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EVH 5150III 100S 100-watt Special Run Tube Head - Black Stealth Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the EVH 5150III 100S 100-watt Special Run Tube Head - Black Stealth?
Questions about the EVH 5150III 100S 100-watt Special Run Tube Head - Black Stealth?

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5150III 100S 100-watt Special Run Tube Head Reviews

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  • from Texas November 16, 2020 Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist

    One of the best amplifiers I have ever owned

    This amp is absolutely amazing. The blue channel is great for hard rock and metal, while the red channel is perfect for destroying the world. The saturation is incredible, along with perfect tube compression. The addition of individual resonance controls for each channel is brilliant, and it really allows for shaping of the sound of each channel individually. For half the price, I like this amp better than my Friedman. You have all the gain you could ever want, and a responsive EQ.

    The only problem I have with the amp is the fact that the sheer number of knobs made it so the power and standby controls had to be moved to the back of the amp... this makes it difficult to operate in my environment, as I have a lot of cabinets and heads. Even with this small complaint, this is a five-star amp all day, all week, all month, all year, all decade... absolutely great.
  • from January 16, 2020

    EVH 5150 100w Stealth

    Eddie said this was a higher gain amp compared to the old 5150iii which is already a beast... he was right and I have the proof!! The best amp in my collection!!!
  • from Cameron Park, CA April 6, 2019

    This Is It

    This is far and away the most incredible amp I have ever played through. I had the 5150 III 100-watt 6L6 and loved it. This amp is on an entirely different level. I sold the 5150 III because I'd configured a really cool wet-dry-wet setup using a boutique 50-watt rig with a Roland JC-40 running my stereo effects using a Headbone Progidy in the middle. It is a complicated, but rewarding setup. Regardless, I regretted selling the 5150 as soon I got the news it had been snapped up on an auction site. Just a couple of days later, I saw a demo 5150III 100S available here. I pulled the trigger instantly.

    After watching it be dropped straight to the ground off the back of the FedEx delivery van through my home security system, I opened the box up with much concern. Thankfully, Sweetwater cares to the extreme when it comes to packing their shipments. The amp survived FedEx in perfect condition. I dialed in the same EVH-inspired settings I used on the III, plugged it into my 3/4-stack, turned it on, and fell in love. When it comes to this amp, I'm a channel two kind-of-guy. Even with all of my pedals fine-tuned over the years for the wide range of songs I play live, I have mostly rehearsed with this amp as-is... plugged straight in... no effect in the loop... not even reverb. It sounds that good. I do need to dial in at least a portion of my pedal-board before this hits the stage with me for the first time later this month, but I can tell you I have never had such a rewarding experience playing a pure guitar/amp setup. I don't think that I will ever want to play through anything else.
  • from Cleveland,oh June 27, 2018 Music Background:
    Cover bands

    The best of the EVH line- the Stealth

    I"ve owned all the non-el34 versions of this the amp. The 100 watt head had an anemic blue channel. The 50 watt had a great blue channel but had the whole shared EQ thing and was not a true 3 channel amp. When I got the Stealth all of those issues disappeared. This amp is the perfect rock machine for me. From classic rock to and sub genre of metal this amp will give you the meanest tones and serve your purposes well. I have other amps ( Jp2c, Lonestar, Fractal AX8) and they are all great. But when I want the best live tones the Stealth hits the stage.
  • from Aurora, CO September 18, 2017 Music Background:
    Been playing since 1974

    Wow!!! Everything it's cracked up to be and more!

    I just took ownership of the 5150 III 100S Stealth and am absolutely blown away! I own a 5150 III 50 watt but found it was limited live due to the shared channel but this amp certainly takes care of that and more. This is the most responsive amp I've ever owned and or played and I'm coming from the Peavey 6505 Plus and an Egnater Tourmaster before that. It's more responsive and has a much greater tonal range then a friend's Bogner and outplays any Engl or Diezel I've played through. This is probably going to be the last live rig I'll every need. The cleans have that fantastic signature fender sparkle and it growls as heavy as any amp I've ever played through. The one thing that really blows me away is the tone controls for every channel actually work through all ranges unlike a lot of amps I've played through. A true thoroughbred.
  • from Florida March 9, 2017

    The best of the best

    In my opinion all 5150 amps are excellent. I had the 2X12 50 watt combo and loved it except for the well known problem of the green and blue channel sharing the same volume control which makes it very hard to use in a live application. So I sold it and went with the 100w Stealth. WOW! Obviously this is what Ed used on the last tour so you are getting his exact head. No mods required. The Blue and Red channel now sound more in the tonal realm with red adding that extra over the top bite. I love this amp for all applications. Running it through an Avitar 2X12 custom cab.
  • from Oregon March 18, 2019 Music Background:

    Great rock and metal amp. No true clean chanel

    I bought one in 2017 from a competitor ( i have bought stuff from sweetwater too ) . I went through a lot of heads and this was the best at high gain out of all of them.

    It does have alot of low mid crunch . And the gain is really dry. Nothing like the high gain tone of the Peavey counterpart or say a soldano . That gain is syrupy and liquid . This gain is tight and dry even if you dime it. It is partly because the amp is biased a bit cold . Even if you turn the bias idle up a bit , the gain is still relatively dry . Awesome for classic hard rock and newer Dgent styles . But not so much for saturation.

    The drawbacks are the clean channel . Its not truly clean . Its more like a 3rd crunch channel . You'll only get true clean if the clean gain is at less than 1. No kidding . Its weird .

    The only big complaint is that fizz that is a problem on many 6l6 tube amps . 6l6s run cleaner even at high volumes and 12ax7 ( ecc83 ) are known to fizz with high gain . This is a problem on so many amps . And its source can be many things . New speaker not broke in , biased low , 12ax7 in v 1 , variance in wall socket current , amp not played loud enough ....all those factors can contribute . And frankly that is annoying . When i buy an amp , i want great sound out of the box .

    Im not kidding when i say i purchased a power conditioner, variac , a 5751 v 1 replacement tube , and biased it hotter ...as well as running some old speakers that were wore in to get rid of the fizz . Oh, also turning the presence all the way off.

    Im no longer using tube amps for that very reason . But if you are picky and are willing to buy a few extras and bias it . Its a great head . Its really for pros that have a guitar tech . Tube amps are fussy . But if you gotta have one and youre not big on cleans , this is one to have . Especially for metalers that want a gainy but dry tight tone...

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