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Rob Papen The Four Element Synth Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Rob Papen The Four Element Synth?

Questions about the Rob Papen The Four Element Synth?

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  • Austin Moss

    I like to think I know a thing or two about sound design and I took synth classes in college. This tome is easily the most accessible book on approaching synthesizers that I've read. I recommend Rob Papen's "The 4 Element Synth" to all my clients whether they're getting their first VST, a Rob Papen synth, a Virus, or a Eurorack modular. The DVD is really the deal. Clear out a bank in your favorite synth and work through all these synth recipes.

  • from Atlanta, GA September 16, 2015Music Background:
    Lifelong Synth enthusiast


    $50 for this is a steal! If you are interested in synthesizer programming you need this! I've been a fan of Rob's software synthesizers for a while and I often use them for my musical endeavors. before this I mainly used presets and tweak them a little here and there. Now I'm able to create whole new sounds and the sky is the limit. Thank you Rob for this gift to musicians and thank you sweetwater for getting it to my door faster than a speeding bullet!

    PS. (They send you candy :) )

  • from Philly May 13, 2015Music Background:
    Film Composer, Keyboardist

    Phenomenal course to learn synth programming!!!!!!!

    Let me start by saying this. Before I purchased this course, I was already at about an intermediate level when it comes to synth programming, specifically subtractive synthesis. I knew how to program most bread and butter sounds like a pad, leads, synth bass, brass, and even some synth drum & percussion. I knew how to use oscillators, filters, modulation, and fx to some degree.

    Having said all of that, the difference this instructional course made is like night and day! After finishing this course, I definitely now have an expert level of knowledge for synth programming. There aren't too many different sounds I could imagine creating, that I wouldn't know how to go about programming now in my mind after using this course. Of course, you will need to out this knowledge into practice on your own time.

    But the difference now is I have a complete understanding of what each component of a synth does, and is supposed to do. Knowing this makes you versatile for working with pretty much any synth you touch, analog, modular, or vst plug-in; they're all based on the same principals that this course teaches.

    If you are serious about creating your own sounds, or maybe you want to create your own commercial libraries, this absolutely will prepare you from transitioning as an amateur, to a professional synth programmer, easily!!!!

    In my opinion, this is on the scale of getting into a college level type course for sound design. The videos show you exactly what Rob is talking about, and the videos play plenty of examples of what is being explained. Envelopes, Filters, Modulation, Amps, Oscillators, and some are all covered extensively. Get this TODAY if you are really serious about learning synth programming.

  • from Henderson, NV USA April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist - for now

    DVDs are PAL format

    The book and DVDs are well done and very informative. I'm learning a lot about subtractive synthesis and this set is changing the way I approach building my sounds. The only problem is the DVDs are all region PAL format (USA and Canada use NTSC). These disks will not play in a region 1 DVD or BluRay player. You may be able to watch the DVDs on your computer if it has software to convert the format.

  • from USA May 17, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Composer/Orchestrator

    Great Way to Learn Synthesis!

    Great book on learning the basic principles of synthesis. Even better since it includes 4 DVD's with examples of the entire book on video. Wish this was around when I started learning synthesis years ago. Suggested for beginning to intermediate users primarily. Could use a more advanced version to complement it.

  • from Clermont, Florida December 10, 2015Music Background:
    Bassist, Composer, Military musician, Freelance Producer

    The One to WORK with

    If, like me at the time i bouht this, was relatively new to sound design,, I can certainly tell you wont find a better place to start. This book and DVD set gives the lowdown not only on Rob's product line, but more importantly, the basic architecture of synthesis and synthesizers in a comprehensive account in simple,plain, and common sense approach that will not leave you guessing about the way to find your own voice and technique developement to make your sounds and FX your very own

  • from Maryland, USA February 28, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Excellent Course

    Very nice presentation. Thoughtful and concise. Rob Papen spoke clearly and at a good speed for learning. The video quality is very good and the PAL format DVDs played perfectly on a Windows 7 PC using the free VLC player. Althought quite basic, I really enjoyed this course.

Questions about the Rob Papen The Four Element Synth?

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