EVH 5150III 50-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Ivory

50-watt 3-channel All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Selectable Impedance, Effects Loop, DSP Reverb, and Power Scaling - Ivory
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EVH 5150III 50-watt 1x12
EVH 5150III 50-watt 1x12
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EVH 5150III 50-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Ivory
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Epic EVH Tone in a 112 Combo!

The 50-watt EVH 5150 III Combo tube guitar amplifier combines the epic sound of the popular 5150 III Head with a chest-pounding 1 x 12" sealed-chamber cab loaded with a special design Celestion 12" speaker. Three switchable channels provide everything from sparkling cleans to seriously intense leads, and digital reverb lets you add gloss and dimension to your tone. The 5150 III Combo also features variable power scaling, which lets you drop the power as low as 1 watt. No matter where you rock, your EVH 5150 III Combo will deliver the tone you need.

EVH 5150 III Combo Guitar Tube Amplifier at a Glance:
  • The epic sound you'd expect from an EVH amp
  • Built-in DSP reverb gives you one more way to tweak your tone
  • Variable power scaling preserves your tone even at lower, club-friendly volumes
The epic sound you'd expect from an EVH amp

The EVH 5150 III Combo gives you bone-crunching, arena-filling volume, and that's without an additional extension cabinet. In effect, the 5150 III gives you the raw power and epic tone of a 50-watt 5150 III Head, plus the sheer stage volume of a matching 112 sealed cab loaded with the sweet sound of a special design Celestion 12" speaker. With three footswitchable/MIDI switchable channels to choose from, you're set for any venue when you're rocking an EVH 5150 III Combo. Sweetwater knows that guitar players look for tube amps with massive tone and killer dynamics, and the EVH 5150 III 1 x 12" Combo is sure to please. This amp delivers everything from smooth, American clean tones to over-the-top British high-gain tones in a portable and gig-ready combo.

Built-in DSP reverb gives you one more way to tweak your tone

EVH decided to step up their 50-watt 5150 III Combo by outfitting it with a custom DSP reverb section. One knob is all you need to control this reverb, taking it from a glossy shine to a full-on wet sound. Even cooler, the 5150 III Combo sports MIDI input, allowing you to switch channels or bypass the reverb section remotely or with a standard footswitch.

Variable power scaling preserves your tone even at lower, club-friendly volumes

If you aren't rocking a full-scale arena, then the full 50-watt onslaught of the 5150 III Combo may just be a bit too much. Lucky for you, EHV saw fit to equip this guitar amplifier with a variable output control. This lets you scale back the 5150 III Combo's output from anywhere between 50 watts to a single watt - dropping your volume without sacrificing your tone or playing dynamics.

EVH 5150 III Combo Guitar Tube Amplifier Features:
  • 3-channel, 50-watt compact tube guitar combo amp with epic EVH tone
  • Sealed 112 cab loaded with a single special design Celestion 12" speaker
  • Channels 1 and 2 share EQ, gain, low, mid, high, and volume
  • Channel 3 sports gain, low, mid, high, and volume
  • Master presence and resonance controls
  • DSP reverb section lets you add depth and shine to your tone
  • Variable power scaling lets you drop your output from anywhere between 50 watts and 1 watt
  • Selectable output impedance (4, 8, or 16 ohms)
  • Dual parallel speaker output jacks, effects loop, headphone jack, and line-out
  • Included 4-button footswitch has 1/4" input jack; also accommodates MIDI footswitching
If you need volume and tonal attitude, check out the EVH 5150 III Combo!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 3
Total Power 50W
Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Effects Yes (Built-in DSP Reverb)
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band
Preamp Tubes 7 x JJ ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Tubes 2 x JJ 6L6
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x Headphones, 1 x Preamp
Footswitch I/O Yes
Effects Loop Yes
Height 22"
Width 24.5"
Depth 12.5"
Weight 65 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2255000410

Customer Reviews

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All You Need!!

