyíve all been impressed with the tones it produces when they checked it out.
    So, for what itís worth, this drummer/basic guitarist really likes it. I have no regrets with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone with the same needs, desires, and budget.

  • from New Bern May 25, 2012Music Background:
    guy that wants to make money shredding my guitar

    glad i bought this one

    Fantastic amp for hard rock or metal. Even tuned in some nice dirty bluesy tones. Worth every penny. Buy it. Buy it now!

  • from Enfield, CT October 28, 2015

    Great metal amp!

    The high gain tones this amp produces sound awesome. Cleans are decent, but this monster is meant for Metal and Rock. I use this amp at home for practicing, so I never really go over 4 on the volume knob, staying mostly in the 1 1/2 to 3 range and it is loud and sounds great. If it had some type of power soak feature I would give it five stars. It would be nice to be able to use it at super low volume. Even with the lack of this feature, it is still a killer amp.

  • from LA, CA USA June 25, 2014Music Background:
    Glutton for punishment, recording, gigging

    Good bang for your buck

    I bought this amp and had it rush delivered so that I could play a smaller venue. I am accustomed to using a 100 watt ENGL SE670 through at least one 4x12 cabinet. Needless to say, I was missing the volume and kick you in the gut punch that I normally get from my big rig but this little guy has some good tone and I had a long time friend of the band tell me that we still had "our sound". It responds very well to pinch harmonics and when dialed in properly, it sustains and provides rich harmonic feedback overtones(A definite MUST for any amp I use!). I felt that staccato picking on the low E string was a little muddy at times and required special attention to accuracy in order to counteract. I literally spent about 20 minutes with it before I was out the door and on my way to our gig. Considering that this is a very scaled down setup for me and I was not even mic'd, this amp did a respectable job. It delivers a good high gain tone, a decent crunch and an "OK" clean. I intend to use this amp for future small venues and look forward to getting it mic'd. I am also considering using some kind of boost for solos. A couple of turnoffs are that it is made in China and it does not come with a footswitch. Otherwise, it's a $600 amp with a pretty kick *** high gain sound that serves its purpose for those who wish to plug in and jam or play small venues. Overall, I am OK with my purchase and look forward to getting to know this amp a little better. Sweetwater customer service is second to none as well.

  • from Woodstock, VA November 21, 2013Music Background:
    35+yrs playing guitar

    Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo

    This is a great amp! I find it to be pretty versatile for my needs. I've been playing guitar for over 35 years now, in various types of cover bands ranging from country to metal- this thing can handle it all quite well. It doesn't have the crystal-clean of a Fender, but, it's not supposed to either. But you can get a nice Brad Paisley-esque clean/crunch to it. And from there you can start to dial up the gain to reach any type of crunch/distortion imaginable. Engaging the Crunch switch gives you a nice Marshall-like crunch ala AC/DC. Of course, switching to the lead channel opens up the stairway to hard rock heavy metal heaven! The separate EQ/Presence/Resonance controls are very responsive and allow you to dial the tone you want.

    My only criticism would be with the reverb...it's extremely weak. Perhaps it's just mine, but, I have it cranked full and it's barely perceptible. Not what I expected with a 3-spring reverb unit. My only other complaint is in regards to the "optional" footswitch-footswitches should accompany EVERY amp that has more than one channel!

    I'm loving this amp. It does everything I ask of it. It takes pedals really well, allowing me dial up a variety of tones/sounds/styles.

  • from Indiana April 21, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Teacher, Home Recording, Live Gigs

    Awsome, if you get a good one.

    I went to the sales outlet to get one of these bad boys. I have always LOVED the USA made 6505+ heads and cabs, so I figured this would be a good home sized amp. It sounded Great! But, I had to try 3 different ones before I found one THAT WORKED PROPERLY! The first one was fine for about 5 minutes, then the lighted Peavey logo went out. The sales guy had another one brought in, and that one wouldnt power up unless you wiggled the power cord just right, and even then the lighted logo didnt work right from the start. The sales guy had 3 more brought from out in the warehouse and the next one worked fine. Sounded great and had no issues at all. That's the one I went home with. The sales person was very apologetic and reassured me that it was covered for 2 years by Sweetwater's own warranty in case something went wrong. So that took the fear out. But man, shame on you Peavey for not having better quality control. I had a super cheap Valveking 112 that I beat the heck out of for over a year and never had a problem. These 6505+ 112 amps are supposed to live up to their USA made big brothers, and they do in terms of sound, but not in quality. So try one out before you get it. Otherwise you might be sending it back. But If you get a good one, this amp is AMAZING for the money.

  • from denver coloardo July 17, 2010Music Background:
    pro to hobbyist

    great amps

    this is a amps that made to rock to metal the clean is mooded that why i gave it a 4 not like the ather clean sounded anps that are tube but if you play blue to metal this is your amp it is loud. In time i will change the tube. I order the footswitchable that help from moving the channel overall so for the prece and not made in usa it will do the jub

  • from New Jersey December 8, 2016


    This amp is way too heavy and does not give a crunch sound that a combo should. Footswitch is sold seperately and the ONLY footswitch compatible to this amp is JUST a channel changer. Not thrilled with the reverb and gain...

  • from USA November 7, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist

    Peavey Really Dropped The Ball On This One!

    This amp is only good for the metal genre. The clean and crunch channel is hidious sounding. This might as well be a single channel amp with an OD1 and OD2. I don't care what anyone says. You should be able to turn your volume and tone knobs all the way up on any humbucker guitar and get a crystal clear clean sound which is impossible with this amp. Any amp should have a good clean, crunch, and high gain sound. The gain channel does sound decent when you get it dialed in, but it's also very harsh and brittle. I'm exchanging this amp for a Marshall. At least I know I will be happy with my trusted brand that I've played for 20+ years. You can't hardly beat a Gibson Les Paul played through a Marshall! If your wondering if this amp would be right for you? I highly recommend going somewhere to play this amp first before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

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