Rickenbacker 4003, Stereo - Mapleglo

4-string Electric Bass with Bound Maple Body, Maple Through-Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard with Block Markers, Two Single-coil Pickups, and Stereo Output - Mapleglo
Rickenbacker 4003, Stereo - Mapleglo image 1
Rickenbacker 4003, Stereo - Mapleglo image 1
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Rickenbacker 4003, Stereo - Mapleglo
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The Iconic Rickenbacker Bass. In Stereo.

Roundabout. The sound of that legendary Yes bass line is seared into the auditory memory of many of the musicians here at Sweetwater: an early-1960s Rickenbacker 4001S strung with round-wounds. With their punchy treble, solid bottom end, and ringing sustain, Rickenbacker basses helped forge the sound of classic rock in the capable hands of progressive bassists such as Chris Squire and Paul McCartney. It's an iconic sound, and there's only one way to get it. Today's formidable Rickenbacker 4003 delivers those inimitable bass tones, along with stereo output, in a sleek instrument that's primed for a new millennium. Forge your own legendary sound with the Rickenbacker 4003 bass.

Rickenbacker 4003 at a Glance:
  • All-maple construction for iconic sustain and treble punch
  • Stereo output opens up a palette of sonic possibilities
All-maple construction for iconic sustain and treble punch

The Rickenbacker 4003 is crafted from high-grade maple. Maple is very stable, aiding in maintaining the structural integrity of the neck, which runs through the entire length of the body. The density of maple - and the neck-through design - is largely responsible for the instrument's famous treble punch and sustain. The thick rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and harmonic complexity, balancing out the bright high end with strong, rich bass. The 4003's body binding and block inlays add a touch of elegance to the traditional Rickenbacker bass look.

Stereo output opens up a palette of sonic possibilities

Rickenbacker spec'd the 4003 bass with stereo output, so you can route each pickup individually. Why let your guitarist and keyboard player have all the fun? Just think about the possibilities! You could send the neck pickup to one amp, and the bridge pickup to another. Pan the pickups hard left and hard right. Insert different effects pedals in each signal path to craft immersive stereo soundscapes. With the Rickenbacker 4003, you're no longer relegated to simply holding down the bottom end.

Rickenbacker 4003 Features:
  • An iconic bass, immortalized by Paul McCartney and Chris Squire
  • Maple body and through-neck, for serious sustain and treble zing
  • Body binding and block fingerboard inlays add a touch of elegance
  • Thick rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and harmonic richness
  • 2 single-coil pickups deliver the classic Rick bass sound
  • Stereo output let you route each pickup individually
  • Three-way selector with 2 tone and 2 volume controls
  • Schaller Deluxe tuners are stage rugged and studio dependable
Play a rock icon: the Rickenbacker 4003!

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Tech Specs

Body Shape 4003 Traditional
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
Number of Strings 4
Color Mapleglo
Body Material Maple
Body Finish Gloss
Neck Material Maple, Neck-thru
Radius 10"
Fingerboard Material Rosewood, bound
Fingerboard Inlay Triangle inlays
Number of Frets 20
Scale Length 33.25"
Nut Width 1.6875"
Bridge/Tailpiece RIC bridge and tailpiece
Tuners Schaller Deluxe
Neck Pickup Single-coil
Bridge Pickup Single-coil
Controls 2 x volume, 2 x tone (push/pull treble tone control), 3-way toggle pickup switch, 2 x 1/4" outputs (standard, stereo)
Case Included Hardshell case
Manufacturer Part Number 4003-MG

Customer Reviews

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Unexpected Glory

My situation is probably not typical, but I had to share my experience with this outstanding bass. I am a songwriter and worship leader and my primary instrument is guitar, though I am very competent on many instruments. I had been using a recent five string Am Dlx active J bass, but wanted four strings and a more passive tone. I thought I would end up with some variant of a J bass until I played several and just could not bond with the neck. Tone was good, but I just wasn't digging the feel. Call me crazy given how iconic and versatile the J bass is. Anyway, I picked up a 4003, plugged in and that was it. I was hooked. What struck me at first was the playability of the bass. The thick-ish u shaped neck is substantial, but not huge and seems to feel meaty yet fits the hand. I do not like baseball bat neck profiles, and this is not. Action was great and playing just seemed effortless. Everything was smoother, quicker, more precise and effortless. Refined but with character and not sterile or bland I would say. Tone wise, I couldn't believe how full, warm, yet articulate this bass is. Especially the neck pickup, but the bridge and middle positions are also outstanding and seem to cover way more tonal ground than a J. The pull vintage tone option is nice, but I probably won't use it. The down position just seems to masterfully merge the vintage vibe that the early Ric's are known for with a modern fidelity that just works. I'm a classic finger bass layer, but occasionally use a pick for certain tectures and the middle position was simply fantastic for this. Full, meaty, chewy yet articulate. In a band context I ran this through Sansamp Bass Driver DI into my in ear monitors, and I found myself not missing an amp at all. This bass sits in the mix perfectly and can be heard as well as felt and with no effort at all. If I dig into the strings, I get a nice subtle growl. Back off and it can be clear as a bell. For some reason I had thought that these Ric's would somehow be thin, or lack warmth or fidelity if I wanted it. I was wrong on all accounts. I can hear that Ric character, but this is no one trick pony. This bass covers more ground than I could imagine and I had to write this review to sing it's praises. Yes, you can channel your inner early Geddy Lee, but you can coax just about any kind of tone you can imagine with just a flick of the pickup toggle switch and a change in technique. The bass is highly responsive to nuances of the player. Build quality is outstanding in every aspect as well. Could not be happier. Get one now and never look back!
Music background: Semi pro, songwriter, worship leader

Mind blowing

What can I say? It's a Rick. The build quality is exceptional. (As you might expect) The sound is well, like a Rick. You either love it or hate it. I myself love the Rick sound. You get a surprising amount of tonal options the the vintage/modern push-pull POT, and the 3 way switch is a nice touch on a bass. One thing to keep in mind is that while the body is thin, the neck is quite thick. It's more like a PBASS than a JBASS in that regard. The finish is impeccable. Buy one.
Music background: Gigging Musician
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