Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB 4 x RGB Par System w/ Stand

LED Lighting Fixture with 4 Integrated RGB Lights, Sound-active Mode, DMX Control, Tripod Stand, Carry Case, and Wireless Footswitch, D-Fi USB DMX Compatibility, and IRC-6 Remote Compatibility
Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB 4 x RGB Par System w/ Stand image 1
Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB 4 x RGB Par System w/ Stand image 1
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Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB 4 x RGB Par System w/ Stand
In Stock!

D-Fi USB Ready 4-in-1 LED Lighting Fixture

Chauvet's 4BAR USB takes their highly popular 4BAR LED lighting fixture and gives it a serious wireless upgrade. Built into a single standalone fixture, the 4BAR USB features four individual wash lights, each loaded with 108 individual red, green, and blue LEDs. That alone makes the 4BAR USB one of the best lighting values you'll find at Sweetwater. While this amazing centerpiece fixture is completely DMX controllable, it can also run beat-synced preset programs in sound-active mode, and you can use master/slave chaining with other 4BAR fixtures to easily create more complex lighting setups. Add an optional 4BAR USB transceiver, and you can take your DMX wireless. And for simpler wireless freedom, the 4BAR USB is also fully compatible with Chauvet's IRC-6 remote.

D-Fi USB compatibility opens up new wireless possibilities

When power isn't an issue but running DMX cables is, D-Fi USB is a serious asset. The 4BAR USB features a special USB port that accepts a Chauvet D-Fi USB transceiver. This transceiver lets your 4BAR USB receive wireless DMX from your D-Fi hub or even your smartphone, if you add a FlairCon Air to your rig. What's more, you can create master/slave links between D-Fi equipped lighting fixtures, allowing you to set up sophisticated, automated light shows without even touching a DMX controller or running a single DMX cable.

Chauvet 4BAR USB LED Lighting Fixture at a Glance:
  • Four wash lights in one versatile, standalone lighting fixture
  • All of the control options you need to crank up the energy
  • D-Fi USB compatibility opens up new wireless possibilities
  • Tripod stand, footswitch, and carrying case included
  • LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures
Four wash lights in one versatile, standalone lighting fixture

Without a doubt, the Chauvet 4BAR USB LED lighting fixture is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to add a ton of lighting flexibility to your rig. Each of the 4BAR USB's four lights features 36 red, green, and blue 10mm LEDs for a total of 108 LEDs apiece. Spread out across your dance floor, the output from a single 4BAR USB can easily light up several mid-sized sections of your room. And when you add all of the 4BAR USB's numerous control options, the lighting possibilities go straight through the roof.

All of the control options you need to crank up the energy

Chauvet clearly designed the 4BAR USB lighting fixture to integrate into a wide range of lighting rig styles. If you're fairly new to lighting or are looking for a set-it-and-forget-it lighting rig, then you're going to love the 4BAR USB's sound-active mode. In sound-active mode, the 4BAR USB simply reacts to the sound of your music, picking up the beat and changing with the music. An included foot controller lets you change operation modes on the fly. When it's time to expand your lighting system, or if you're adding on to one, the 4BAR USB's master/slave connectivity with other 4BAR USB models makes it easy to create complex automatic light shows. And if you happen to already be a DMX guru, then you're going to love the control you'll get over your 4BAR USB with just 15 DMX channels.

D-Fi USB compatibility opens up new wireless possibilities

When power isn't an issue, but running DMX cables is, D-Fi USB is a serious asset. If you look at the control panel of the 4BAR USB, then you'll see a USB port. This special USB port accepts a Chauvet D-Fi USB transceiver (sold separately), which provides instant wireless connectivity for your fixture. With D-Fi, your fixture can receive wireless DMX from your D-Fi hub or smartphone. What's more, you can create master/slave links between D-Fi equipped lighting fixtures, allowing you to set up sophisticated automated light shows without the hassle of touching a DMX controller or running DMX cables.

Tripod stand, footswitch, and carrying case included

When we call the Chauvet 4BAR USB a complete, all-in-one lighting system, we mean it. That's because Chauvet designed the 4BAR USB to come with everything you need to add lighting to your show, including a stand, a wireless footswitch, and a handy traveling case. Setting up your 4BAR USB lighting system takes only minutes too, making it one of the most convenient all-in-one lighting rigs around.

LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures

Chauvet is one of the first companies to bring high-output LED technology to lighting fixtures made for music production and DJing, and they're certainly one of the best. As a US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certified company, Sweetwater really gets the value in LED fixtures. Drawing just a tenth (or less) the wattage of a similar incandescent fixture, typical LED fixtures not only save you cash at the meter, they also dramatically reduce the temperature onstage or on the dance floor. On top of that, LED fixtures like this provide you with all kinds of added perks such as vivid color (no need for gels), no duty cycles, and all the control you could ask for.

