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Taylor 324 Mahogany Top Grand Auditorium Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Chile February 28, 2017

    Amazing guitar

    Great guitar. This guitar sounds very warm, not as bright as normally steel acoustic guitars sounds, this is the mahoganny wood doing its job. The guitar has a GREAT sustain, is very comfortable to play and stays in tune, at least for 1 week I haven't had to tune it again.

    The guitar is BEAUTIFULL, its woods realy lights your room.

    Nothing but good things to say. Only if you dont want a warm acoutic guitar, don't go for this one I think.

  • from KY June 11, 2015

    sweet 24

    this is my thirdTaylor guitar since the late 90's playability was always great, but for my tastes they were to bright sounding.tried all kinds of strings finally gave up and sold them.this guitar is so different sounding just the right amount of brightness and bass very very balanced.Taylor's are the only acoustic guitars that I don't have to lower the saddle.great setup,fit and finish excellent.tuners are very smooth,strings don't bind in the nut,and a very nice case..as for sweetwater I think their their tops,i like seeing pic of guitar your getting,like having someone assigned to you to e-mail to or call and talk too.the 55 point evaluation is great,they can see a problem before you get your guitar and have a unhappy customer.my guitar showed up clean and in tune.it also was double boxed..

  • from De Leon Springs, FL November 2, 2014Music Background:
    Longtime guitar player and collector

    Excellent fingerpicking guitar

    Iíve had many Taylor guitars over the years but I must say Iím greatly impressed with this one. The tone, the craftsmanship, the looks, everything is on a very high level. There are a host of features I desire on a guitar such as, smooth fret ends, satin finish on the back of the neck, 1 3/4Ē nut, good action, quality materials, and tone wise, a good balance between the bass and the treble. This 324 model has them all. I was particularly impressed with the bass--it booms like a dreadnaught does. Very good volume too (unplugged).

    In my experience, Sapele is a very good tone wood and the grain on the wood used on my guitar is matched so well I wouldnít be able to tell it from genuine Mahogany. So rest your concerns about Taylor using some cheap, outsourced wood for a guitar in this range. It's quality stuff.

    As always, good fast service from Sweetwater.

  • from Baton Rouge, LA September 8, 2014Music Background:


    First off, I know absolutely nothing about guitars. The 324 is my first guitar and I am just learning, but I could not be happier. It has a beautiful warm rich tone. I love the dark color and satin finish. The size is very comfortable to hold, the action on the fretboard is great (compared to my daughter's Fender), and it stays in tune (I do fine tune daily due to the changes in humidity here in LA). I'd recommend the 324 based on the quality level for the price. Shipping was very fast and Sweetwater's customer service has been great.

  • from Murrieta, CA June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Beginner, but a 56 yr old wanna be

    It is very sweet

    I am very happy with my Taylor 324. I can say nothing bad about the guitar. Only problem is with me being a beginner but this beauty is not easy to put down, you want to keep playing.
    Sound quality is fantastic, I am no expert and I tried other brands, some are like toys others are great but not quite as good as the T324.
    This guitar really speaks to me which is what I was looking for in an instrument.
    Very high quality for the price. I always say you get what you pay for.
    This was my first purchase from Sweetwater. They made it very easy, applying for credit was no problem, constant NO-pressure contact from the sales rep (Matt), fast delivery.
    Selecting just the right one off the web site was a very welcome surprise, very nice and detailed photos.
    I was like a kid at Christmas opening and playing this Taylor.
    I highly recommend this guitar.

  • from Wilmington, NC October 16, 2013Music Background:

    Nuce tone

    Got this guitar for my birthday and am blown away. It has such a rich tone and classic look. It plays like a dream with a really low action so much easier on my fingers. Sweetwater hooked it up and the guitar came practically in tune. I would highly recommend.

  • from Nashville February 8, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist with 30 years experience

    Vey Nice

    There is not much I can say that hasn't been said already. Workmanship is top-notch. Easy playability right out of the box. The thing that strikes me the most is how the whole guitar vibrates when you play it. It almost feels alive as you are strumming, fingerpicking or flat picking. Lively, but mellow sound with excellent balance between bass and treble. All of my other guitars have been neglected a bit in the month that I have had it. Also, can't say enough good things about Tyler and the legendary Sweetwater customer service.

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