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Taylor 614ce Grand Auditorium - Cutaway, Electronics, Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from United States November 19, 2012Music Background:
    50 years of playing, teaching, and recording.

    Love This Guitar!

    I have been playing for over 50 years. I have owned/played about everything out there. This is the guitar I just can't put down. It has the tone and playability I was looking for. I must say, it definitely likes Nanowweb strings. I have tried several brands of strings and keep coming back to the Nanowebs. The guitar is superb for both solo fingerstyle and vocal accompaniment. It is bright but in a good way. The Expression System is what it is - very good but less than perfect. The ES "works" perfectly. It is great in a band setting - not so much for solo work. I actually prefer the older Fishman Prefix system for solo stuff. Over all I couldn't be happier. By the way - this guitar is absolutely beautiful!

  • from Greenville, OH April 28, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Guitar Player

    Taylor 614ce. A trusted and True friend.

    I purchased my '06 614ce 4 years ago, while still in college, and I am still blown away every time I play it. I still remember the day I purchased it. I went to the dealer and played Taylors from the 5,6,7 and 800 series as well as a few Martins and Gibsons. The 614ce seemed to beckon to me, from its effortless playability to it's balanced tone- just enough low end, as well as that treble zing of the maple. The maple is a gorgeous wood, and my particular model has an almost understated flame pattern to it, which is fantastic.

    I have played this guitar hard now for four years, and the wood has opened up wonderfully. The sparkling top end is still there, but the mid and low range have expanded to give this guitar a wonderful and full sound. It came equipped with the original ES (AA Batteries, 2 body Sensors, and no LED) which sounded drop dead fantastic. About a year ago I played an outdoor gig on a covered stage, but it was a rainy, hazy, and muggy evening. Through the course of the night, some of that moisture must have gotten inside of the electronics and caused a short somewhere inside. The ES would cut out randomly, and for no reason, so when Tax Refund Time rolled around, I sent her off to Taylor for an ES Upgrade (9v, LED, 1 sensor). They also dressed the frets, reset the neck, and brought it all the way back to Factory Specs. They rushed the guitar back to me (as I'm on staff at a church) to have for Easter, and when I pulled it out of the box/case, it was my old friend, but she felt absolutely brand new. The new ES sounds just as good as the original, and having the LED plus the 9V operation are fantastic additions.

    This is by far my favorite guitar I own (over my Taylor T5, American Fender Strat, and an Epi Les Paul). It almost can play itself, and it is so resonant. Harmonics seem to ring forever, and when amplified it cuts wonderfully through the mix at church. I highly recommend this guitar. It is definitely an investment, but for me it has been entirely worthwhile. If this guitar were ever to be stolen or lost, I would in a heartbeat (or as soon as I could afford it) get another one. Make sure to check one of these out the next time you are at your Taylor Dealer. You will not be disappointed at all!

  • from Seattle, WA January 20, 2011Music Background:
    14 years of hobbyist

    Gorgeous look AND sound

    My absolute favorite guitar. For starters, it's the most gorgeous guitar I've seen, aside from Taylor's Koa wood series (but those are way too expensive to compare and mostly for show anyway). A benefit of big leaf maple back and sides is that you get a brighter tone and no feedback problems. This is a hugely popular acoustic for professional musicians for that reason. Jason Mraz, Guster to name a few off the top of my head use this on stage. It's playability is bar none the best I've played on an acoustic. I think it's a little better suited for someone who enjoy's finger picking over strait strumming (strumming is more suited for a Martin in my opinion), but that's probably because it's so bright that it really shines with finger picking style. The expression system on the newer models comes with a better grounding system as well as a 9v battery as opposed to the old AA battery that has some issues with ground noise if your not in a perfectly wired space (who is??). Both expression systems are incredible. The best way to explain it is to tell people it just sounds like the guitar, which is what you WANT. And finally, I know it's crazy expensive. But Taylor has EXCEPTIONAL customer service and build quality. You are buying a piece of art when you buy this guitar. If anything ever happens to it they will fix it, sometimes at no additional cost. My AA battery corroded and got stuck and they sent me a new battery compartment AT NO COST. Stop buying cheap guitars and upgrading after a year. Buy this and you won't buy another guitar again.

