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Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin-Amp Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Oklahoma City, OK May 11, 2016Music Background:
    lots o' stuff (no bragging here)

    The best Amp ever devised by mankind

    Except there are two issues. No speaker output ergo no cab connection, nor any attenuator. However that can be fixed and I'm in the process of seeing how to connect the speaker wires to a 1/4 in. jack who knows. Also no reverb (and no tremolo but hey get a pedal and suck it up) the fender tube reverb is classic and I wish it had it. Other than that this baby is the absolute best amp I have ever ever played on i'm a guitarist for 26 years i've owned tons and tons of amps heads, cabs, etc. I have had or gone through probably 70 pedals i mean i've been there and done that. All I can say is this has such high clean headroom that it literally does NOT breakup. So what? get a tube screamer if you want a break up. I turned the volume up to 5-6 and the walls were vibrating. Needless to say, I did NOT try to get to 12 and thats another innovation. The volume goes to 12 on each channel one bright one normal with bass,treble, and presence. its extremely simply to operate and use. Its wonderful on pedals and guitar rigs in general. I would say that with all the hype with these amps that contain models, or f/x, or fancy crap like three channels you know i.e. marshall, egnator, etc., this amp is a refreshing change (or rather retrospective adaptation) and its the kind you'd find Eric Clapton playing on. I've owned the Marshall's and those kinds with their overdrive. I say make it SIMPLE. do not get those hyped amps. Get a simple amp with one maybe two channels, and simply use pedals to adjust your sound. I consider this amp the most pure form that is out there. Oh and you cannot get it anymore unless you can find it used and the price is from 1500 - 2500 or so. I scored a b-stock demo for well I won't say but I am extremely lucky to have this. I love the tweed as well. It just has that look to it that keeps you coming back. I highly suggest you get NOS tubes and replace whatever is in the amp when you buy it just my two cents. Its pretty straight forward changing the power, preamp and rectifier tubes. I honestly don't know if I will ever by another 2x12 again. Maybe a 1x12 to be more mobile since this amp does weigh about 45 pounds but nothing beats this.

  • from Palm Springs, CA May 28, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Engineer

    Original owner of A-0311

    This baby IS exactly like the original. Think Rolling Stones, Black Crows... Nothing compares to this one. Created by Leo for a Steel Player friend, plug in a Tele and YACK a chord.... Look at it from the top and you see where Jim Marshall's eyes were looking for his early JTM-45. THIS BABY IS PRICELESS.

  • from CT June 30, 2010Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Best amp out there

    This is Clapton's one and only amp (well, he has a few of them on stage). 'nuff said. Best amp in the world.

  • from austin Texas June 7, 2008Music Background:
    pro bluesman

    Best amp I ever owned

    After years of playing Blues Devilles and deluxes,bassman and deluxe reverb reissues(all of which are ok),I finally found my perfect amp.This amp is perfect for what I require.I crank it up to 8 to get a nice breakup that is very much like Keith Richards typical tone.I place a gig bag in front when playing clubs to not blast the audience.The tone is so rich and pure.The harmonics are so balanced,the true personality of whatever guitar you are playing really shines through.I use a ts 808 mainly with drive turned off to get a clean boost perfect for S.R.V. style blues.I actually removed one of the 2 rectifier tubes to get a little more of a bluesy tone.The fact that this amp is handwired is also an important reason why I bought it,I play 6 nights a week and need a reliable amp(unlike p.c. board amps which commonly break down easily).It is loud enough for any application(unless you require very clean tone at loud volume,this is why they went to 80 watts in 1958).I play blues and rock n roll and my Strats,Teles and Les Paul never sounded better.It even helps my guitar playing.When you play with such a musical tone,you start to discover more nuances and possibilities that you won't find in a flatter,more compressed tone typical in cheaper amps.Vibrato technique and sustain are easier with this amp,my playing is more controlled than ever.I definetly want to buy a second one in case Fender ever discontinues this model(which would be a disappointment!).

  • from Manassas, VA November 28, 2007Music Background:
    Zappa Fanatic

    57 Twin Amp

    I played thru one of these in a guitar store in Norfolk, VA a year ago & thought this has got to be a fluke amp because it sounded so warm and rich. I later played through another in a guitar store in Texas and thought "I gotta get me one of these!" but balked at the $2100 price tag. I found one in another guitar store in DC and played through it but while I was playing through it another guy was paying for it to take it home at that moment. I resolved that it was still a fluke that all 3 of these I had played sounded that good but I was still not warm & fuzzy with the price tag. Last night (11-27-07) I stumbled onto 1 @ a guitar store in Fairfax @ a reduced price & it was the last one in the store & they weren't going to be able to order any more so I bought it. I took it home, plugged it in and instantly the tone started to just ooze out of the face of this thing onto the carpet! Every note that my RI 52 Tele plays that flows thru this baby comes out dripping in warm sweet tone-flavored honey! If you buy this amp, you'll definitely want to think about getting a bib for it or it'll make a mess on your floor. A small price to pay for a butt-kickin' tone-packed amp!

  • from Belgrade/Serbia March 20, 2009Music Background:


    great sounding amp, also a great looker. great sound straight out of the box. use it with strat (cs 54 pickups) and Gibson SG custom (57 pickups). must say it sounds better with my strat but many are amaized with the sg sound 2, encluding me. its very light to carry around which is great. nice break up at about 5/6. the only suggestion would be to be 60w instead of 40w...

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