Chauvet 4BAR USB LED Lighting Fixture Features:
  • The perfect way to add a ton of light and flexibility to your lighting rig
  • A single lighting fixture that gives you 4 individual LED wash lights
  • Each of the 4 lights features 108 x 10mm LEDs (36 red, 36 green, and 36 blue) for a total of 432 LEDs
  • Operation modes include automatic (program) mode, sound-active mode, and DMX
  • Add a D-Fi USB transceiver for wireless DMX control or an IRC-6 for a simple wireless remote
  • Works in master/slave with other 4BAR series units for large coordinated light shows
  • Included wireless footswitch lets you change operation modes on the fly
  • Pass-through hole easily mounts to most tripods or speaker stands with no additional clamp needed
  • Mount up to 4 additional lights to expand your light show
  • Safely mount to truss using the built-in bolts for increased mounting options
  • Edison plug power output lets you conveniently daisy-chain fixtures
  • Setup and tear down takes only minutes
  • Tripod stand and carrying cases included
Get flexible lighting with wireless freedom from the Chauvet 4BAR USB!

Tech Specs

Type 4 LED light Bar
DMX 3-pin, D-Fi USB
DMX Modes 3 or 15
Sound Active Yes
Illuminance 725 lux @ 2m (per pod)
Beam Angle 21°
Power Consumption 48W
Height 11" (lights and hang bar)
Width 47.4" (hang bar)
Depth 2" (LED lights)
Manufacturer Part Number 4BARUSB

Customer Reviews

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Chauvet 4BAR USB Lights - LOVE THEM

Very happy with this purchase. They are really easy to use. I purchased two sets, and the D-Fi USB DMX adapters for both (you will need one D-Fi adapter for each set of lights; 1 transmit, all others set to receive mode). They are pretty much just set and forget with the sound activation option. Really great product, and extremely bright!!!
Music background: Country lead vocals, DJ/KJ


i had to use them one time they worked great for me thanks
Music background: had a band for about 45 years

Great product - misleading name !

These lights do exactly what they are intended to do. But, I consider the USB part of the name to be misleading. It even says in the manual "Do not plug any USB devices into the port, or it will cause damage to the unit" ......What ? I was thinking I could find software and put programs on a USB flash reason the port is there is to accommodate the D-Fi dongles. Ok, then, how about changing the name to "DJ 4BAR D-FI". I guess I should have practiced due diligence and read the manual on-line before purchasing.....

Great lights but some flimsy hardware

I've owned the original 4Bar for about five years and have been very happy with it, using a Chauvet Obey 40 controller and a 9-foot tripod. I do want to caution users and purchasers about some hardware weaknesses I have discovered lately.The face frames are secured with four #8 sheet metal screws that are simply way too short and thick for the task. Basically, the first thread or two is all that engages the plastic boss molded into the light housing. They crack the boss and the top 1/4" or so breaks off. I noticed the first one and investigated to find that most of the bosses had the same problem. The #8 screws also are too big for the countersunk holes in the face frames and cause cracking there. I repaired the cracks with super glue and replaced the screws with #6x3/4"sms. Much deeper purchase and no spreading of the bosses. I would thus recommend that purchasers replace those screws right out of the box.The plastic surrounding the threaded bosses for the tilt knobs is also too thin and fragile. Be very careful when tightening the knobs or adjusting the tilt with the knobs relatively tight. Again, super glue to repair the cracks, and I plan to laminate a reinforcing plate around each boss.It's a shame that these corners were cut on a very useful lighting setup at a great price point. Be forewarned that durability may be an issue if you don't take the precautions I've outlined. My rig was only used eight or ten times before these cracks appeared, and I handle my equipment very gently and carefully.I would never suggest avoiding this product for these reasons, but just wanted to share my experience so other users can avoid having to make repairs.Otherwise, great lights at a great price.
Music background: Singer-songwriter, sound engineer, open mic host/sound guy

Really good (i.e., 3.0)

These lights are a great value, easy to use and carry around, and are a huge improvement over old-style (hot!) incandescent lights. I usually set mine to one color (low key jazz gigs) and leave it so don't get much use of the facilities available via the pedal. I would consider buying a second unit for more coverage, should that ever be needed.However - the lights stopped working correctly at one point. It was a while back and I can't remember exactly what it was doing, but I think there was a lot of random blinking and no control possible with the pedal. Luckily there was some warranty time left, and I sent the unit and case back to Sweetwater per my sales engineer's instructions. They then sent the unit to Chauvet for repair. The repairs worked and have stuck, and they even fixed one of the zippers on the case that went south. So, happy ending there.The case fits the lights nicely but is rather flimsy, and despite reasonable care and non-abusive use one of the aforementioned zippers did disengage (but was fixed). But there are also now 2 or 3 holes in the pocket on the case where the pedal and the now-lost set screw can be stored. The set screw fell through a hole on the bottom of the pocket that I didn't know was there. This was disappointing, but I was able to find a reasonable replacement at Ace Hardware (metric 8.0 x 1.25 thread, FYI).The set screw, too, is kind of weird because you REALLY need it (the lights must be secured or will turn around on the pole with a light push or in a light breeze if you're outside), but you can't leave it in the threaded hole because the case won't close properly. So, when you're not using the lights you have to have a place to put that set screw. It's black, too, so when you're packing up the lights it's probably going to be dark (no lights, right?) and you have to pay some attention to keep track of it. I kept it in the pocket, but when the hole was ripped, it apparently fell through as described above.OK, these are minor details, but irritating enough to mention. Like I said, I'd buy another unit to augment the one I have, but I'm thinking now of some way to tether that set screw to the stand so that I always know where it is and it won't get lost. (Maybe drill a hole in it and run a stout line through that and tie the other end to the light bar.) It would be great if Chauvet could use thicker material for their cases.
Music background: Professional
See also: Chauvet DJ, Chauvet DJ Par Cans