  • from Myrtle Beach, SC, USA October 16, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Christian touring soloist

    The best $3000 you can spend.

    I've owned several Martins, still do, as well as great instruments from Gibson, Takamine, Epi, Ovation, etc. I fly one guitar, and only one. My 614ce is the one. Mine is the Honey Burst finish, no pickguard, so I have to be careful strumming it hard. The characteristic Maple brightness warms up after a year or two, much like Koa will when played. This guitar does everything I need it to, period. The original Expression System took one knock too many, and the factory replaced it (free) but I chose to upgrade to the new 9v battery system. It can be played in every style, from hard strumming to the most delicate finger picking. Unplugged, it's balance is perfect. Plugged-in, the same, just louder. To me it's the perfect guitar. Taylor does magic with every tone wood they use, but for my two cents, they just hit Maple out of the park. Just one amazing instrument. Can't recommend it more highly.

  • from Germany January 1, 2009Music Background:
    Worship Guitarist and Hobbyist

    614ce Tobacco Sunburst

    I ordered this guitar from Sweetwater about three years ago. I have played it during worship and found that it is a very versatile guitar. I can lay down a tight rhythm or just weave some melodic notes through the song. The natural tone of the guitar is outstanding and I don't feel that it is lost when I plug it into a PA with a DI box. I have the older ES pickup and I am thinking about having mine upgraded. The only reason I am considering an upgrade is because the newer ES has an LED that illuminates when it is on. More that once my battery has died during worship and the sound engineer lost me. The only reason I haven't dropped it off for an upgrade is because I can't imagine using another guitar while this one is in the shop.

  • from Shelton, WA USA June 26, 2007Music Background:
    ex pro, current hobbyist


    This guitar came set up perfectly from the factory. I played the guitar several times in the store along with other high end models. I picked this out over other other taylor models as I liked the overall mellow sound that it gave vs. the others being brighter. The workmanship of the woods, and the inlay are incredible. The guitar sounds perfect all the way up and down the neck. I don't do a lot of finger picking, but I can tell there is plenty of room there when I get to it. The expresion system is very versatile and allows for great tone adjustment to the instrument. I sometimes run mine through a fender accoustasonic Jr. and it sounds perfect regardless of the room because of the adjustments you can make with the expression system. I have heard of people having a hard time with the strap buttons holding the strap to the guitar, but I have not run into this problem. I have needed no service to the guitar thus far, so I haven't dealt with Taylor directly. I highly recommend this guitar for anyone looking for an accoustic guitar that will do it all. I will never part with mine.

  • from McHenry, IL October 30, 2008Music Background:

    I am really happy with guitar

    I own a handful of quality guitars: Carvin, Takamini, another Taylor, Cort, and a Baden. Each has a distinct tone, but I believe the 614CE is my all-around favorite.

    It has a very nice tone for a maple guitar. After 2 years, it has opened up considerably and the tone has gotten warmer. Maple can be a little brittle on the high end, but this Taylor manages to minimize that. The bass is very solid if the guitar is against your body, provides satisfying feedback.

    It is beautiful, and is becoming more beautiful as it ages. The fit and finish is impeccable.

    The expression system provides just the right amount of control for recording and performing.

    The brightness of the tone great for jamming as it cuts through in the mix. Even when there's a electric guitarist nearby, going a little crazy.

    Especially if you're a fingerstyle player like me, I recommend this guitar.

  • from Bar Harbor Maine November 21, 2012Music Background:
    42 years pro

    Tried and True

    I purchased my 614 in '96. I am female singer song writer and needed something bright with a bass response that would get out of the way quickly leaving room for female vocals. This guitar does it all. Acoustically, it sounds just as beautiful as when plugged in. It has the older Fishman Prefix and I have worn out the pick up plug twice. The recording studios prefer it. I have put this thru many many amps thru the years and never got a sound I didn't like. I play finger style and Percussive and it handles both VERY well.

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