I can't say enough about this amp. I'll be as brief as I can be.....Clean Channel (Green) - Very nice, chimey cleans. Breaks up a little early, but I actually found this useful. I use the gain at about 1 o'clock here, and the reason why is because it warms it up a bit, and I use the volume knob to clean it up more, but I still have a natural, warm, slight overdrive, when I turn the volume knob up. This setting can also be used for some classic rock sounds, and I use an MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D. to really warm it up and provide and really nice, bluesy crunch. It take the O.D. VERY well.Crunch Channel (Blue) - Okay, this'll get you anywhere from an old Plexi to a souped up JCM800, and right through to a JCM2000. This channel will get you there. It reacts INCREDIBLY well with pedals, and a flanger, phase 90, and wah, all REALLY shine!! Play with the gain, play with the resonance, and play with the presence, and find your tone.....because it's in there. This is an INCREDIBLY versatile channel.Lead (Red) - There's a reason why people talk about this channel the way they do. It's everything that's been said and more. While I can probably see myself spending most of my time on Channel 2.......this channel is a BEAST! The great thing is that it's not "out of control". As wild and as nasty as it is, it all seems just on the edge of getting away from you, without actually doing so. I LOVE the feedback I got at low volumes. Not out of control feedback though....really useful, controllable feedback, showing you the power of the tubes. It's incredibly warm, it can bite when you ask it to, and roar loudly. The word that comes to mind when I think of this channel is "crackle". This channel delivers the "crackle" I've been looking for.This may only be a 1x12 combo, but it is no "tiny" amp. the box is about the size of a 4x12 cabinet, and the amp itself is sizable and beefy. It will handle what you throw at it.Keep in mind, this is not your typical 1x12 combo. It is 50 watts of tube power and it is LOUD!! On the full 50 watt power, I don't even get to 1 before it's way too loud for my apartment. I turn the Power Level down to about 5 watts, and at that point, I can turn the volume up to about 2.5. It is LOUD.If you're thinking about this, just get it, and don't debate it. It's WELL worth it. You WILL NOT be disappointed. It's the best single purchase I've ever made from Sweetwater......and I've been a customer for quite some time.


being this is my first tube amp and i am not in a band the search was very difficult for what amp to buy..my other amp is the fender mustang three witch is my mp3 player now,any how this amp is so awesome!!! want to turn it way up but i have to wait for the wife to leave the house for that . i am able to play it while she sleeps so that says a lot right? and the tones are just never ending i can not believe how much more expression my guitar has now i just never knew. the low end that comes out of the built in speaker cab is amazing as is all the highs..i play a american special stratocaster along with a custom build kramer 5150 just like eddies striped series..did i say i love this? i do thanks goes out to eddie vanhalen for such great tones into one package..and to sweetwater for there fantastic service.. thanks again and just buy it !! do it now..

Killer amp

Still learning the amp.Awesome tones with great versatility. All the volume you need! I love the power level knob, Great tones at practice levels.......I am having a little trouble getting the clean sound i want. I just need more time with it.

5150III as expected

THE GOODS: soaring sustain.. real punch. First amp I've never had to dime the gain on. Is you like the smell of tube-burnt ozone this is your amp (7 tubes in preamp) If you are looking for an amp that is built to rock this is it.. no pedals needed for a great tone..and there would be no reason to ever put a distortion or overdrive in front of this puppy. This amp would be PERFECT if channels 1/2 did not share their EQ. The POWER LEVEL is a dream come true if your married and your wife doesn't appreciate your chops as much as your buddies do after they've had a few. I wanted the 1x12 as this is 80+ pounds in the 2x12. They should tack on $50 and go ahead and ship an MXR Phaser with this.. that way you could pretend you're Eddie without any addl purchases.THE BADS:1) volume jump between channel 1/2 means you will have to dial in and use only 2 channels if playing live live (1/3 or 2/3)2) this is not a Fender clean, but useable. If you play a ton of clean stuff you will need some pedals or a 2nd amp for clean3) the footswitch is a behemoth and does not have an effects on/off, it's not even midi even though the amp has a midi in4) you have to use a footswitch.. you hit the knobs when trying to switch on channels 1/2, not much open real estate on the knob strip5) no side handles on the 1x12 like the 2x12 hasThis will be my go to amp.. I might have a mod done to split channels 1 and 2. I might also look to see if anybody builds custom foot switches. This is as close to it gets as my perfect amp.. I could have bot anything out there. The only competitor might have been a Mesa Dual Rec in a 1x12 (not avail so far) but Mesa is almost too muddy.. the dual recc almost to Metal if you are in a band and have to cover some pre-90's songs that don't feature Viking Tales or Demon Encounters. My guy Marco Sanchez at Sweetwater said the Top-End Blackstar Series 1 45 amp is close on the gain but better on the cleans with sep EQ.. but its a good bit more expensive and I own a VHT that has a phenom clean channel already.
Music background: serious hack
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