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Leslie Model 3300 300-watt 15" Combo with 2-Speed Rotary Horn - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Leslie Model 3300 300-watt 15" Combo with 2-Speed Rotary Horn - Black?

Questions about the Leslie Model 3300 300-watt 15" Combo with 2-Speed Rotary Horn - Black?

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  • from Eufaula Oklahoma February 25, 2015Music Background:
    Recording eng ,live sound pro musician

    Sounds great light weight and lots of power

    Hooked up to my xk3c and midi up to roland 300nx and then mic up leslie to sound system and you got one fat sounding rig

  • from Southaven MS September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Leslie 3300

    I just got the Leslie 3300 and I was so amazed and shocked at the power this baby has. I really recommend this Leslie 3300 to anyone who want's to take it on the road with the wheels its really easy. This baby is built tough and looks pretty awesome at the same time. I am planning on getting a 2nd Leslie 3300 to connect them together and then I will get 2 Bass Sub Woofers one for each leslie to sit on top of the Leslie about 1500 Watts each. If you like BASS you will need a SUB which the 3300 Provides you with a 1/4 jack for Sub Woofer Line Out. Amazing Amazing Amazing, Best Piece of Gear I have ever Owned. It turned my Hammond B 3 VST thru MainStage in Logic Studio by Apple into a real B3 sound. Everyone I have let listen to it says they cannot believe its not a Real B 3 I am playing. I just turned off the Cabinet to the OFF Position and it kicks in and lets the Leslie do its own thing. I am shocked beyond shocked at how Perfect the sound quality is. I was so amazed that I called the sales guy at Sweetwater and had him listen to it and he even said it sounds like a real b 3. Sweetwater is Awesome they really work with you to get you what you need. 10 Stars hands down. I am now a SWEETWATER FAN.
    Hammond B3/Leslie 3300 Boi

  • from May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Arranger Producer

    Baby C

    Make my Organ and Rhodes sound perfect

  • from fort mcmurray,AB July 17, 2013Music Background:
    just a sax player learning keys


    Just picked up my new 3300 leslie and hooked it up to my xk3c, although with the 1/4" jack. Just couldn't wait for the expression pedal and 11 pin connector which are due shortly. I live in an apartment building but could not resist turning the vol up for a whiter shade of pale test run. even without fast speed, the sound was amazing. one neighbour knocked on my door and demanded to see what I had. Should have seen his jaw drop when he saw the combo. I invited him and some other neighbours over when the expression and cable get here. I know that I will find a daily window where I can let 'er rip without complaints. I am a newbie to the keyboards but have several friends who give lessons and tips

  • from St. Joseph MI September 5, 2012Music Background:
    Blues musician


    I have been using a Motion Sound for years and loved it, but there is NO comparison. This .....sounds awesome. All the beautiful range of growls, screams and purrs of the old B3's come pouring out of my hammond XK3.
    How did I play without this. I illuminated the horns and lower drum so the audience can see what they are hearing and they love it. i see pople pointing and mouthing.."See.. he has a real Leslie!"

  • from Austin, TX July 12, 2011Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Studio Owner, Pro Musician

    Nothing Like It

    The sound of this Leslie is phenomenal. I use it with my vintage 1961 Hammond L102 at the studio, and with my Roland VK, and with my Nord Electro on the road. It can be a tight fit in a small venue but I don't care... I make the drummer move over. I recommend to any organ player : save-up your money and go for the best. There's nothing like it.

  • from Benton Harbor, MI, USA February 16, 2011Music Background:
    Blues Musician


    I Loved my Motion Sound, but this Leslie sets a new standard even for themselves. I am still experimenting with the infinite variety of tube settings, but the sound is wonderful. I would like to hear a deeper bottom for the pedals, but most of the time it will just keep me out of trouble with the bassist! It is especially wonderful to have it work so well with my XK3. With the Leslie controls at the keyboard with the optional 11 pin cable, it's like playing a B on stage. I line a flourecent light at the back horn grid and the crowd loves the strobe effect of the horns. You can see them whispering,.."Look, it's a real Leslie!" Sweetwaters service was flawless, my sales rep was amazing,..(Thanks Greg!) I feel like it's a brand new rig.

  • from jacksonville FL. January 14, 2016

    Great sound and effects

    This product is awfully great even as I am learning to use all the systems contained. Thanks greatly.

  • from Cleveland, OH December 29, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Leslie 3300

    Adjectives: rugged, simple, authentic, controllable, easy to tweak, plug-n-play, not too heavy, etc. This amp sounds GREAT! I will have no problem cutting through with this amp. Although it may seem a bit big and boxey (vs. Roland KC500), it is light and not too heavy AND creates the real-deal sound. This amp "ties" into the Hammond XK-3 through an 11-pin cable allowing the amp to be controlled from the organ. The real doppler deal! You won't go wrong! Reduced .5 points due to price and should come standard with a soft shell cover.

  • from Richmond, VA USA July 4, 2009Music Background:
    Blues & Rock keyboardist, 40+ years

    Leslie 3300, the perfect match for the Hammond XK 3

    I am very pleased with my recent purchase of the Leslie 3300 speaker cabinet. It brings out all the character of the Hammond XK 3 that I've been losing by playing thru a bass amp for the past 3 years. The crossover does an excellent job of splitting the high and low frequencies to the horn and 15" speaker so now each drawbar can be clearly heard. As good as the Leslie simulation in the XK 3 is, it can't hold a candle to the real thing. Nothing beats the sound of a real Leslie spinning up and throwing sound all over the room. And the 300 watt amplifier is awesome; powerful and clean at absurdly loud volumes. The portability is great. Locking wheels and 2 well placed handles make the 125 lb unit seem lighter than it really is. The connections are quick and simple. I'm using the 1/4" input jack and controlling the rotor speed with a standard momentary type foot switch. The only part of the Leslie 3300 that falls short of my expectations is the tube pre amp circuit. Even at the lowest settings it has more overdrive than i prefer. I have returned to using an ART tube pre amp (also purchased from Sweetwater) which warms up and fattens the sound considerably. The tube pre amp in the Leslie is now turned off, as well as the tube in the XK 3. Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Paul Allen, was very knowledgeable regarding the Leslie 3300 and was a big help to me during the sale. The unit was delivered in about a week and arrived in perfect condition. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase of the Leslie 3300 and would recommend it to any keyboard player wanting the real leslie sound. As an added note, my Nord Electro 2 73 also sounds fantastic thru the 3300.

Questions about the Leslie Model 3300 300-watt 15" Combo with 2-Speed Rotary Horn - Black?

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