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Dunlop 449P.88 Nylon Max-Grip Standard .88mm Guitar Picks 12-Pack Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Dunlop 449P.88 Nylon Max-Grip Standard .88mm Guitar Picks 12-Pack?

Questions about the Dunlop 449P.88 Nylon Max-Grip Standard .88mm Guitar Picks 12-Pack?

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  • from August 27, 2016Music Background:
    Studio engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist.


    So, I've been playing acoustic and electric guitar in nearly ever genre for 31 years; and I've used all kinds of picks over the years. I happened upon a video last year where a guy demonstrated how incredibly different the tone of all of his guitars were, based solely on the different picks that he used. I knew there was a (bit) of a difference; but I never realized (just how much) of a difference there could possibly be. I was amazed!

    So...I spent about $100 ordering every guitar pick you can think of and obsessively played and recorded with ALL OF THEM! Yes, I know...crazy. BUT...it was an exercise that was immeasurably important for what I do as a musician.

    At the end of the day, these Dunlop picks were my hands-down favorite for grip, tone, playability, and longevity. I purchased a bunch of packs of the following three weights: .73, .88, 1.14. If you spend a couple bucks and buy a pack of each weight, I'm convinced you'll be as thrilled as I am.

  • from July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician.

    The grip makes the difference

    It's just a pick, but the grip makes the difference.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA August 16, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer, Guitarist(Sort of!)

    No need to get any other pick from now on.

    These picks are the cat's meow. If you drop this pick then no one can help you!!! I got a pack of these and gave a few to my guitarist in my band and he was so amazed he went and got a bunch of them now.

  • from July 15, 2012

    Great Picks

    The grip is feels like a fine sandpaper. After tracking for awhile, my fingers get slightly oily and normally the pick starts sliding all over the place (even with gator grip picks), but these picks lock in place and stay. One try and you'll be hooked.

  • from Arkansas March 5, 2012Music Background:
    I dabble in many things

    Best Pick I've ever used.

    You definitely won't be dropping this one. The grip is impeccable!

  • from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia U.S.A. August 14, 2014Music Background:

    Great For Bass!

    I don't use picks much, but when I do I'm very picky about the tone and amount of flexibility. Heavy Fender 351's have the tone, and zero flex. I like the firm & flexible nylon and also the non-slip surface of the Max-Grip 88's. The tone on the strings is good. 'Pick-Click' is minimal. The amount of flex is just right for speed vs a heavy no-flex pick.

  • from Midwest Region, USA July 4, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior, Studio Hobbyist

    Hmmm... Great solution...

    Over a span of 3+ decades of gigging, like many guitarists, the quest for the perfect pick/plectrum ensues. Recognize this as a personal mission, well worth fussing over. I believe your mileage will vary on this subject.

    Current personal faves: Prime Tone Dunlop Scultped Plectra (most impressive, expensive) and the Pickboy HI MODULUS Carbon Fiber (hard to find). Over the years I have dabbled with (in no particular order of preference):

    1. V-Picks (nice idea and works in the studio but not a good solution for live work where I tend to lose picks. These are kind of pricey, but worthwhile for the curious picker).
    2. Dunlop Jazz Picks (aka Eric Johnson). Nice at home, but on stage the size is too small for people like me with massive hands, so they get dropped a lot. Love them for delicate acoustic work at home/studio.
    3. Dunlop Max Grip. Nice solution for a person like me who has a tendency to intentionally drop picks in live settings. At home/studio, these are a nice, grippy feel. As a youth, I played full-time for a handful of years. Currently I gig about twice a month. I will be looking at these pretty closely in comparison to the PickBoy Hi Modulus and the Prime Tone Sculpted Plectra models mentioned above.

    Last, I want to acknowledge Dunlop for putting out the nice variety of picks as well as their line of various pedals and effects. They have been doing fine work with their product line and advertising.

    In the end, the pick is merely a tool to get your musical ideas across, so thanks for taking time to read this. Fuss over your own choices and write about it. I hope to be checking your review.

  • from Minerva, OH July 12, 2011Music Background:
    Church Worship Leader

    I'm not losing thing one.

    Great grippy plectrum. The diamond pattern really improves the stability and grip of this pick. I didn't think there could be a way to improve on my favorite nylon pics but Dunlop has done it with the max grip.

  • from Westfield, MA April 30, 2014Music Background:

    Max Grip not what I expected

    The grip of these picks is super however the working end of the pick is where I have an issue. The flexibility of the pick does not relate to the pick size. The .88mms were as flexible as a standard .5mm . I have since bought the 1.14mm size of the exact same pick and that is still flexible. I'm sticking with the Dunlop Gator Grips .96mm.

Questions about the Dunlop 449P.88 Nylon Max-Grip Standard .88mm Guitar Picks 12-Pack?

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