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Taylor 414ce - Ovangkol back and sides Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor 414ce - Ovangkol back and sides?

Questions about the Taylor 414ce - Ovangkol back and sides?

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  • from Danville, VA March 27, 2016

    Taylor 414 CE

    I can't sing the praises of Sweetwater enough! What a fantastic guitar well worth the money. My sales Rep., Bart Good provided customer service that can only be defined as exceptional. Bart took the time to play all the models that Sweetwater had in stock and hand pick the one he thought was best. I must say he picked a gem....... The guitar is absolutely beautiful, sounds amazing, and plays so easily...... The sound weather you are plugged in or just acoustic is pleasure to the ears. The bright rich tone and the guitars ability hold and sustain notes and chords.. leaves you speechless. The set up out of the case was spot on......but that is to be expected when you buy a guitar from Sweetwater. So a big thanks To Sweetwater, My sales Rep Bart Good and the guitar techs at sweetwater for their efforts to go above and beyond to give the ultimate in customer service..... I will only buy from Sweetwater as long as I live....... Thanks.............

  • from Oklahoma City March 7, 2016

    Love this guitar!!

    This guitar is amazing! It is the most Taylor you can buy for the money. There are higher priced models that are more ornate, but you will pay a nice premium for the extra aesthetics. The 414ce is beautiful and sounds as sweet as any Taylor in my opinion. The white binding and ovangkol of the 414ce is stunning!! The only higher priced guitar with a distinct sound that got my attention was the KOA K26ce. At half the price of the KOA, the 414ce blows me away! This guitar is great for strumming or picking. The nice blend of rich low and brilliant bright tones amaze me every time I play it! I also have to say Sweetwater leads the way in customer service. I am impressed with the sale, delivery and "after the sale" care I have received. I received an email with pictures of my guitar before it shipped. The shipment arrived with special instructions along with a certificate showing the 55-point evaluation that my guitar went through. In fact, they wouldn't ship my guitar until it went through their rigid evaluation. They contacted me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. These guys are true professionals. I am confident that the guitar I received is not only warrantied by Taylor, but Sweetwater as well. Thanks Aaron!!

  • from February 19, 2016


    After playing my new 414ce for a few minutes I said to my wife: "It was like playing itself." It not only has a great tone but I find it easier to play. It was easy to play those tough chords I always had trouble with. I never dreamed a guitar could be this good!

  • from September 22, 2015


    These guitars are amazing. The neck is uber comfy and the neck is a nice 1.75" for a lot of room to maneuver around on the fret board. Unplugged it sounds as beautiful as it looks and plugged in it does not change. The onboard preamp in this is amazing. Id give it 10 stars if I could.

  • from August 19, 2015

    ageing well

    my 414ce that I bought during gearfest at sweetwater 4 years ago ,is sounding even sweeter than brand new. Its ageing very well, the best acoustic I have owned by far. I don't see how it could sound better as it grows older only time will tell.

  • from Oklahoma USA February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Hobby musician

    Great guitar even better customer service

    My Taylor is the easiest guitar to play I own. The slender neck is extremely comfortable and slick. The finish is flawless and beautiful and the tone is full and bright. Sweetwater customer service has been outstanding. A personal experience from an online provider is awesome.

  • from Odenton, MD December 22, 2014Music Background:

    I can't believe it

    This is literally a dream come true how nice this baby is.
    This beauty was given to me the other day by a group of friends who pitched in and surprised me with it for my birthday. As soon as I played my first chord I fell in love. The Brightness and warmth is astounding. It feels so natural and the quality is just on a whole different level. If you're considering getting one, go and play it at a local shop or wherever, you won't be disappointed. Now...It's time for me to get back to playing my Taylor 414ce ;)

  • from Springville, Indiana November 11, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-- professional

    Taylor 414ce

    No doubt the best acoustic I have ever played.i ordered this from sweet water in tune right of the box. The guitar is beautiful and plays like butter. Tone is amazing and when you plug it in it lights up the room with incredible tone. It is a keeper. Thank you sweet water you are the best.

  • from Tucson September 19, 2015


    Not only is she beautiful to look at but this guitar is a joy to play. It sounds better each time I play it. Thanyou mr Taylor and you all at Sweetwater this is going to make growing old a lot more enjoyable.

  • from Elbert, CO March 24, 2015

    Love This Guitar

    I just got this guitar a couple weeks ago and so far I am extremely happy with it. I took it to a gig the day after I got it, and am really thrilled with how the ES2 interacts with a big sound system. Initially, I was debating between a 514ce and the 414ce, but decided to go with the 414 since it met all of my requirements for a slightly lower price. However, my only reservation about this guitar is that ovangkol/spruce combo does make for an astonishingly brighter sound. I was able to quell the brightness quite a bit with a 2mm pick, but it's still a huge factor to consider if you're looking into getting one. Overall this is an awesome guitar though and looks absolutely beautiful!

  • from Montpelier, OH October 21, 2014Music Background:

    One of the best for any style of playing

    The 414ce (GES2) guitar does all things so well because the Taylor GA body style/size fits nicely into the spectrum of acousticsł competing well with any size, shape or configuration of any factory-built acoustic you could name, and the Ovangkol-Spruce combination offers dynamics, delicacy and a wide frequency range as well.
    As far as the new (ES2) electronics, I think Taylor was fixing something that wasn't broken, but the new version has higher output and would seem to be a simpler electronic circuit. I can't say that it sounds better than the original ES, but neither can I say it is worse, just different. (But it definitely has a higher output level and is as easy and reliable to use.)
    The new (G)loss finish to the backs and sides in addition to the gloss top is pretty and flawless, although again, I really didnít mind the old satin finish. But the glossy finish brings out the rich variegation of the Ovangkol wood that has such lovely visual qualities as presented in changing light, ranging from a dark chocolate brown and blonde color, and even the appearance of threads of "spun gold" as reflected highlights. It is lovely, eye-catching, and brings a smile to a wood loverís eyes as one examines the flawless workmanship and finish to the entire guitar. (I definitely agree with the choice to leave the neck as a satin finish, and the color matches the back perfectly.)
    There may have been some less obvious changes in the new 400-series to go along with the ES2 and all-gloss finish, but I think those two are probably the ones you will have the most interest in hearing about, so I have tried to fill you in on my observations about those in this review. But the bottom line is that this is a Taylor with the GA body and the NT neck with Ebony fretboard and bridge will be amazingly good, the workmanship is flawless as usual for Taylor, and if you favor the ES2 electronics and all-gloss finish, you canít go wrong with it.
    I personally think that no Taylor truly plays or sounds best until I take off the (twangy, toneless, and stiff) Elixir strings it comes with and replace them with a "conventional" string set that has a smoother acoustical interface with the guitar itself and a better playing comfort. So once I did that, I was very pleased with the sound and feel of the guitar as well, finding it to be truly one of the best at almost any style of playing.

Questions about the Taylor 414ce - Ovangkol back and sides?

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