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EVH 5150 III 100-watt Tube Head - Ivory Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the EVH 5150 III 100-watt Tube Head - Ivory?

Questions about the EVH 5150 III 100-watt Tube Head - Ivory?

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  • from NYC June 21, 2016


    There are so many reasons why one specific head for amplifier condo sells more than another and the bottom line is quality and price point. It's up to that specific company such as fender to figure out the balance to find the sweet spot between quality and price. Sometimes they get it right and other times they get it wrong in this case they got the pricing Right for the most part it is an outstanding tone machine at rivals Marshall. This is a very high-quality amplifier head as well as the cabinets and combos the cabinets or Birchwood ply and the speakers especially voiced EVH Celestion greenbacks 12" 25watt. There's nothing cheap about these units they are actually more competitively priced then the UK marshals With high quality craftsmanship. This EVH line would've went viral if Feander had a better price point over all. They really could've blown this one out of the water because it's a no-brainer and considering it's made in Mexico they could've done much better and been much more aggressive on the pricing the volume of units would've been through the roof.

  • from Twin Cities March 4, 2016Music Background:

    Industrial Grade Amplifier

    A simply great amplifier! Infinitely adjustable tonality. More bottom end than you'll ever need, and the ability to get as bright as one could possibly dream a need for! The presence controls are a MAJOR feature!
    You can virtually pull any tone you can think of from this amp. At 100 watts, it has the power to provide the sensitivity you need for true dynamic playing. It also compresses nicely as it's driven.
    I have yet to drive it beyond moderate. It is a beast of an animal! Any gain level you need is there among the three channels available; each with it's own master for that channel.
    Been playing about 50 years, and this is easily the best amp I've owned, and I have owned most I think at some point. This amp truly supports a professional business case in it's sound AND build quality!

  • from Clearfield, Utah July 1, 2015Music Background:
    Over 50 Years Playing Guitar

    10+ TONE CANDY

    I have played hundreds of different amp, cabinet and guitar combinations. This particular head completely exceeded my expectations, especially when coupled to the EVH 4x12 Cabinet. I can get any tone I want, ANYTHING ! it's all a matter of adjustment. If you know how to adjust the controls PROPERLY. It's always best to start out by following the suggested guidelines that come with the amp head. It produces a very, very rich, strong, deep tone that no other combination I tried could satisfy. Hearing is believing ! There is more gain and sustain than you will ever need, especially on channel three. Sounds great with or without pedals.

  • from Lincoln, NE June 18, 2013Music Background:
    25 years of playing professionally in live cover bands

    Lives up to the hype

    I needed a replacement for my old Marshall that I have used for 25 years. Had been considering the 5150 III mostly because of the three individual channels. I took the gamble and ordered it. It arrived a day early, which was 2 days before I needed to use it on stage. I had very minimal time to test drive it to get all the levels set and configure my effects pedals and everything. Maybe 2 hours total time before the show. The 5150 III outperformed my Marshall from the word go. This amp is LOUD but has incredible tone and warmth. With the three individual channels making quick changes on stage is a breeze! Whatever sound you are looking for you won't be dissapointed with this amp! My only regret is not buying it sooner!

  • from Central New York May 4, 2012Music Background:

    EVH 5150III....Awesome Baby!!!

    I originally purchased the 50W version of this amp. However, I found myself really wanting the three independent channels and EQ controls that only big brother offers. I am quite surprised at how good the clean channel is on this amp, very good bell-like tones are easily possible. At the same time, you can increase the gain and get a nice crunch tone. Channel 2 is my favorite in this amp, it's the sound of the '78 Van Halen...the brown sound baby! It has plenty of gain for sure, but not crazy and over the top like some high-gainers can be. Great crunch tones here, everything from AC/DC to, of course, Van Halen. Channel 3 is just insane! There is a LOT of gain on tap here, but it's all usable gain if set up properly. This channel does tend to hiss a little due to the high amounts of gain, but dialing the gain knob back to one or two o'clock reduces it a bit. There is still a lot of gain even at 1 o'clock, and it's really smooth and has a lot of harmonic content. The controls on all channels are very responsive and do their job. I only have one complaint, and it's very minor at best, this amp is HUGE!! If it were any bigger it would hang over the edge of any 4x12 cab! In closing, this amp is NOT a one trick pony. There are a TON of great sounds here and I highly recommend this amp.

  • from Harrisonburg, VA US August 4, 2010Music Background:
    Solo and Band Musician

    Incredible Amp

    I normally don't like buying signature equipment but this is an amazing investment. It sounds incredible and you can dial in any tone you want for it. The first channel can give you the softest acoustic sounds you want to a grungier clean sound. The second channel can give you the classic british crunch sound even up to the more distortion driven tone of ACDC. The third channel is my favorite. You can get the soaring leads and clear arpeggios and runs all day long. It can give you Overdriven sound of a Marshall or a Mesa/Boogie. You can dial in Heavy sounds for the perfect Dream Theater, Protest the Hero or even intense distortion like Lamb of God or Avenged Sevenfold. This is one of the best amps I have ever played and everyone should own one.

Questions about the EVH 5150 III 100-watt Tube Head - Ivory?

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