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Chauvet DJ 4BAR Flex - 4 x RGB Par System Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Rick Roach
    from March 8, 2016

    Chauvet 4BAR

    Well, I should have checked specs closer...I ordered a matching 4BAR for the first one I bought that came with a pedal controller and an stand, but minus the controller and stand, since I have a bunch of matching stands and several controllers for DMX. This one came promptly, like things always do from you guys, (THANK YOU, PATRICK!!), But it isn't exactly the same as the first one, since it is a singular unit, it came with some little pedestal feet for each end, but not a way to hang it on a stand. But, being a working musician, I WILL MAKE IT WORK!!! And maybe I just haven't researched it well enough yet, there may be a way I haven't noticed to mount it atop a regular stand.

  • Joe K
    from New York, NY February 7, 2016Music Background:
    Wedding / Special Event Band Leader

    Great, Except for Sound Active Mode

    This was one of the first pieces of lighting gear I've added to my wedding band's arsenal. I've got to say that I love it. The thing is actually bright enough that it can effectively light up our whole 9 piece band easily. The foot pedal is definitely good, although it's a little tricky in terms of its responsiveness. I play sax in the band and have been doing a lot of stuff where I'll just step on one of the pedals to coincide with different "hits" from our band, and it doesn't always quite respond perfectly. But, not a huge deal on that end. The one thing that I really really don't like is that in sound active mode, even with the mic sensitivity turned SUPER low - like barely even on, this thing goes berzerk and is in instant high-speed craziness as soon as we play. So, I generally try to only turn it to sound active when we hit the chorus of a tune, as that's when the crazy berzerk reactions are marginally acceptable. I've read online that others have had similar issues with the sensitivity of the "Sound Active Mode". So, beware that this seems to be a design issue with the 4Bar Flex. My final thing that I'll say is that I love that this thing can sit on one of our speaker stands. Setup is super convenient and easy!

  • Steve Kimbell
    from Maryland December 11, 2015Music Background:
    Sound & Light Engineer / Musician

    Great for backlighting

    I use 5 sets of these as backlighting for my band's stage, and they are GREAT! Flexible, they can either be tripod mounted, truss mounted, or floor mounted as uplighting.

    It should be noted that the videos here are of the regular 4-Bar system, not the Flex. The Flex does not come with a stand, (the stands are pretty cheap anyway), and has a pass through hole permitting multiple units to be mounted on a single tripod (a major plus for flexibility). The 4-Bar is a top-mount only unit. The lights themselves are identical on both units.

    Using a pair of these as opposed to eight single units has multiple advantages. First and foremost, set-up time is significantly faster. Secondly, you do not have as many wires coming out the back so it looks much cleaner. An third, two units (8 lights total) only use 2 standard controller fixture channels, as opposed to eight. This is very important if you want to program complex chases where you need individual control over each light.

    The footswitch controller is adequate for many uses, but to utilize the full power and flexibility of this unit one really should use a DMX controller. BTW, a single footswitch can power multiple units...just connect the footswitch to the nearest unit and Mic cords or DMX cords out and in to all the other units.


    While I typically use true DMX cable between units for my setup, I have used these lights with standard mic cords without any problems. If you start looking at more than 100' of cable run you should probably opt for DMX if possible, but I have controlled them using a standard 100' Whirlwind audio snake with no problems.

    Remember that while the XLR connectors are identical on both DMX and mic cords, the cable itself is different. While mic cords WILL carry DMX signal fairly consistantly, please do NOT try and use a DMX cord for a mic cord...it will significantly color the sound or introduce noise.

    In the last 7 years I have only had to use a terminator on the last fixture once, and that setup had close to 300' of cabling all daisy chained, (no splitters).


    I only have three complaints. First and foremost, the cases, while adequate, are very cheap, the zippers break easily, and the cloth sides split if you look at them crosseyed.

    Second, they are not really bright enough for front lighting except for a VERY small club. For fronts I use the Chauvet 4-Bar Tri, which produces MUCH brighter and more vibrant colors, (at a additional cost of course)!

    Finally, these lights are really only effective for short throw applications. Viewed as backlights they are great, (particularly with haze), but they are only really bright for about 10-15 feet or so, and then drop off significantly.


    Despite these few negatives, the overall value of these lights is exceptional at this price. In terms of flexibility, ease of use, and clean appearance, you simply can't go wrong with them, which is why I own 5 sets and plan on purchasing more.

  • Jason Spradley / Jason's Guitars
    from Round Rock TX December 3, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Professional

    4BAR Flex is a Great Investment

    I received the 4BAR Flex on time and well packed.
    It's ease of use is exemplary.
    Comprehensive control with either a DMX board or the included Foot Controller make this unit hard to beat for the price point.
    I will purchase another unit in the future!
    A special Thanks to Parker Roush, my Sales Engineer.
    He stays engaged throughout the entire transaction and remains available for consultation after the sale.
    I have enjoyed my experience with Sweetwater and will continue to trade with confidence, in the future.
    Thanks Again... Jase-

  • Robert
    from Kansas February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Quit working after four uses

    I was really happy with these due to their compact size, ease od set up, and included carry bag. however, I had these about a year and only used them 3 or 4 times. Pulled them out for a gig and they were stuck on one color and an error message on the LED. Prior to this. The pocket on the side of the bag broke. It is not large enough for the cable and foot switch anyway, but the zipper separated making it useless.

    My experience is that this is poorly made.

  • Eddie
    from Orlando December 17, 2013Music Background:

    Lights r as advertised

    They do mostly what I wanted.
    I wish there were more presets or a way to dim them with
    supplied controller.
    They hook up easy and so far have been very solid &
    the fact they have cases is a very big plus!

  • Jeff Mattison
    from Cedar Rapids August 29, 2013Music Background:
    20+ years pro musician

    Sweetwater is AWESOME

    I deal with Patrick Schaefer from time to time on items. All I can say is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I recommend Sweetwater and Patrick to anyone. Love the 4 bar flex. the were the perfect edition to the 4 bars I had already. Also, the flex will fit almost any size mounting pole. Great Idea!

  • Jon
    from Portland, ME USA August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Buy!

    These are great. I had read reviews saying that you needed to go with the 4Bar Tri to really get enough light. We bought two of these, and on gigs where space is an issue, we use just one, and it still gets the job done. The presets are all excellent, and the pedal is very straightforward. I'm sure the more expensive one is even that much better, but if you're on a budget, you can go with this one without worrying that it will be inadequate.

  • Tim
    from Atlanta GA March 24, 2013Music Background:

    Nice System

    Great system, easy to use, love the cases. I recommend and I am considering more.

  • Superior Edwards
    from Columbia SC June 13, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Dope LIghts

    Love the Lights easy to used

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